How to make delicious oatmeal cookies withoutoils. Recipes и советы по выпеканию овсяного печенья безoils

Пт, 29 дек 2017 Автор: Наталия Емельянова

Cereal cookies are very beneficial for the body, so
as a part of its components includes a large number of irreplaceable
for human substances. But при добавлении в блюдо сливочного oils
all its benefits are fading away.

Therefore, the recipe has been improved, and cook delicious
baking is possible without this ingredient, and with others no less
tasty and healthy.


Овсяное печенье из oils: общие принципы

Для хрустящего и поджаристого овсяного печенья без oils сразу
after cooking you need to give the dish a little stand in the oven in
for a few minutes.

For mixing dough, it is recommended to choose oatmeal
from marco: “Hercules” or “Extra”. They have a dense structure that
good for baking while chopping. In the dough necessarily
baking powder or soda, extinguished with vinegar.

Cook the cookies in the oven just 20 minutes. Homemade diet
baking will reduce sweets, it contributes
fast satiation during work day.

Рецепт 1. Овсяное печенье без oils: классический рецепт


Чтобы сделать вкусное овсяное печенье без oils понадобятся:

1. • 150 – 200 g of oatmeal;

2. • about 100 grams of sugar to taste;

3. • 100 g of wheat flour;

4. • 120 g of yogurt;

5. • 40 ml of milk;

6. • Baking Powder.

Some devices will also be needed:

1. • 2 deep plates;

2. • halo;

3. • tablespoon;

4. • baking sheet;

5. • strainer;

6. • baking paper;

7. • pot holders for hot.

Cooking method

1. • To simplify the process, first mix the liquid
and dry ingredients. In one bowl combine yogurt and milk.
Stir with a whisk until the mass is smooth and yogurt
not fully dispersed in milk.

2. • In the second bowl, wheat flour is sifted through a sieve,
combines with sugar, whole flakes and baking powder. Dry
ingredients are mixed using a tablespoon, and then to
they are added liquid. With slow stirring, the dough becomes
homogeneous. It is necessary that sugar must be completely dissolved,
lumps in the dough should not be.

3. • After mixing the dough, you need to turn on the oven at 190 – 200
degrees while it gets warm – prepare a baking sheet,
spread out parchment paper. When there is no special under
paper – just sprinkle with oatmeal or wheat

4. • Dough is put on the baking sheet. It is thick and do it
more comfortable with clean slightly wet hands or a tablespoon. Each
cookies need to be formed at a short distance so that in the process
baking and increasing the size they are not stuck together.

5. • Cookies are baked for about 20 minutes, then carefully
taken out with a spatula and put on a flat, dry dish
to cool

Овсяные печенья без oils понравятся каждому. They have a great
taste, they are very nourishing.

Рецепт 2. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье с

Овсяное печенье без oils и без добавок все равно вкусное. But
For the refinement of taste it is allowed to add additional
ingredients. One of the most successful is a banana.


• oatmeal flakes;

• milk;

• ripe bananas;

• dried fruits;

• coconut chips;

• dark chocolate;

• fructose.

Cooking method

1. • To make cookies, flakes are first divided into two equal
parts – the first is crushed

2. • Dried fruits are ground and added to the flakes, then
poured chocolate, coconut chips, fructose. Everything
together evenly mixed.

3. • Now you can start unfolding cookies. From the test
make small pieces rounded in shape with a diameter of 2 to 5 cm, and
bake for 20 minutes at \ 200 degrees.

According to the recipe, the cookies will turn out crispy. If desired, in the bottom
parts of the oven at the time of cooking is placed metal container
with softening water.

Рецепт 3. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье


This dish is based on the use of products that are
in almost every home. For cooking you will need:

• 120 g of flour;

• 120 g of flakes;

• 100 g of granulated sugar;

• baking powder;

• vanilla sugar;

• soda;

• salt;

• one egg;

• 50 g grated dark chocolate.

Cooking method

1. • Sugar sand and egg are mixed in a deep dish.

2. • Flour mixed with soda and baking powder.

3. • The remaining ingredients are added.

4. • Small balls of dough with a spoon stack
on a baking sheet and press down a little.

5. • Cookies for 20 minutes is placed in the oven, preheated to
190 degrees.

