How to lose weight teen: parents onnote

kak-pohudet-podrostku�“Thanks to” free access to any
information through the Internet and a large number of images
celebrities with perfect body shapes
unsurprisingly, it is adolescents who are primarily affected
development of complexes and lower self-esteem, doing everything possible
to find the answer to such an important question for them “how to lose weight

First of all, like everyone who wants to quickly lose extra
kilos, teen turns to radical low-calorie
diets and other questionable methods of losing weight.

Therefore, the main task of parents is to convince the child that
it is the change in his eating habits and lifestyle that has
fundamental effect on safe and sustainable in
long term weight loss before it yourself
decides to try such dangerous means as starvation, crash diets
or diet pills.

Tell your child about a healthy balanced diet and
level of physical activity as essential
tools to help him find the right answer to
the question “how to lose weight to a teenager?” and feel more confidence in
own forces.

How to lose weight teen: parents on note

Healthy snacks

Shopping stalls close to each school offer a large
selection of chips, cookies and chocolate bars, the use of which
causes your child to get a sharp sugar spike in
blood, and then feeling tired and soon again wanting something

Therefore, instead of giving him money to buy
sweets, put your baby in a briefcase of some fruit,
vegetables, dairy products or nuts to choose from so that
desire could satisfy the feeling of hunger between the lessons.

Small portions

Very often, children simply do not have time before school.
have breakfast. Unfortunately, this approach does not help at all.
losing weight to a teenager, because every pass of power leads to a decrease
your baby’s main metabolic rate, forcing the body
keep calories in reserve.

But food intake in small portions during the day can
to maintain the level of metabolism at the proper level, helping
body to successfully burn those extra pounds of the body. therefore
make sure your child ate a light breakfast
before you leave the house.

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Less soda

A simple transition from sweet soda to pure water will help.
reduce your intake by hundreds of calories per day. Experts point out
that on average, every teenager with soda consumes up to
300 empty calories during the day, deprived of any nutrients

In addition, the transition to clean water will help your child in any
moment to quench thirst without the temptation to “drink” the extra calories in the form
soda, energy drinks or sweet fruit juices.

Daily activity

Any healthy eating program will have a limited effect.
without a proper level of physical activity, so encourage your
child join some school sports section on

If a teenager does not like football, you can offer him a club,
organizing hiking or cycling. Also,
After consulting with other parents, try to organize
joint activities for your child and his friends, what will
promote their overall motor activity.

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