How to make a wish to come true

Вт, 26 май 2015 BUTвтор: Элен Стельмах

Did you know that any desire can come true? On this topic
filmed a wonderful movie of the same name, where secrets are revealed
fulfillment of cherished desires.

Perhaps you do not believe in all this and have never seriously studied
topic, but then each of us secretly dreams about something. Not only
children indulge in fantasies about how all dreams will come true and life
will transform.

And what if it’s true and your desires can really
come true as quickly and simply?

For New Year, Birthday, Christmas, we whisper under our nose
cherished wish sincerely with childlike spirits believing in
miracle. In some lucky girls, all wishes will come true, as if
to the magic, as if a good fairy conjures along with them. BUT
maybe these favorites of fortune know more about dreams and desires,
than everyone else ?! Let’s go and we look into a world where everything
possible, and cherished wishes come true with a 100% guarantee!

Instructions for the implementation of the most cherished desires:

1. BUTбсолютная вера

The first condition for the fulfillment of any desire is 100%
belief in its feasibility, self-reliance and imminent fast
success in the intended case.

If you make a wish overly radical, divorced from
your present reality, it is unlikely to come true. You must
consider their desire for themselves to be quite realistic and truthful for
that the subconscious mind does not block its execution.

You yourself can hardly believe that not being a princess, you will meet
real prince. Or another example of how to believe you.
the possibility of fulfilling the desire to settle down in millions if you
receive an average salary, and among the closest
Relatives do not have a surname Rockefeller. So choose more
realistic and mundane desires that you easily
can you believe it.

No need to be upset that dreams are not so ambitious and
bold. After all, think, in the future rates can be raised. Let be
your desires will gradually increase in size and
scales. And so, at least slowly, but surely, you will come to a huge
and great dreams and achievements.

2. Clarity and specifics

One of the indispensable conditions for the fulfillment of any desire is
clarity and specifics. Try as detailed as possible.
present your desire: how your life will change; How you will be
look like this; what to feel It is very important that you can
easy to visualize a visual picture of a wish fulfilled
before eyes, as in reality. The brighter, more colorful and richer it is
you succeed, the more likely that the desire will quickly come true.

For girls whose imagination is not as well developed as
the need for the fulfillment of desires is as great recommend
make a “Wish Card”. This is an ordinary canvas that you
you need to decorate the pictures that you associate with
execution of the desired. This method has helped a huge number
people easily, without much effort to achieve the desired.

It is also very important that the stated wish be recorded.
on paper. So you, first, declare your seriousness and
determination, and secondly, give desire to reality and endure
him to the material world. You can also record deadlines
your desire in order to delineate the time frame (be
realistic with terms). So, everything in your life will be
take shape so that your wish comes true
scheduled dates and there was not too long time on his

3. Concentration on the object of desire

Try to remember your desire in the morning, before bed and in
moments of emotional outburst (joy, pleasure, happiness).
You can think of him at any time, with any tucked
opportunities, and as often as possible. So you speed up the realization of dreams and
quickly attract the desired in your life.

4. Desire must be in the present and not contain a piece

Gurus recommend making wishes that begin with the words:
“I received..”; “I became…”; “I made…”. Only present
time and fact. Claim to the desire that this is reality
and your magic phrase will start doing real miracles. Yes so
the system works and therefore remove the future from desire
всякие “not” и просто “хочу”, “да мне бы”.

Never wish on the contrary: “I do not want to become
older “; or” I will not work hard all my life. “Replace them with
positive and affirmative language, because only that desire
will start to come true! “I am young and beautiful and I am becoming every day
even better! “and” I can easily cope with my duties, this
brings me a lot of pleasure and money! “After all, it even sounds like a thousand
times better!

5. Do not tell everyone about your desire.

Voicing your cherished desire to others, you waste it
силу и оттягиваете его implementation. This happens because often
people take your energy and your energy

Let be ваше желание будет тайным и у него будет намного больше
chances to come true! Can you talk about your most desired
loved ones (mother, love, proven best friend) who
really wish you success and good!

6. Desire the fulfillment of the cherished dream emotionally and “with
soul “

The more emotions you have from your desire, the more often you
you feel them, the faster it will come true. All will be
contribute to the fulfillment of your desire when you will
come a huge stream of positively charged emotions. Wherein
try to experience the real joy of owning the desired
(imagine that this is already there).

7. Do not think about possible failure

If you seriously want to get what you want, do not think about
bad No need to worry about why your desire may not
be fulfilled, better think about why it must necessarily
become real.

Just imagine the benefits that your implementation will bring.
wishes! BUT еще лучше, не просто подумайте, а запишите по пунктам, и
the more there are, the better. If you collect at least 20
items with the benefit of the realization of desires, it will certainly come true,
because it has such strength and energy!

8. Stay in a good mood.

Wishes are most often fulfilled by those who do not leave the face
pleased, happy, confident smile. Why it happens,
nobody knows. But optimists have more often and faster wishes.
rather than realists, skeptics and pessimists.

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