How to lose weight quickly without dieting and exercise?

kak-bistro-pohudet-bez-diet-i-uprazhneniyIt doesn’t matter how long
you are already on a diet or the thought of losing weight has come to
to your mind just now, but the mathematical principles of losing weight
remain unchanged.

To successfully burn excess fat, you must – either in less
quantity to consume calories, or spend their excess with
using regular exercise.

However, you can easily lose weight without dieting and sports, if
start using some simple, intuitive
strategies that teach you how to deal with unnecessary
kilograms. So, let’s begin:

Top 7 tips to lose weight quickly without dieting and exercise

Start thinking in a new way.

To tidy up your body, try reordering your
thinking. Instead of thinking of a diet as negative
forced measure, reflect on the fact that, changing forever your
eating habits, you can achieve a better balance of beneficial
nutrients gain healthy body mass
range and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

Right lifestyle and a changed attitude to your diet,
certainly help you lose weight. The realization that you are not at all
must forever abandon your favorite foods, and your weight will begin
decline only when you learn to control your
calorie intake will help reorder your thoughts.

Record everything you eat.

Nutritionists believe that when trying to lose weight quickly and safely,
the use of the food diary is one of the most
productive tools saving your time.

It can be carried out equally effectively, as in the paper version.
and using a computer. Diary will help you to always be
aware of what and how much you ate, evaluate and analyze
your nutrition.

Limit consumption of processed foods

Factory processed and packaged foods usually
contain less nutritional value than natural, natural.
The presence of sodium in packaged foods on one side helps
extend the shelf life or hide their “chemical odors”, but with
the other hand increases the risk of developing arterial

High-calorie, unnatural foods like chips,
cookies or snacks, make it easy not to calculate the “dose” and eat
there are too many of them, which makes your process much harder
losing weight

To quickly reduce your weight without diets, switch to
natural fruit instead of biscuits, whole grain bread instead
snacks, dried fruit or raw, crunchy vegetables instead of fried chips
– after all, just such products contribute to healthy
weight loss

Control portion size

Nutritionist Lisa Young recommends a simple control technique.
the contents of your plate before meals to limit consumption

After all, it is obvious that large portions contain more calories,
therefore, only the use of a salad or dessert plate
instead of standard sizes will allow you to limit the amount
food that you can place on it.

Listen to your body

Because of the tight schedule, many people have learned to ignore either
misinterpret hunger signals. Some of these
Signs include: a feeling of emptiness in the stomach, headache,
fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability
or focus on food.

To be guaranteed to lose weight without exercise and diet, eat
only when you are really hungry and immediately stop
is, as soon as you feel the first signs of saturation.

Do not be distructed

In a study conducted in 2006 by the British Journal
«Nutrition» (Питание), эксперты обнаружили, что у участников
decreases the desire to eat when they eat without distraction.

So turn off the TV and do not use it while eating in
as a pretext to take a rest, and focus on yourself. With
using this advice you may find that you are not only
reduced the weight but you also have more time to
enjoy food and your own life.

Increase your motor activity

Although it is desirable to revise your eating habits, but also
you can lose weight without dieting, by increasing the level of motor
activity. Regular power and aerobic exercises
will help burn calories efficiently and speed up your metabolic processes
in the body.

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