How to make a wish card with your own hands andhow to use it. Is it possible to change fate by making a carddesires?

Ср, 27 апр 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

To fulfill any dream?

Get everything out of life you want?

Turn a dull reality into a magical paint filled
world? Is all this possible?

Easy! But only if you know how to make a card of desires.

How to make a wish card: what is it?

Visualization is a very powerful psychological method of attracting
your life desired. When a person visualizes something
concrete, he purposefully attracts this something into his life.
Wishing Card (it’s also the Board of visualization, it’s also the Treasure Board) –
this is the practical implementation of the method. A sort of “order to God”
which the Universe must hear and fulfill.

The wish card exists in several forms: on paper, on
corkboard and even on a computer monitor. The board is office
option, suitable for workaholics, whose work day is smooth
flows into the working evening. Well, or for those who do not have
opportunities or does not want to knead your card at home. Computer
version – for the lazy. And in general, all these computer things are not
more than a surrogate for real Magic.

Because the true Wishboard must be made
own hands, on a paper sheet. All your desires in
visualized form should not be located randomly, but in
according to the principles of Feng Shui – Eastern teachings on symbolism
of space and its influence on the harmonious flow of human
of life. The essence of the card is to formulate the main desires,
turn them into goals, symbolically represent on a sheet (in the form
pictures, photos, schemes, motivational inscriptions) and feed
own energy.

Thanks to a visual representation of the goals, the brain is tuned.
to achieve them, launching a powerful subconscious program. Need to
understand that magic is not in the card itself, but in the work of the brain.
Having tuned in to a certain wave, you will be both consciously and
subconsciously isolate the necessary information and use it in
their own interests.

By learning how to make a wish card, you can completely change
your life, make it happy and joyful, succeed,
prosperity and generally turn into another person. Just and
you need to find the right pictures, correctly place them on the sheet
paper and ask the universe to give you all this.

How to make a wish card: what materials are needed and

The most simple and effective map is a paper one. Fit tight
A3 or A4 size cardboard sheet. The format depends on the desire and no way.
does not affect the effectiveness of visualization. Some in general
threaten to create huge colorful canvases on the paper.
If you like and where to hang – why not?

In addition to the paper base, you will need old ones (and better new ones).
magazines, scissors to cut out the right pictures of them, glue
(understandable for what), felt-tip pens. You will need a photo of the owner
cards: happy, laughing, staying in a good mood,
healthy and beautiful.

How are new magazines better than old ones? Only the fact that they can
cut a snapshot of a new, not antediluvian, modern car
home, interior, current dress model, etc. Subconscious not
knows the conditional mood: if the retro-Volga flaunts on the map,
Rely on a brand new “Honda” is unlikely to have. If your
desires are not related to technological innovations, then no
there are no restrictions at all.

If the card is not a card at all, but a board (that is, it represents
office version), the pictures are not stuck, but are pinned to
cork surface. But follow the order of distribution by zones
required This option, by the way, is not bad because of its
mobility. Reached one goal (took the chair of the head, for example)
– You can detach the picture and change it to another.

Before you start to cut the pictures, it is not bad to think out your own
goals This will both save time and help you tune in.
corresponding mode, and will not distract from the main thing. More labor
embedded in the card, the more powerful the effect will be. Therefore, by the way,
The electronic versions of the desire card are ineffective. Besides the universal
access to your innermost goals is good only if all
visitors page on your side and just die of desire
make your life happy. Alas…

It’s best to make your wish card in an atmosphere full
concentration when no one is around. Especially important to consider
this point in the event that the family is skeptical of your
conceived. But calm beautiful music does not hurt.

How to make a map of desires and what can you wish?

Proper zoning of a map field is important and indispensable.
condition if you want to make a wish card in full compliance
with all the requirements and rules. Some psychologists say
what really does not work is the harmony of space, but
visualization, so stick pictures can be chaotic. The main thing,
so that all the time was before my eyes.

