How to make the perfect shape of the buttocks?

kak-sdelat-yagoditsi-idealnoi-formiAnatomically, the buttocks are composed
of the three muscles – large, medium and small.

The gluteus maximus muscles are the largest of them, and one of
The most powerful muscles in our body.

Long sedentary lifestyle and low level
motor activity often lead to the fact that the muscles of the buttocks
begin to weaken, atrophy and lose their former appearance.

Therefore, in the issue of the correction of the buttocks is extremely important
deserved to have regular exercise.

Meet – before you are four famous exercises that
will help to significantly improve their tone and appearance. So,
let’s start!

How to make the perfect shape of the buttocks?


Lunges, безусловно, являются наиболее популярным движением,
able to effectively tighten the buttocks. This exercise is also good.
working on quadriceps (quadriceps muscle), popliteal
tendons, internal muscles of the thighs and calves. Lunges могут
to be made, both with, and without additional weight, with the purpose
increasing difficulty and resistance.

To do this, stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart
hands on hips. Take a deep step forward with your right foot.
Initially, the touch of the floor is heel, and then, redistribute
weight on the forefoot. Continuing forward movement, bend
the forefoot in the knee until the angle of 90
degrees and the line of your hips will become parallel to the floor. Rear leg
should be straight and almost touch the floor with the knee.

Forcefully push off the floor with your front foot and return to
vertical position. This completes one repetition.
exercises. Perform two sets of 15 repetitions from the right and
left foot. Make sure your torso always stays in.
upright position.

kak-sdelat-yagoditsi-idealnoi-formi Multilevel

This exercise is one of my favorite. For his
you will need a short step-platform or several
ordinary shoe boxes.

Put your right foot on the platform and do the usual
squat, then, returning to the starting position, do
squatting with the other leg. This will be one repetition. Make two
sets of 25-30 repetitions. To enhance the focus on the buttocks,
adjust the distance to the platform and its height. Squats with

Squats with отягощением еще одно хорошее упражнение, которое не
will only allow you to reduce the buttocks, but also help to accentuate
load on quadriceps, inner thighs, biceps
thighs and calves.

To perform this exercise, use the weight that
quite heavy, but at the same time allows safe and
правильно производить squats.


So, встаньте прямо, ноги на ширине плеч, в каждой руке по
dumbbells. This is your starting position. Holding your back straight,
start moving down, bending your knees until
the line of your hips will not become parallel to the floor. Linger on
moment at the lowest point, then with effort return to the original

Ask someone to secure you if you are using
heavy enough weight. Make two повтора по 12 – 15

Становая тяга с dumbbells

Of course, the classic performance of this exercise
provides for the use of the rod, but in the home
replace it with a pair of dumbbells.

Stanovaya traction – just gorgeous exercise of efficiency,
aimed at quadriceps, inner thighs, calves, and
helps you make beautiful buttocks. Place the barbell (dumbbells)
on the floor so that it is right in front of your feet.
Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Crouch down and
clasp the barbell (dumbbells) on top with a straight grip, hands on the width
shoulders. Это исходное position.

Begin to lift the weight, straightening the legs at the knees – while
arms and back should remain straight. At the highest point
pull your shoulders up as far as possible, then go back to
исходное position. Two sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Doing this simple set of four exercises.
helped many people find the right answer to the question how to make
buttocks of perfect shape, which means it will help you too.

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