How to lose weight from apple cider vinegar?

How to lose weight from apple cider vinegar?

Let’s start in order. Of course, apple cider vinegar has absorbed everything
valuable properties of the fruits themselves. It consists of about 20
mineral trace elements, acids (citric, acetic, lactic),
amino acids, enzymes and other substances important for the body. how
it says, the benefits are obvious – but how can apple cider vinegar
to help get rid of excess weight?

Thoughts on this score from supporters and opponents of this method
losing weight are the opposite. The first ones are pushing that
apple cider vinegar stimulates the separation of saliva, and the synthesis of enzymes
digestion happens faster. Ostensibly this product possesses
unique property – it removes toxins from the body, helps
break down fats, which leads to weight loss. Statement at all
not unfounded – according to a number of scientific studies, use
apple cider vinegar reduces the body’s craving for fast carbohydrates, then
eat sweets.

If the purpose of using vinegar is only to reduce
appetite, can be limited to one intake per day. To achieve
fat burning effect, you need to drink two or three times a day for
thirty minutes before eating a glass of water, dissolved in it
half a teaspoon of honey and one or two teaspoons of apple
vinegar. Eating apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach is also possible.
the proportions are the same. Some experts recommend to use
apple cider vinegar along with sour milk, so the removal of toxins and slags
will be more efficient. To fix the results, apple
vinegar should be taken at least two months.

But there is a way to lose weight and their opponents – and they
The arguments are no less valid. First, regular use
apple cider vinegar can cause digestive problems. This
the product, like any other vinegar, alters the acidity of the stomach and
can cause exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Secondly, the course of such weight loss lasts too long: some
You will get results in 2-3 months. Experts say about
1-2 years of regular use in order to achieve a pronounced
effect. We did not calm down, and decided to find out from an expert – and there will be
Is the expected result at all? Is the game worth it?
a candle?

Turning to an expert in human work
organism, the answer we heard disappointing. Olga Eduardovna
Zaykina, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Leading Researcher
Institute of Immunology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation responded as follows: “Lose weight with
apple cider vinegar can be. If nothing but him is not. ” Other
Expert, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher
Clinics of clinical nutrition of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Olga Nikolaevna
Grigorian, gave us a little hope. �”Pronounced
Apple vinegar does not have slimming properties. However he
able to have an inhibitory effect on appetite and increases
the tone of the body “, – said the expert. “But there are limitations.”
If you have any diseases related to the stomach, before taking
be sure to consult a doctor not to inflict
harm to health. “

So, the use of apple cider vinegar is still not useless – this
good way to curb appetite and improve overall
body conditions. And what else are the features of admission
apple cider vinegar?

First, drinking apple cider vinegar is best through a straw, and
after taking it is necessary to rinse your mouth thoroughly, as the acid
spoils the enamel of the teeth. Secondly, apple cider vinegar is not only useful
drink, but also taken externally. In the morning it is very useful to rub the body.
apple cider vinegar. Rubbing will give the skin elasticity, freshness and
smoothness and also help get rid of cellulite and reduce
stretch marks. Organic acids contained in apple cider vinegar,
help to break wrinkles. Useful for skin baths with added
apple cider vinegar (two glasses of vinegar in a bath of water).

The result of using apple cider vinegar is obvious – use it
permissible, and a positive effect is quite possible to achieve. AT
This way of getting rid of excess weight has both advantages and
cons, but to abandon this method is not worth it.  The main thing –
do not rush, then there will definitely be a result.

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