How to lose weight in the pope: treadmill VSorbitrek

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беговую дорожку и orbitrek можно отнести к тем видам тренажеров,
who are able to provide amazing training for all
cardiovascular system and also effectively affect
muscles of the lower body, which means that your goal is to lose weight in
Pope – is quite achievable.

Professional treadmill allows you to run
or walking, forcing your gluteus muscles to work actively to
continually pushing the body forward, especially when the running belt
is tilted.

Эллиптический тренажер (orbitrek) также имитирует бег, но
significantly reduces the pressure on the hips, knees and ankles, something that
there is no treadmill.

Today we will talk about what is better to choose as
the only home trainer to quickly and successfully
lose weight in the pope – a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. So,
let’s start!

How to lose weight in the pope: treadmill VS orbitrek

The structure of the gluteal muscles

In terms of anatomy, the buttocks consist of three separate paired
muscles: large, medium and small. Big muscles give us the opportunity
rise and stand straight. Mediums allow legs to move in
different sides, for example, when we breed them. Smallest muscles
buttocks are actively involved while walking and also when we
sit or stand.

The benefits of a treadmill

To have a good workout aimed at your desire.
lose weight in the pope, you must install the movement of the running belt
at an angle to the floor surface, which is often referred to as “sloping
running”. This approach forces the gluteal muscles to work actively.
maintaining the balance of the body exercising, constantly
moving from one foot to the other.

However, while walking or running on a running tape
parallel to the floor, the bulk of the load get flexor muscles
hips, so most fitness instructors recommend
alternately use the simulator with a slope and without to avoid
developmental muscle imbalance.

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Преимущества orbitrekа

Elliptical trainer provides a payload for everyone
parts of the body, including the gluteus muscles. Although the simulator and
contributes to the work of all muscle groups involved during walking
or running, but the effect on the joints is less than when
work on the treadmill due to the sliding amplitude of the movement
simulator pedals.

Therefore, if you decide to lose weight in the pope, but suffer from problems
с суставами ног, orbitrek будет вашим самым правильным выбором.

So, беговая дорожка или orbitrek?

However, according to many experts, treadmills can
to be a more effective means to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks than
elliptical trainers.

According to a study conducted in 2007 among people
obese, movement on the treadmill causes
actively work almost 50% of the gluteus maximus muscle, while
elliptical simulator this number is equal to only 32%.

However, since some people cannot withstand high
воздействие на суставы, то покупка orbitrekа для них является
the only possible solution. In addition, the change in body position
behind the elliptical trainer can add extra load
on the gluteal muscles. For this, while driving, bending down,
Try to expose your ass as far back as possible.

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reduce the buttocks: 6 steps.

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