How to lose weight in the cheeks

kak-pohudet-v-shchekah-slovo-ekspertuBeautiful relief cheekbones and
a narrow face visually rejuvenates a person and makes a figure more

However, genetic predisposition to the round shape of the face and
puffy cheeks, as well as a large amount of excess weight can be
reasons for the development of a large oval “business card”.

In order not to appear to others as thicker than you really are,
you need to think about how to lose weight in the cheeks.

It is known that remove only the round chin and plump cheeks, not
Dropping overweight as a whole from a figure will not work. Help face
You can look slimmer only by combining exercises for the whole body with
strengthening the muscles of the face, with proper nutrition, massage and
lymphatic drainage procedures.

Puffy cheeks and chins are not always excess fat in
human body. Often swollen face with excess water
looks exactly the same. Eliminate fluid retention in this case.
using the right diet, lymphatic drainage massage and
toning the muscles located on the face.

Top 10 tips on how to lose weight in the cheeks

Experts in nutrition and disease prevention
recommend first to pay attention to habits:

1. Reduce alcohol consumption!

If you are thinking how to make your cheeks lose weight, then one
of the main conditions will be a reduction in the use of alcohol

Even with the use of dry wine (half a glass, a glass of which
nutritionists sometimes make it possible to lose weight) the face becomes swollen and
red. Any alcohol contains a lot of “empty” calories and leads
to fluid retention in the body. To improve face sculpture
better to exclude it completely.

2. Control your posture!

Incorrect position of the head, chin and upper part
the torso visually gives the face excessive fullness, emphasizes
double chin.

Do exercises that improve posture, keep your head level,
and your chin slightly up, shoulders back a little,
especially if you are forced to sit at your desk for
whole day.

3. Drink water and avoid dehydration!

Lack of water consumption leads to a forced delay
body fluids. A simple way to combat dehydration and
slowing the removal of toxins is to drink at least
one and a half to two liters of water per day.

4. Eat less salty and sweet!

Salt and refined sugar, along with alcohol, cause
fluid retention and tissue swelling. Replace them with fresh vegetables and
fruit – it will help not only to remove excess water, but also
improve skin condition.

5. Reduce consumption of fast food and convenience foods

They contain a lot of fat, hidden salt and sugar.
Uncontrolled amounts of these ingredients prevent weight loss during
whole body, as well as water and fat in the cheeks.


6. Check the amount of calcium consumed

This element contributes to the process of thermolipolysis and activates
removal of excess fluid. Make sure your diet
enough milk and dairy products “zero” fat, and
also green leafy vegetables.

7. Watch for overall weight loss.

To improve the relief of the face, losing fat, you need to control
nutrition and adhere to a fitness regimen for splitting lipids throughout
to the body.

8. Medicines can cause fluid retention.

Talk to your doctor about which alternative you can find.
prescribed medications that provoke puffiness.

9. Yoga for the face

Anyone who thinks how to lose weight in the cheeks, yoga exercises will help
not only improve facial contour, but also significantly younger
to look like!

10. Use makeup rules to translate the effect.

Make-up sculpture will help make-up thinner if in the center
�”Business card” use powder or foundation on
half tone is lighter than natural skin tone, and along the perimeter
– darker. Shading means of decorative cosmetics, it is possible
get the illusion of depth and volume.

Yoga for the face and other effective exercises

�”Chipmunk cheeks” can be reduced in the same way as deposits
on other problem areas of the body. Facial muscles if not strengthened
they are due to exercise, weakened and sag over time. Even
a small amount of excess weight and water retention can cause
puffiness and excessive swelling of the cheeks.

Tinting and strengthening the muscles helps to slightly raise the oval
face, improve the contour of the cheeks and jaws, which makes it possible to look
slimmer, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and ptosis (sagging)

In addition, facial yoga exercises are amazing with the results of all
who else is just wondering how to lose weight in the cheeks quickly, eliminating
have regularly exercising signs of aging, increasing their overall tone
�”Business card”.

�”Golden Ten” express exercises to improve the sculpture

You can see the built image in the mirror after a few
weeks if a few minutes a day is given to exercises for the cheeks and
jaws. They can be carried out on the way to work or during
short working break during the day.

Тренировать мышцы faces нужно до первого утомления, которое
At first it will appear fairly quickly, but with by time
exercises will help strengthen their tone, and you can add
additional repetitions.

