How to lose weight by 5 kg in a week

Every girl wants to lose weight as quickly as possible – this
right, because that soldier is bad, who does not want to immediately become
by the general. Of course, the desire is very good, because to lose weight and
To achieve results it is just necessary, but also necessary
realistically assess the situation and features of your body.

Похудеть на 5 кг за неделю In this article we want to tell
you about the way: how to lose weight by 5 kg per week. The question is very
actual, as already mentioned above, girls want very much
lose weight fast with maximum results. Many of you will say about
that lose weight by 5 kg, that is, lose almost 1 kilogram per
day, almost unreal, but they will be somewhat right, but
only in something – not everything. Let’s consider: is it possible
lose 5 pounds in 1 week and how to do it.

Is it possible to lose 5 kg per week

The answer to this question depends entirely on you, or rather on your
organism. If your body responds positively to
diet, then most likely lose weight by 5 pounds you succeed. Here
it is important to understand that your weight plays a big role, that is, if your
the usual weight of 60 kilograms, and at the moment you weigh 70, then
the probability of losing weight by 5 kilograms per week is very high and this
is quite real. In this case, the weight loss will be quite

If your usual weight is 70 kg, and you want to lose weight by 5
kilogram to weigh 65, not that for a week, you generally hardly
can so lose weight even for a month. What follows from this
to make? Slimming «5 кг за неделю» это так сказать абстрактное
name, because only one hundred percent result can be achieved
units, provided that you have gained weight above your norm and the reason
This is in the wrong diet.

Ограничения в пищи

How to lose weight in a week at home by 5 kg

This type of weight loss includes the usual restriction in use.
food, the basis of which kefir diet and buckwheat diet. Of course,
to lose 5 kg in a week will help fasting for weight loss, but
far from every girl can decide on him.

In order to achieve maximum results, that is, exit
on the rate of weight loss – 1 kilogram per day, prepare the body
necessary in advance. If you start using this method
weight loss from Monday, then from Friday (3 days before losing weight)
you need to prepare for this your body, unloading it and eliminating
harmful and high-calorie foods.

These days you need to cut portions and eat as much food
how much your hunger quenches, in small portions and

Also exercise physical activity, for example, commit
long walks. In the week when you start
losing weight, you will need to strictly follow a diet. Because of,
that you need to limit your diet, and you will not get
full range of nutrients for the body, try
limit physical activity, that is, fitness and other
Exercise this week is not recommended.

To help the body excrete toxins and excess fluid
take a hot bath with special essential oils.

Идеальная талия

We should also mention drinking with this method of losing weight.
The amount of water that is allowed to drink during the day,
set by the diet itself, with total fluid intake
should reach 1.5-2 liters of water in a cool period of time and
2-2.5 in the warm.

If you have not achieved the desired results – do not despair
try a different diet or try to lose weight with
exercise If this does not help, try
determine the reason why you can not lose weight and, by eliminating
her, try this method.

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