How to make legs slim? 30 minutes forexercise!

How to make legs slim?We did not have time to look back
instead of spring, with its flirty coats and coats, only slightly
describing all the features of our figures, the time has come
extreme summer frankness – the scorching sun makes
expose the shoulders, backs, and most importantly, the legs. … And this means that they
must be beautiful and slim. How to make legs slim for a pair

There are no miracles, and if the legs over the winter look like chicken legs,
then a couple of weeks of intensive targeted training will only help
slightly change their shape. It will take months of hard
workouts, but do not give up, remember that every day
brings you closer to the cherished ideal, and every minute you
more affordable are beautiful skirts and elegant shoes. If standing
only slightly affected winter despondency and lack of physical
loads, you can expect to win in a short time. Will help
complex of special physical exercises.

How to make legs slim with the help of physical

Surely those of us who are gaining weight easily are great.
they know that with diets, not the places that
I would like to see slim, but quite different, those where the “volume”
it is difficult to call superfluous – face, chest, shoulders. But the hips, buttocks and
calves, folds under the shoulder blades and at the waist persist for a very long time. Them
What you need is not a diet, but targeted exercise. So that
Do not waste your time and health on finding wonderful cocktails for
slimming, pills and do not starve yourself – take in hand
dumbbells and start working out the muscles of the legs.

Believe me, your legs will be slim and very beautiful! For
achieving the cherished ideal will require only three workouts in
a week for two weeks. The most important thing here is to perform
Exercises correctly, loading precisely problem areas, not
skip training and eat before and after a couple
hours But to drink a sip of fresh water during exercise even
useful – water will make the metabolism more active.

Итак,  как сделать ноги стройными при помощи несложных
Exercises Quite Affordable at Home?

If you have never dealt with the burdens, then for starters
You can do with dumbbells weighing 2, 5 kg, for those familiar with fitness
fit those that are heavier – 6-8 kg.

  • 1. Put a low board on the floor (height 5-7 cm), stand up
    on it so that the heels remain suspended. Best to put
    palm on the wall, which is 20-30 cm from you. With effort
    rise on your toes up to 20 times, then do the same,
    but already standing alternately on the right and left foot. From this exercise
    calves catch up
  • 2. Standing – legs together, lean forward so that your palms
    completely lay down on the floor, and his legs were not bent at the knees. Works
    back of the thigh, cellulite goes away. We make from 20 to 30
  • 3. Legs – wider than shoulders, bends down, palms on the floor – work
    back and inner thighs, sagging skin.
    Повторения 20-30 time.
  • 4. On the inner surface of the thighs do the exercise “Mahi in
    side “- standing right next to the back of the chair, hands on it, we take away
    right foot to the right (aspire to 90 degrees from the body), foot in
    knee not bend. Repeat with the left foot. Perform for each
    ноги очень интенсивно около 50 time.
  •  5. Lunge back – right lunge, maintain balance,
    lunge left. Alternate attacks, maintaining a constant pace. Repetitions
    20 times for each leg.
  • 6. Lunging forward is the same.
  • 7. Stretching the back of the thigh – put the leg on
    support so that the angle between it and the body is approximately 90
    degrees Raise your hands up and gently, but tensely reach for
    foot foot Repeat 50 times, then for the second leg.
  • 8. Squatting: legs shoulder-width apart, back straight, hands on support
    – we squat not to the end (we do not fall out below the knees), we feel
    the tension of the muscles of the buttocks, as well as straining elastic, like a spring,
    get up Repeat 20-30 times at a pace.
  • 9. “Walking on the buttocks”: sit on the mat, straighten your legs,
    Rest your hands on your waist, and move forward on your buttocks, trying
    at least help heels. Walk back and forth about 10

Such a simple set of exercises will teach you how
make your legs slim in just a couple of weeks!

If you prefer to do video, then we offer you
effective set of exercises at home.

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