How to make mustard at home: simplerecipes! How to make mustard powder tasty and useful!

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The mustard plant is a representative of the cabbage family. Her
used not only for the preparation of the sauce of the same name, but also for
oil extracts, as a basis for seasoning and in cosmetic

Mustard is different.

White, or “English” is suitable for cooking seasonings with
the same name.

Black mustard is used to make Dijon

In our country, they use blue mustard to prepare the sauce,
which is known for its sharpness.

Mustard as a sauce is known in the following major

– Dijon mustard – the most popular in Europe. Instead of vinegar
chefs use grape juice or white wine, which makes it more
gentle and light. There are more than 20 types of this sauce.

– Bavarian mustard – prepared from whole-grain mustard seeds,
different sweet taste due to the addition of caramel
syrup It is suitable for those who prefer to eat
low spiciness sauces. Bavarian mustard is often called
�”Munich mustard.”

– Russian mustard – made from mustard powder with
adding vinegar.

– English mustard – is distinguished by the presence in its composition
apple juice. Seasoning is made from slightly mustard powder.
crushed seeds. In its structure, the sauce resembles pasta.

– American mustard – made from white mustard seeds
and a lot of sugar. This mustard is the thinnest
among the variety of varieties.

– Fruit mustard is pieces of fruit cooked in hot
sauce with spices. They are great for meat and stews.
Sometimes this seasoning is called “mustard fruit”. Product is very
Popular in Italy and other European countries.

– Don mustard – is prepared with a pickle of pickled cucumbers.
The sauce is also known as Gardal.

– Honey mustard – during the preparation of the sauce used

Before you make your own mustard, you should understand
that the home product is much more useful than the purchased one and has
excellent taste. For her cooking is better
total use of powder, which can be purchased in any
grocery store. Depending on the recipe, mustard will
differ in aroma, taste and degree of sharpness.

Properly cooked mustard will not only please its
taste, but also contribute to improved metabolism.

Among other benefits of homemade mustard is

– more expressive taste;

– lack of preservatives and dyes;

– the ability to always use only fresh quality

Recipe 1. A simple old-mustard mustard

Old-style mustard was a favorite seasoning for dishes
our great grandfathers. Cooking is very simple.


– mustard powder – 3 tbsp. l .;

– Clove – 6 g (it will need to be ceilinged);

– sugar – 3 tbsp. l .;

– vinegar.


Mustard powder, ground cloves and sugar put in
in-depth dishes. Add vinegar until creamy
masses. Mix well. Pour the sauce into small jars and
tightly close the lids. Heat the oven to be warm but
not hot and put the jars in there for 40 minutes. After this jar
can be stored at room temperature. In this form, the shelf life
The sauce is about a year old. Too thickened mustard can
dilute with vinegar.

Recipe 2. Mustard on a cucumber brine

The recipe for making mustard at home on the cucumber
brine knows not every hostess. And this is in vain, because of this
The recipe to get a delicious sauce to the dishes can be just a couple of minutes.
Mustard on cucumber pickle is easy to prepare and has
excellent taste.

In the process of preparing the product, it is very important to control
amount of sugar. If the pickle is sweet, then the sugar is no longer
need to.


– mustard powder – half glass;

– сахар, лучше сахарный песок — пол ч. l .;

– Sunflower oil – 1 tsp.

– marinade – depending on what consistency you mustard


1. Pour the mustard powder and sugar into the deep dishes.
diluted with brine to the desired consistency.

2. The resulting mass is placed in a jar and tightly closed.
her. Leave the sauce and sauce warm for 8 hours, after which,
Get rid of excess fluid and add oil.

3. Mix the mixture and can serve.

At this point you can finish the cooking of the sauce, but if you
lover of savory seasoning, you can add red mustard
pepper, nutmeg, cloves or any other spice and make
ordinary seasoning is a real delicacy.

Важно: если вы использовали маринад с
low in vinegar, you can add lemon mustard to your mustard
acid diluted in water.

Recipe 3. Mustard in Danish

We offer another recipe for simple mustard powder. Thanks
An interesting combination of ingredients, the hostess can easily surprise
family and guests, offering to the table the original addition.


– mustard порошок — 2 ст.l .;

– сахар — пол ст.l .;

– Apple cider vinegar – depending on the desired consistency

– sour cream or cream – depending on the desired consistency


– mustard порошок и сахар поместить в глубокую посуду,
add apple cider vinegar in such quantity that it turned out
creamy mixture;

– Stir the mixture well and leave to stand for about an hour;

– until the mustard is infused, whip the cream or sour cream;

– when the almost ready sauce is present, you need to gradually add
взбитые сливки и размешать его до однородной masses. Ready
seasoning can be served at the table.

Recipe 4. Spicy Mustard

Spicy mustard is great for eating at breakfast,
lunch and dinner, it will also be indispensable on the holiday table.
This sauce is both soft and has a rich taste, therefore
like almost everyone.


– mustard порошок — 100 гр;

– уксус — 4 ст.l .;

– warm water – a glass;

– сахарная пудра — 2 ст.l .;

– молотая гвоздика и корица — по 1 ч.l .;

– nutmeg – 0.5 tsp.

– olive oil – a quarter cup;

– salt – to taste.


1. Mustard powder pour warm water to get
creamy mass.

2. To smooth the resulting mass and leave to insist on
throughout the day.

3. Drain the excess water from the product, add the remaining ingredients.
and mix well.

4. В результате получится около 400 граммов mustard Sauce already
can be served at the table. All that remains is to put it in jars and
tightly close.

Spicy mustard is great for eating with bacon,
meat and other fried foods.

Thanks этим простым рецептам вы сможете разнообразить свой
daily diet with new flavors and aromas.

How to make mustard with your own hands: little tricks

1. To make the sauce more hot, vigorous, recommended
dilute mustard powder with warm water and then add
the remaining ingredients. Water temperature you can easily
to regulate the sharpness of mustard, the cooler the water – the sharper
will be spice.

2. The sauce can be prepared not only from powder, but also from grains,
then the mustard will be more fragrant. Purchased grain need
grind on a coffee grinder and make seasoning according to the usual recipe.

3. Store mustard recommended in a place where there is no color,
so as not to spoil the consistency and flavor. So you can save
taste and smell as it was in a freshly made sauce.

4. If you cooked too much of this seasoning, then all that
you did not have time to eat, you can use as masks for

5. Pay attention to the shelf life of mustard powder,
stale product loses its urgency.

6. If you want to give the mustard a sweetish touch, you can
add honey or sweet apple puree to it.

Thanks этим небольшим хитростям вы знаете, как просто сделать
mustard with their own hands tasty and fragrant.

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