I. “Tic-tac-toe”

X-ou training is a great way to burn fat on your cheeks.
и укрепления мышц faces.

For execution:

  • Relax your face, keeping your head still;
  • Make the sounds of “X-oh”, making the enhanced movements of the lips,
    jaw and cheek muscles;
  • Repeat ten times and, having relaxed the face, return to I. p.

Ii. �”Raisins”

Выполняя эффективные упражнения для похудения щек и faces, нельзя
forget about the popular head tilting back and elongated lips in
a wide smile, and then their sharp convergence in a straw. Can
combine with pronouncing the word “raisin”.

IIi. Cheek lifting

Поднимая щеки, можно подтянуть овал faces и придать ему более
�”Aristocratic” view:

  • Close lips tightly;
  • Tighten the upper part of the cheeks with your fingers towards the outer
    the corners of the eyes (making the image of “Chinese”);
  • Tighten the cheeks in the direction of the bottom-up, raising the corners of the lips in
  • Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat until
    appearance of fatigue.

Iv. Ocean fish lips

In this exercise, the entire cheek area, as well as the zone

  • Close lips together;
  • Draw in the cheeks to the maximum depth, pursing the lips, imitating
  • From this position, make an attempt to smile outside corners
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat like
    and in the previous exercise.

V. Inflating the cheeks

This exercise involves the upper and middle part of them:

  • Tightly close lips;
  • Exhale through the cheeks with the sound of “puff”;
  • Move the air from the left cheek to the right cheek and vice versa, holding it
    5 seconds each;
  • Repeat 10 times.


Vi. �”Fish with puffy cheeks”

Combine the two previous exercises:

  • Tighten the cheeks, clenched lips “fish”;
  • Maximally inflate the face with air, keeping the lips compressed
  • Move the air from left to right and in mirror image,
    holding it for 5 seconds under each of the cheeks;
  • Repeating 10 times, relax your face. This is an intense workout.
    for cheeks, so too frequent execution can cause
    painful discomfort.

VIi. Doll face

Широкая улыбка хорошо тренирует мышцы faces, используйте чаще
this nice tool for improving their sculpture and for raising

Place your fingers in the folds of the skin when you smile and lightly
press, causing muscle resistance on the cheekbones. After 30 seconds
you can let go.

VIIi. �”Bumblebee”

Imitation of buzzing sounds makes the lower muscles work
cheeks, as well as the muscles of the jaw, pulling them and delineating the contour

  • Close lips;
  • Breathe noisily;
  • Making the chewing movements with the jaws, move them up and down,
    simultaneously singing “w-w-w” and vibrating his lips;
  • Repeat all actions during four breaths.

Ix. Йога-тренировка встречных мышц faces

Tired muscles after doing other exercises are easiest
relax with a special pose:

  • Sitting or standing in a posture of relaxation, lower the shoulders;
  • Open your eyes and mouth, stretching as much as possible the muscles of your cheeks and
  • Hold for half a minute, then release. You can follow

X. Массаж faces

Recovery of muscles helps to get the desired
results are even faster:

  • Place your fingertips on your cheekbones;
  • To rub cheeks with rotational movements, moving with small
    кругами до линии овала faces (к челюстям), затем repeat.

How to combine exercises for slimming cheeks?

A full body workout helps reduce the amount of fat in
body, including reducing its reserves on the face. Intense
cardio training is the most effective way to create a deficiency
calories to reduce cheeks and improve the contour of “business
cards “.

Experts of the American Center for Control and Prevention
Diseases recommend to spend 150 minutes per week moderate
cardio or 75 minutes – intense. Can выбрать бег (в том
number, jogging) or cycling (stationary bike),
use of an elliptical trainer.

Excellent burn calories and power loads. Two or three classes with
free weights per week in combination with cardio exercises
will create a shortage of calories and lead to weight loss. Process
thermolipolysis during and after workouts will help
growth and strengthening of muscles, support of their elasticity and elasticity in
whole body and also on the face.

About genetics

Chunky faces are quite thin people. Facial structure
the muscles they have built this way since birth, so the physical
exercise and fat loss does not provide them with the desired

In this case, experts recommend sticking to healthy
nutrition and optimal workouts so that the appearance of fat on the face and
отечности не привело к еще большему округлению faces.

How to lose weight in the cheeks – видео тренировка

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