How to lose weight with senna grass?

According to its quality characteristics, senna grass is somewhat
times surpasses other natural counterparts and is considered the most
an effective herbal remedy for cleaning
body and weight loss, is part of many teas for
weight control, various herbal preparations, decoctions,
laxative pills.

How to lose weight with senna grass?


  • Can I lose weight with senna?
  • How to take grass?
  • Recipes with hay for weight loss

Can I lose weight with senna?

Cleansing and laxative effects on human
the body is in the leaves of the plant antraglycosides – substances that
which have a strong enough laxative effect,
due to which senna is often used as an active agent for
weight reduction. Antraglycosides stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, reduce secretion,
enhancing peristalsis and regulating the work of the large intestine.
Senna leaves will help clean the intestinal tract from toxins,
that is considered one of the reasons for gaining excess weight, and further
will not allow to accumulate fat deposits.

Drugs that contain Senna,
have a natural origin, have a soft healing
impact on the entire body, without causing addiction.

Means is applied:

  • with constipation – speeds up digestion, has a debilitating
    a property that does not cause cramping and pain in
  • for losing weight, cleansing the body, not allowing fats
  • in cosmetology for the treatment of problem, acne skin;
  • for external use in conjunctivitis;
  • to clean the intestinal tract before surgery or
  • for disorders of the gallbladder, liver, because
    possesses choleretic properties;
  • in case of diseases requiring quick and mild release
  • as a hair rinse to improve their condition and
    getting rid of dandruff, dryness disappears, hair becomes

For those who want to lose weight, look slim and spectacular,
senna with properly selected individual dosage can
help achieve the desired result. Often it is included in
diets, because senna leaves:

  • have a gentle laxative effect on the body, deduce
    old fecal masses;
  • beneficial effects on peristalsis;
  • reduce secretion by blocking fat absorption;
  • improve liver function, contribute to the removal from the body
    toxins and bile;
  • prevent the accumulation of fat reserves.

How to take grass?

Senna perfectly cleanses the body of harmful toxins,
slagging, contributing to weight reduction. Thereby
means there is a real opportunity in seven to ten days
lose hateful kilograms (usually you can lose weight by

The result is not always the same: someone even has a very modest
the dose may cause a strong reaction, in other cases, senna does not
causes the body to react to its use properly
in a way. Therefore, it is very important to choose the optimal one.
dosage and the most appropriate method of use to succeed
significantly lose weight.

Senna can be used in the form of herbal teas, teas, pills,
as part of which the plant is the main ingredient. but
Before use, you should consult with
Gastroenterologist, who will help to adjust the dosage
to achieve the desired result, since senna
may affect differently.

Before you thoroughly do adjusting your figure with
using senna, try the selected decoction or tea once,
check how your body responds to this
laxative means. If no negative effects are observed
(indigestion, intestinal pain, nausea), boldly
proceed to full application. Period of use – not
more than 7 days before bedtime. Relaxing effect expected after 6-8
(sometimes 10) hours.

Трава сенна

Recipes with hay for weight loss


Classic recipe:

  • a glass of boiling water pour one tablespoon of leaves;
  • let it brew for 3-4 hours;
  • drink at night in small sips.

You can make the infusion differently: combine 1:10 senna leaves
and water, put on the fire, bring to a boil and boil on
low heat 15 min. One hour mixture should be infused.
Take a tablespoon three times a day. Duration – 3
of the month.


With holosasom

A very effective way to lose weight is a decoction of leaves
senna with raisins and holosas:

  • white raisins – 150 g;
  • senna leaf – 30 g;
  • holosas (syrup containing rosehip extract) – 150 ml.

It is necessary to pre-wash the raisins, then pour it with boiling water and 5 minutes.
boil over medium heat. In the decoction pour a sheet of senna, hold on
fire another 10 min. Cool the mixture, filter gently and
add to the mass holosas. The medicine to take 1/3 cup later
an hour after meals and no later than 1.5 hours before bedtime.

This drink will not only reduce weight, but also saturate the body.
with vitamins. It is best to store the broth in the refrigerator, the duration
admission – two weeks.

With herbs

Gorgeous effect gives decoction of herbs, in the composition
which includes senna, dill seeds, dandelion,
Fresh parsley leaves, nettle. All ingredients in the dosage of 20
g, peppermint – 10 g.

To prepare the drink, one spoon of the mixture is poured with a glass.
boiling water and insist for three hours in a warm place, then filter
through gauze. It is necessary to drink broth after food in small sips, with
every day increasing the dose from one glass to two, then again
reducing to one. Reception duration – 1 month.

With honey and dried fruits

There is another incredibly useful for the content of vitamins.
Ingredients: senna leaves (1 pack), dried apricots and prunes (400 g each)
chop and mix with liquid honey (200 g). If you wish, you can
add raisins or figs.

Take one teaspoon a day after the evening reception
food washed down with warm water. If you intend to try this
way to lose weight, remember that you have to give up
eating food after 18 hours.

Senna Slimming Tea

Pharmacy special leaf tea is sold
senna which is a crushed drug in
small bags. To obtain the desired effect is enough to brew 2
bags of such tea.

You can make cold tea on your own: you need 1
tsp senna leaves pour a glass of cold water and insist
within 24 hours, strain and drink at night in one glass.


Chewable tablets with hay for weight loss take 1-2
lozenges within 5-7 days. If there is no effect, the dose can be


Pharmacists also offer senna extract tablets.
(senadexin, senade), which should be used according to the instructions
or on the recommendation of a doctor, but not more than four pieces per day.
Duration of admission – a week.

If your body tolerates drinking well,
the composition of which includes senna, getting rid of a couple of unnecessary
kilos you provided. After the suspension of the cleaning to
to consolidate the achieved result, you should avoid overeating,
refuse fatty, spicy and fried foods, refrain from
flour and sweet. If handled correctly, senna will have
the body a favorable effect, will save you from extra pounds,
�”Restore order” in the intestines, add ease and confidence in
to myself.


If side effects occur in the form of nausea, vomiting, liquid
there is no stool, flatulence or result at all for two
days, taking slimming should be stopped and immediately
consult a doctor.


Like any other drug, senna has
contraindications for use:

  • idiosyncrasy of the body, allergies;
  • pregnancy and lactation (nursing mothers taking
    categorically contraindicated);
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

We should not forget that long-term use of the drug can
addictive, then it will be very difficult to establish a normal
bowel work.


Unregulated use of senna grass for weight loss or her
improper preparation can cause harm to the body, cause
enough negative effects:

  • potassium deficiency and vitamins;
  • disruption of the liver;
  • dehydration;
  • intoxication, decreased appetite, vomiting, weakness,
  • dystrophy.

Overdose может вызвать аритмию, судороги, вздутие,
discoloration of urine and indigestion.

On the “hay diet” can not sit too long, the best
alternate laxatives, starting with the most mild.

In order not to harm the body, when taking medication
drugs need to be extremely attentive, because it is quite realistic
get a different effect than expected. With the liquid do not go away
only hated calories: a person loses minerals, potassium salts
and other components, so necessary for the proper operation of all
organism. As a result, instead of cleansing, you can get constipation or
other side effects.

Take senna grass without fanaticism, taking regular breaks,
never increase the recommended dosage, and when
need to consult a doctor. When properly applied
Senna will not harm the body, and the result will be
thin waist and nice numbers on the scales will definitely please you.

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