How to lose weight in the buttocks: 6 superexercise

kak-pohudet-v-yagoditsah-uprazhneniyaThe best way to lose weight
in the buttocks, the most efficient use of cardiovascular
and toning exercises.

Actively receiving aerobic exercise, you, thereby, will
promote quick weight loss on every stretch of your

Also do not forget to include power in your training plan
classes, that is, exercises with weights, this will allow you
build metabolically more active muscles, successfully lose weight in
buttocks and good to bring them into shape.


So, how to lose weight in the buttocks?

Elliptical trainer

Every time you rotate your hips, to work actively
your buttocks are included. Elliptical trainer или орбитрек
forces you to repeat this movement multiple times throughout
throughout the workout. This will allow you to not only burn huge
calorie count (depending on intensity), but also tighten
muscles of the buttocks.

For a full workout, take a comfortable position.
on an elliptical trainer, putting the foot on the movable pedals, and
start to perform rotational movements, both forward and in
the opposite direction.

Most models of simulators are additionally equipped
special handles that move in sync with the pedals.
Use them in the process of training – and this will contribute
not only increase the total calorie consumption, but also give
a great opportunity to tone the muscles of the entire upper part



Upstairs descents the stairs burn calories and help
lose weight in the area of ​​the buttocks. And rises through one step will allow
you more precisely emphasize the load on the gluteal muscles. If you
go to the gym, then climbing the stairs you can
replace with such an excellent stepper trainer as a stepper, but in
Some rooms also have a special simulator that looks like
small staircase with railings.

And if you decide to use it, then during the ascent
try not to lean on the handrails, because it essentially removes
load, and therefore will not allow you to quickly reduce the buttocks.

Cross Country Run

Running alone is a great cardio exercise that
helps you burn calories actively, but running also provides excellent
the ability to lose weight in the buttocks and tone the muscles.

For greater effect, use in running
rough terrain interval principles. To do this, start
workout at the bottom of a hill or a good hill
warm up with a little warm-up in place, start with
the maximum speed to run to the top is the load phase. how
only you reach it, on average, get down – this is
will be your phase of recovery or rest.

Deadlift on straight legs

This great exercise will help simultaneously bring
muscle tone of the buttocks, thighs and lower back.

Performed while standing, feet shoulder-width apart and slightly
bent at the knees, in the hands of the rod or, in extreme cases, a couple
dumbbells. Keeping the muscles of the cortex (torso) and the back in tension
straight (very important moment) and without bending your legs, lean forward and
slowly lower the barbell. A few centimeters to touch with
Stop for a second on the floor and squeeze your muscles
buttocks, then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.
another 7 – 9 times.

Buttock lift

To perform this super exercise, allowing you to lose weight in
buttocks, you need a training ball, it is a fitball.
Starting position: supine, the back of the lower legs is located
на мяче, руки вдоль body. Relying heels on fitball, tear off
buttocks off the floor and lift them up as much as possible. At the highest point
exert more strain on your gluteal muscles and slowly descend,
repeat the exercise 12-15 times.

Squatting on one leg

The exercise is performed on one leg from a standing position and
помогает отлично lose weight in the area of ​​the buttocks. Lift up carefully
right leg a little in front of you and start to squat on your left leg
until the knee forms a 90 degree angle.

As an assistant at first, you can use a chair, on
which you can lean your hand while squatting. Execute
as many repetitions as you can, then do
exercise with the other leg.

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