How to lose weight model and if you need suchextremes?

We used to see girls proudly stomping on the runway
always well-groomed, pulled and beautiful. Meanwhile, they are exactly
just like us, they try to fight their bad habits,
bad mood, and even overweight!

It’s hard to imagine models losing weight, but it looks like
just like with us – the struggle with oneself, the rejection of the tasty, the depression!
Moreover, if an ordinary girl rarely panics and resorts
to cardinal methods, gaining 2-3 kg, then the model must always
�”Observe” the form, otherwise it may simply be “removed from the show.” That’s
they have to constantly control their weight, depriving themselves a lot
for the career of a model. Of course, choosing this path, every girl
perfectly aware that you have to sacrifice the usual
human habits but reality is always much more difficult
perceptions of her.

Model’s life – colossal work, constant stress, work
over their appearance, and emergency weight correction, in the event that
if you suddenly added a few kilograms.


Popular diet models

The way models lose weight is interesting enough – it can be
various ways have been accomplished, from quite reasonable to barbaric.

Normal high-speed diet that does not harm the body,
it is curd, rich in calcium.

  • The diet consists of low fat curd, consumed by three
    200 g times a day
  • Experts, nutritionists, insist that during any
    extreme diets, and curd is such, since
    involves the use of a single product, take
    vitamin and mineral preparations.
  • As a drink, you can use green tea, the usual pure
    water and herbal teas to help remove toxins. For
    so that the curd diet does not harm the body, its
    Duration is limited to 1-2 weeks.

How to lose weight model with separate power?

Eating food on the principle of separating foods into protein and

  1. Breakfast usually consists of carbohydrate-rich cereals,
    consumed without sugar and butter.
  2. Lunch consists of boiled or stewed fish or lean meat.
    (poultry, brisket, veal), low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Dinner includes dishes from vegetables, salads, seasoned with soy
    sauce or lemon juice.

Nutritionists say that if a person becomes
adhere to an active lifestyle and train yourself to
reusable (5-6 times a day) meals in small portions,
the body will not experience the stress of starvation, and will not become
reserve nutrients in the form of fat deposits. This
nutritional method allows you to quickly normalize the exchange
processes and get rid of extra pounds.

What is not necessary to repeat!

It’s good when models use sensible diets, but how
lose weight model, using as a means for losing all sorts
pills and getting sick with anorexia – scary! First they start
little and irregularly, then bring themselves to bouts of bulimia
or anorexia, and lose control of their psyche. Famous
models often suffer from these obsessive states, ceasing
perceive your real look, turning out beautiful blooming
girls, in sick, emaciated creatures. Years go by before
manages to restore normal metabolism and return adequate
perception and appearance – often about the model’s career
to forget.

Among the models there are such lucky women who do not have to
do absolutely nothing to maintain weight – their body has
such an accelerated metabolism that digests all that
eaten, without delaying “in reserve” a single gram. But so lucky
elected, because most people actively accumulate surplus,
causing visible damage to the figure.

Having seen how models lose weight using this technique,
You probably want to resort to it, and lose weight without stress,
breaking down and disrupting, putting the body in order, but without harming its

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