However, if you want to completely immerse yourself in the world of everyday magic,
Feng Shui should not be ignored. According to the philosophy of this teaching,
living space is divided into ten zones, oriented by
the world. Since the wish card is symbolic, then
just superimposed the perfect scheme. Each of the nine zones is responsible
за определенную сферу of life.

It happens that a person is satisfied with everything in his life, except
of any one “square”. For example, with happiness, health,
love is all right, but not enough money. Is it possible to fill
photos of the bags in the gold-diamond only this area
cards? It is impossible. Feng Shui is harmony, therefore the areas of all spheres
life must be fully decorated.

Как правильно сделать карту desires? Cut from magazines
pictures that depict specific objects, images, people.
Images must be positive, pictures – whole
(avoid shots where part of the subject is clipped).

Under each picture you can write an affirmation (positive
thought form) that specifies the goal relative to you. Wherein
states should be drawn up in an affirmative form, in
present tense, without the use of negative particles. Need to
write as if you already have this item. The more
specifics, the faster the goal is implemented. Especially good this
reception works with money: how much you wrote and want, so much and
will receive.

In the center of the card you need to paste your own photo. Then
последовательно заполонить все секторы of life. Too much
pictures and inscriptions are not a dignity, but a disadvantage. Card is not
should be overloaded, but there should not be empty places on it either

1. In the health zone is better to stick your picture in the best years.
of life. Come up with an inscription like “I feel great, great
I look, full of strength and energy. “

2. In the area of ​​finance you need to put your idea of
material success, prosperity, profit. Traditionally here
stick photos of rich interiors, houses, expensive cars,
money, etc. The inscription will fit your desire,
for example, “I attract financial flows, money flows to me

3. The zone of fame visualizes ambitious aspirations. Even
they are not there, paste here symbols of recognition by other people (cups,
medals, certificates).

4. In the zone of love you need to put pictures that
indicate harmony in this area. If you want to get married,
add wedding attributes.

5. The family zone is a harmonious relationship within the family.
the circle. It is not only a spouse, but also parents, relatives, friends.
You can simply stick here from the photo, placing as close as possible.
to each other, and write “I am loved by my family.”

6. The children’s area is filled up according to the actual situation.
affairs in the family. If they are – photos of native children, plus
what I would like for them. If a couple is childless – photo of any
karapuza, which causes sympathy.

7. In the knowledge zone, you can glue pictures that symbolize
intellectual development. If you want to go to college, stick
his photo and make the appropriate inscription. If you need to get
Diploma, make a photo of the record book with solid quads.

8. Career zone affects work: her choice, career growth,
plans and accomplishments. You can put money symbols here too.
material returns from labor became higher.

9. There are no restrictions in the travel zone. Where the soul is calling, there
and direct your thoughts. This is where the lucky characters are placed.
business trips and a safe return home. You can even
image of his saint and guardian angel to place.

To assess whether the wish card is done correctly, you need to catch
the emotion she evokes when looking at her at random.
Smile, warmth, pleasure, joy – a signal that everything is done

How to make a wish card and when dreams come true?

To fill the space card of creative desires
energy, make it better with the growing moon. During this period, the body
aims to energize, renew, so all new
business recommends starting in the first two phases of the lunar

The perfect time to make a wish card is considered to be eve.
New Year or the interval between January 1 and the date of occurrence
New year on the eastern calendar. Really plan
Your business for the year started in this way is convenient. But
there is no point in becoming attached to these dates. Make a map
when it becomes really necessary.

There is another sign. According to astrological beliefs
the first 12 days after the birthday symbolize 12 months of the year,
who follow them. Therefore, you can do the map and in these

To give a symbolic boost to the created map, you need to
hang on the wall and attach something nice, bright, defiant
joyful emotions. Flower, textile butterfly, etc. From this
it only remains to notice how the necessary ones appear in life
people, opportunities, strange encounters occur, which in the end
итоге приводят к goals

Sustained positive thought form begins to work immediately.
Look at your wish card every morning and evening.
View pictures, talk about your read aloud
affirmations. When exactly a wish is fulfilled depends only on its
strength and proper installation. Someone gets the result already on
another day, and someone has to wait a year or two.

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