How to lose weight by the summer? Summer Marathon

kak-pohudet-k-letuOh, summer-summer! Such a long-awaited time
years in the lives of many people. Immediately before the eyes float pictures
warm weather, picnics in the countryside, instead of wearing this
pretty tired winter clothes.

Unfortunately, low physical activity and frequent parties in
during long cold winter evenings, also cause an accumulation
excess fat in the abdomen.

But there is no reason to panic. You can lose weight by the summer,
doing just a few adjustments in your lifestyle and
becoming more active.

So, how to lose weight by the summer?


So, the first point in the question “how to lose weight by the summer” is
sufficient fluid intake throughout the day. Take for yourself
the rule is to drink one glass of pure spring water before
every meal. Not only will you eat less, but also
according to a study published in 2006 in the journal
«Obesity», вы также сможете увеличить ваш метаболизм.

In addition, drinking enough water – two
liter daily – has the amazing effect of reducing latency
body fluids. Even if you do not lose fat, water weight loss
make you slimmer and lay the foundation to lose weight successfully
to summer.

Also, besides water, you can drink freshly green tea.
A study published in the April 2010 issue of the journal
«Physiology & Behavior» подтверждает, что катехины и кофеин
as part of green tea can help you burn excess supplies


Start running

Can you imagine how great you will look in
bathing suit, removing all excess belly fat with the help of running. AT
A study published in October 2005, experts
found that the morning 5-kilometer run four times a
week led to the fact that the participants of the experiment have lost order
14 kg. fat in the abdomen for eight months.

Walking the same distance has virtually no effect on volume.
брюшного fat Therefore, if you do daily walking
walk and still have a few extra kilos, pay
your focus on running. If you’re still new to running, you can
Significantly improve the effectiveness of classes, alternating explosive run in
high pace with walking low intensity. This type
interval training increases fat metabolism by as much as 36%
two weeks after the start of classes, according to a study
опубликованному в декабре 2006 г. в журнале «Journal of Applied

Exclude refined carbohydrates

To tidy up the body and lose weight by the summer, replace
processed carbohydrates, which are contained in bagels, sweet
soda pop, biscuits, cakes, products from whole grains and rich
healthy fats.

A study published in January 2008 found that
participants who replaced refined carbohydrates with foods from
whole grains lost more weight in the abdomen than those
who consumed the same number of calories, but included in
your diet processed carbohydrates and sugar.

AT другом исследовании были получены аналогичные результаты,
when participants in the experiment replaced refined carbohydrates
foods rich in healthy monounsaturated fats.

More protein, less calories

To lose about 1 kilogram of excess weight per week and catch
lose weight by the summer, include extra portions in your diet

AT 2005 году исследователи получили интересные результаты – диета
with 30% protein food reduces appetite and, as a result,
calorie intake of 500 units per day. Study participants
lost an average of 6 kg. overweight for 12 weeks
an experiment.

Удачи ATам и успешно похудеть к лету!

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