Рецепт 4. Овсяное печенье без oils: постное печенье из хлопьев
in the microwave


The main advantage of the recipe is its non-standard cooking.
Microwave baking ovens are rarely used, but in reality
it works no worse than the oven. For the recipe for oatmeal cookies without
oils необходимы:

• a glass of oat flakes;

• big spoon of liquid fresh honey;

• четвертая часть стакана подсолнечного oils;

• glass of water;

• 2 tablespoons of starch. .

Cooking method

1. • Boil water and pour over the flakes.

2. • After the mixture has completely cooled, you can add
starch and sunflower oil, mix thoroughly.

3. • You can proceed to the formation of cookies – the dough is still sticky and
very malleable.

4. • Small thick flat cakes are laid out flat
glass plate, necessarily marked for microwave.

5. • On medium power, the dish is cooked in just 4 – 5 minutes.

Рецепт 5. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье с


• 2 glasses of oatmeal;

• 300 g of kefir;

• vanilla;

• soda;

• cinnamon to taste;

• candied fruits and dried fruits.

Cooking method

Овсяное печенье без oils с kefir — еще один полезный и
universal recipe. Для preparations не понадобится сахар, яйца,
butter, you need only natural honey. Make pastries in
several stages:

1.•Хлопья заливаются kefir. The mixture is left to soak.

2. • After that you need to add to the swollen flakes vanillin, soda,
cinnamon and other remaining ingredients.

3.•Everything ингредиенты тщательно смешиваются.

4. • Round shaped pieces are placed on a baking sheet.
During baking, they rise.

Рецепт 6. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье с


Овсяное печенье без oils легко разнообразить очень полезной
ягодой cranberries. For cooking you will need:

• 2 – 3 glasses of oatmeal;

• baking powder;

• 75 g of honey;

• 70 ml of water;

• 2 ложки подсолнечного oils;

• dried cranberries.

Cooking method

1. • Water is first boiled, honey dissolves in it.

2. • flooded with a little cool water, adding baking powder
and sunflower oil.

3. • After thorough mixing, add the cranberries.

Рецепт 7. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье с
cottage cheese


• 120 g of flakes;

• 100 g non-fat cottage cheese;

• 2 proteins;

• raisins and dried apricots;

• spoon of honey;

• vanillin;

• Cinnamon to taste.

Cooking method

1. • Mix all ingredients in a large container to make it.
dough dense structure.

2. • Hands need to form balls that are laid out on
the distance. Pre it covered with paper for baking.
Each ball is pressed down with a spoon to make a cookie.

3. • Bake muffins for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 – 200 degrees.
После preparations печенье должно постоять и немного остыть в
oven – this will make it even more crunchy.

Рецепт 8. Овсяное печенье без oils: овсяное печенье с
peanut butter


• 120 g of flour;

• egg;

• 70 g of liquid honey;

• almost 2 glasses of cereal;

• 150 g peanut butter;

• baking powder.

Cooking method

1.•Взбить яйцо вместе с peanut butter и медом. Turns out
pasty mass.

2. • Then you need to add flour and the remaining ingredients so that all
they are evenly distributed.

3. • The dough is divided into equal parts and are formed from it.

4. • Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

Tips and Tips

To taste in the recipe, you can add ground nuts, raisins or other
dried fruits. If there is yogurt in the recipe, you should choose a product.
without additives.

Для preparations вкусного и диетического рецепта в домашних
conditions should follow some rules, so the dish will turn out

1. • It is recommended to take oat flakes for recipes, only
не овсянку быстрого preparations. Otherwise, instead of
useful cookies will turn out a dish without fiber and healthy
trace elements.

2. • In the process of making cookies, hands should be moistened periodically.
water, so the dough will not start to stick.

3. • The top of the cookie can be decorated by pouring melted chocolate or
dipping into it.

4. • Test their flakes necessarily need to brew 30 – 60
minutes in the fridge. Ingredients после этого размягчаться и будет
easy to shape cookies.

5. • When the appearance of whole-grain cereal dessert is not satisfactory,
then grind them in a blender before mixing – then the dough
получится homogeneous.

6. • If you want to make chocolate chip cookies, then
it is first frozen and added at the final stage
mixing, before setting in the oven.

7. • If the cookie is thin, it will be crumbly and crispy, and
if you make a rather large cake, it will be soft inside,
and the crunchy will only remain outside.

8. • You can serve cookies with any kind of drink – hot or

Итак, приготовить вкусное овсяное печенье без добавления oils
absolutely not difficult. At home, it turns out much
gentler and healthier than the store. Self-baking gives
quality assurance of the dish and its benefits.

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