How to lose weight in the hands: step by stepleadership

kak-pohudet-v-rukahThe number of fat cells in the body of each
rights is strictly individual and is determined from the early
childhood and before the transitional age, but the place of their deployment
in the body altogether given to the absolute power of genetics.

This means that if you have fat cells for the most part
concentrated in the hands and you allow yourself to gain weight, then the extra
fat will accumulate in the upper limbs.

Therefore, if you have clearly decided to lose weight in your arms, you should
understand that the process of eliminating excess fat is not
simple and requires a serious approach that includes healthy eating
and special exercises aimed at physical activity
arm muscles.


So, how to lose weight in the hands?

Regardless of your age, if you consume daily
more calories than you burn in your
daily activities, you will definitely gain weight,
including in your hands. Moreover, with increasing age
the body continues to gradually lose muscle tissue, which causes
slowing down the metabolism, which means it simplifies the task of appearing all
new and new fat deposits.

Therefore, the main goal of our program, how to lose weight correctly
hands, and is the harmonic construction of the muscles of the body and the phased
reducing the amount of excess fat.

Strength muscle toning exercises

Properly designed power loads aimed at
hand area, can work wonders, increasing their muscle tone,
strength and endurance.

In addition, strength training helps gradually replace more
voluminous fat cells on muscle tissue, which will lead to
the order of the size and shape of the hands, making them stronger, fit
and elastic.

A good example of such training in the article: “Exercises for
hands Video”.


Burn fat

When you are active in sports, the body burns fat by
around the perimeter of your body, not just in the areas that
directly involved in the exercise.

This is due to the fact that the process by which
calorie consumption is regulated by special hormones and enzymes
that circulate in the blood. When your muscles or other parts
bodies need energy, they get it from glucose. After her
blood level decreases, the pancreas begins to actively
produce the hormone glucagon. Glucagon, along with some other
enzymes, promotes the capture of free fatty acids from fatty
body stocks that are further transported to muscle
cells, where they are destroyed to release energy.

Therefore, when you exercise and burn calories, energy
for your muscles used from all parts of your body where there is
fat accumulation.

We load the gluteal muscles

It would seem that how exercises on the muscles of the buttocks can
affect your desire to lose weight in your hands. But the effect is really
there is, yes even what! After all, the best way to remove excess fat and
to lose weight quickly is to make the largest muscles work
of your body.

Just as a huge car uses a lot of gas,
and big muscles burn a lot of calories. And since the gluteal muscles
are the biggest and most powerful in your body, then for
In order to lose weight in the hands, it is necessary to emphasize the load on
lower body.

A good example of such training in the article: “Exercises for
buttocks. Video”.

�Exhale your fat

Aerobic exercises aimed at large muscles of the lower part
body, make your heart beat faster and your lungs breathe
deeper. Extra oxygen is needed to break free
fatty acids. And the increase in blood flow is designed to deliver faster
oxygen, fatty acids and other raw materials to the muscles, and
pick up final load products such as dairy

Aerobic exercise provides maximum health benefits.
so in order to effectively remove fat from your hands when you
get them at least 30 minutes daily.

Eat right

The most important thing you can do to lose weight faster in
hands, constantly monitor your daily intake

Exclude from the diet of sweet, fatty and high-calorie.
foods and drinks, give preference instead
low-calorie, fiber-rich vegetables. Stick to
Balanced diet and limit portion sizes.

We set goals: “How to lose weight by the summer? Summer

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