How to lose weight during pregnancy?

kak-pohudet-vo-vremya-beremennostiOf course, pregnancy is
not that period in a woman’s life when it’s worth fixing
weight loss, so gynecologists and obstetricians around the world in previous
decades simply advised women to calm down and control
the weight that they gain.

But the latest research has concluded that with the right
approach, the desire to lose weight during pregnancy is not only justified,
but it is extremely important for overweight women.

Important! Weight reduction requires a special approach and measures.
precautions to ensure the safety of the mother and child,
therefore, many leading experts recommend that this
procedure only in cases of medical necessity whereby
directly your doctor can make specific recommendations like
correctly and safely lose weight during pregnancy. But, about everything
in order!

So, how is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy?


There are several major advantages to
try to lose weight during pregnancy.

  • First, weight loss in combination with exercise
    help you get better sleep and improve the quality of night sleep that
    will increase your level of vigor and
    vigor throughout the day.
  • Secondly, exercise will prevent you from
    development of gestational diabetes – a condition in which the level of
    blood sugar rises to a dangerously high level throughout
    throughout pregnancy, which often leads to serious complications
  • Third, by choosing healthy foods that are rich in
    fresh fruits and vegetables, you can regularly lose a little
    the number of extra pounds, thereby preventing further
    weight gain.


If your weight is normal or not enough, proceed
from your anthropological data, the desire to lose weight during
pregnancy can be for you and your future baby very
dangerous venture.

After all, weight reduction below the recommended level can lead to
that your child will receive less of the required amount
vital nutrients to develop properly
in a way.

Nutrition of a pregnant woman

A healthy and balanced diet is essential during
pregnancy, since the food you consume is
the main source of nutrients for the developing fetus, and
should include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat,
beans and eggs.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends
pregnant women consume 300 calories per day more from
its usual level to prevent excessive increase
weights, and avoid foods that are high in fat and

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Iron, folic acid and calcium

During pregnancy, an increased
need for many vitamins and minerals. For example,
The recommended daily intake for iron is 27 mg. it
because the need arises to produce additional
red blood cells that provide oxygen delivery
your developing baby. To products rich in iron, it is worth
include beef, poultry, eggs, green leafy vegetables and

In addition, the expectant mother needs about 600 micrograms of folic acid
acids, excellent sources of which are asparagus, spinach,
turnip and broccoli.

For the strength of your teeth and your baby’s bone tissue
during pregnancy about 1000 mg of calcium are required, which
The following products are especially rich – hard cheeses, cottage cheese, milk,
yogurt, kefir and other dairy products.

Products banned

Avoid alcohol use during pregnancy so that
eliminate the development of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Also, pregnant women are not recommended to use more
300 ml of coffee per day, because its excessive amount can
cause miscarriage, premature birth or underweight
baby at birth. Instead, quench your thirst with clean water
fresh juice or milk.

Any food poisoning during pregnancy can be
the cause of preterm birth or severe damage
fetus, so give preference to pasteurized milk only
and dairy products, as well as control, so that meat, fish and
eggs underwent proper cooking during cooking

Physical activity

First trimester

To successfully lose weight, in the beginning of pregnancy spend 4 – 5
aerobic exercise per week lasting at least 30
minutes plus some strength training. If you regularly
playing sports before pregnancy, with the consent of the doctor, you are quite
may continue your usual level of activity.

If you’re still a beginner, start with such gentle loads as
walking, swimming, aerobics at a low pace, work on the elliptical
simulator or aqua aerobics, which, of course, are among the
the safest form of exercise for pregnant women

During strength training your efforts should be sent
to develop and tone all of your major muscle groups with
using a set of dumbbells, specialized simulators or your
its own body weight.

You can continue regularly during the first trimester.
perform usual ab exercises as you did before
of pregnancy.

Second trimester

Some women experience a burst of energy in the second trimester.
pregnancy, while others start to feel lethargy,
inconvenience and heaviness in the body. During the second trimester, you are all
Equally should strive to get 3 – 4 aerobic and 2 – 3 power
workouts during the week.

But, if your body signals you that it is worth
reduce the intensity of the load or lift smaller weights
Be sure to listen to this. Also, starting with
second trimester, it is not recommended to perform any
exercise, lying on his back.


Third trimester

You can remain active for the third time.
trimester, but don’t force yourself to stick with your previous one
load. Since during this period you should not raise any
burdening, focus on yoga exercises that will give you
the ability to feel more relaxed and balanced.

Instead of the usual regular workouts, just try
stay active as often as your

Activities to avoid!

Some physical activity will not only help you lose weight
during pregnancy, but also can harm your
developing child at any time. For example, это дайвинг, так
like scuba diving leads to a lot of
gas bubbles in the blood, creating numerous problems for
health of your child.

Also, unsafe sports should include those that
create the risk of strikes in the stomach – basketball, volleyball, gymnastics –
either lead to falls – horseback riding, ice skating or

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