How to lose weight by 5 kg per month?

kak-pohudet-na-5-kg-za-mesyatsGuaranteed to throw 5 kg per
month can any girl, regardless of her weight.

But the higher the body weight, the easier it is to achieve such
indicators. Enthusiastic promises on the net that the proposed
diet can lose weight by 15-20 kg per month, often lead
Extreme on a hospital bed.

Too rapid weight loss not only causes significant harm.
body, but also leads to the effect of “pendulum”. It consists in
catastrophic weight gain as soon as a girl stops tolerating
painful limitations. Slow metabolism after such
experiments allows you to gain weight even from low-calorie

The most optimal mode of weight loss is to get rid of
0.5-1 kg per week. So say foreign nutritionists from the Centers
on Disease Control and Prevention (USA) – “Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, CDC. If your body weight exceeds
the permissible rate, the most healthy option would be to lose weight by 5
kg for a month.

The successful completion of the diet will not give a splash
monstrous appetite due to small restrictions, harmless to

Lose weight by 5 kg per month: five stages

Step 1. Create a calorie deficit.

You will need to temper the number of calories (reducing portions and
replacing high-calorie foods with more healthy counterparts) with
3500 units (kcal) to lose 0.45-0.5 kg. In other words,
in order to lose weight, you need to spend an additional 3,500 kcal,
than you usually consume to lose about 0.5 kg of weight.

That is, for a month you need to burn 38,500 kcal more
ordinary. If we divide this volume by weeks, then for each of
four periods will have 9,625 kcal. Exactly so much excess
calories you consume today, burning them, you can get closer to
ideal. Every day in the period of losing weight you need to spend at least 1375
kcal Step 2. Reduce your calorie intake.

When calculating your diet, keep in mind that you need
create a calorie deficit of at least 1375 units per day. But the rule
A healthy diet says that lack of calories for women should not
превышать 500 ккал в день, для мужчин – 750 kcal Whole shortage
which inexperienced beginners create, leads to discomfort and bad
feeling during the diet.

If your weight is much higher than normal, then it is easy for you
will withstand and complete a shortage of calories longer
period. This opinion was expressed in his book “Fast Fat Loss”
Lyle MacDonald. On his website, trainer Bom Venuto recommends for
fat men create a calorie deficit of 1,800 units a day, for
full women – at least 1100 units.

Step 3. Add exercise to your daily routine.

Getting the highest possible calorie deficit with
dietary restrictions, add workouts to cover
недостающую разницу до 1375 kcal For example, half an hour

  • cycling training or climbing for a woman with a weight of 84
    kg (or men) will help burn about 355 kcal;
  • occupations on the exercise bike – 466 kcal;
  • boxing (sparing) – 400 kcal;
  • jumping rope and swimming – 444 kcal;
  • ракетбола – 311 kcal

Step 4. Reduce carbohydrate intake

In order not to suffer doubts, how to lose 5 kg per month,
reduce carbohydrate intake. What will make your body spend
The preserved form of carbohydrate is glycogen. It does not help burn fat,
but will be a wonderful factor in the loss of overweight.
Substitution of quickly digestible carbohydrates on difficult to digest already in
the first weeks will push the scale in the right direction.

Reduce the consumption of cereals (only oatmeal and
buckwheat), bread, pasta, sweet carbonated
drinks, replacing them with vegetables, legumes and fruits. Protein diets
(Atkins or South Beach) recommend sticking to the bottom
limit the rate of 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. But the doctors of the Institute
of medicine of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) advise not to stoop
below a safe level of 130 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Excessive deficiency of these compounds may adversely affect
mental activity and cause impaired mineral absorption
(absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract).

Step 5. Eat more protein.

Protein-rich foods: chicken and turkey (especially breast),
cottage cheese, lean beef and pork, fish, eggs and lentils will help
you feel full even with a reduced amount of calories
as they are hard for the body to digest. That means you
burn more calories and you will not be tortured

Предупреждение: Прежде чем решиться потерять 5 кг за
month, you need to consult with your doctor, specifying with him a diet and
training mode. For any discomfort and discomfort immediately
Stop the experiment and consult a doctor.


If your goal is a significant weight loss, then it is better to achieve it.
under the supervision of a fitness trainer or health worker.

They will help make your plans more realistic, make
detailed and safe training plan. This will ensure reliability and
comfort while losing weight. And most importantly, the result of weight loss will be

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