How to make a waist really thin?

tonkaya-taliyaIn the modern world we see less and less.
fewer people with thin waists. Instead, most have altogether
unnecessary fat that spoils their tummy. Many have lost all
hope, because they tried to get rid of extra pounds, but

I’m sure you tried to burn fat countless
once, but this time you are sure to succeed. Because,
if you do the things that you have to do, then you absolutely
achieve your goal.

Knowledge of how to properly lose excess wrinkles in the abdomen,
thus making your waist thin is the first step to
become slim.


So, how to make your waist thin?

Some people believe that doing certain exercises on
abdominal muscles, it will help them burn excess fat. These exercises
will make your belly stronger, but will not effectively expend
adipose tissue.

I see a lot of people in the gym who are doing infinite
number of exercises for the press and waist, but without any
progress. If your goal is to lose fat and make your
waist thin, then you need a calorie deficit.

In general, you should burn more calories than you consume. AT
theories, the greater the energy deficit, the more fat you can
to lose. For example, if you want to lose 0.5 kg. a week then
You need 3850 calorie deficit. Great way for
achieving this goal is the daily shortage of consumed
calories in the amount of 550. If your daily rate is 2000
calories, then reducing to 1450 will be enough.

But if you want to lose 1 kg. a week then вам уже
1100 calorie deficiencies are needed. Achieving this is not so easy and
can cause big problems. If you decide to cut your
the daily diet up to 900 calories a day, then your body goes into
starvation mode. Why is it so bad?

Because then your metabolism slows down and you burn
fewer calories, now the body is reluctant to part with
fat reserves.

A much better option is to use together:
daily calorie deficit in the diet and burning calories using
exercise AT этом случае вы сможете избежать всех этих
Risks that can occur when the exchange level decreases
substances. Only a combination of these two points guarantees you success in
building a slim waist!

Exercises to help you make your waist thin

walkingIntense walking. Indeed, one of the best
ways to get rid of belly fat – to do moderate
intensity cardiovascular exercise every day.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends receiving,
at least 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise
intensity, for example, brisk walking, five days a week or 20
minutes of high-intensity cardio three times a week.

According to a study (published in 2009), women with
overweight who used intense walking either
vigorous work on the treadmill for 30 minutes (3-5 times per
week), lost an average of 25 percent of their internal abdominal

crunchThe usual twisting. This is a classic exercise.
aimed at the upper abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back on the training mat, which position
near the wall. Bend your knees so that you can put
feet on the wall. ATаши бедра должны быть перпендикулярны и ваши
tibia parallel to the floor. Hands crossed on the chest. Strain the press
and raise your head and shoulders slightly.

Hold for three seconds, remember
uniform breathing. Put your head and shoulders on the carpet, repeat in
a total of 10 reps.

reverse-crunchReverse twisting. Reverse twists
targeted to the bottom of the press. ATаше изначальное положение, лежа на спине,
the same as with conventional twists. Lift your legs with
knees bent until your lower legs are parallel to the floor.

Put your hands under your lower back or on the floor next to yours.
hips Tighten the abdominal muscles and pull the lower part
body from floor to chest. Slowly lower the hips and buttocks to the floor and
repeat 10 times.

bicycleAlternate twisting (bike). ATелосипед
is the most effective exercise to strengthen direct
abdominal muscles, as well as the oblique abdominal muscles.

Take a supine position on the practice mat, arms
slightly closed behind the head. Tighten the abdominals,
lift your legs straight at a 45 degree angle and lift your shoulders off
rug. At the same time bend the right leg, turn the top
part of the body to the right and stretch the left elbow to the knee.

Change sides, now stretch your right elbow to the left
the knee. The pace is slow, making a total of 15 repetitions.
for both legs. Rest and make another 15.

plankPosition “bar”. This exercise for the press can
seem difficult at first, and although the “plank” is an exercise of the average
level, most beginners can hold a pose at least
few seconds.

Since it is aimed at the work of many abdominal muscles, it is
means the exercise has good potential. Lie face down
on the mat, elbows bent in front of you and forearms touch the floor.
Strain the press и поднимите тело, удерживая баланс на предплечьях и
toes Keep your body straight and keep that position in
for 20 seconds. Rest and repeat a total of three

When you get stronger, hold the strap position more
long time until you reach one minute for one

ATидео упражнения, чтобы сделать талию тонкой

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
,статья «Упражнения для пресса. ATидео

Well, and finally, I would like to note that the press, in contrast to
other muscles are worked out longer and harder, but if you
to train hard and most importantly correctly – the results will not force
waiting for yourself. The same applies to the correction of the waist. Good luck to you!

How do you lose weight at the waist?

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