How to lose weight by 4 kg per month withwalk

kak-pohudet-na-4kg-za-mesyatsWake up your passion for walking!
This simple and uncomplicated aerobic load can be the most
a real challenge for your untrained body that will force
its transformed before our eyes with literally every step.

Today we will talk about how using the below
программы walk привести себя в форму и похудеть на 4 кг всего за
one month.

The program is absolutely safe for anyone, weight loss
occurs at a rate of 1 kg per week. According to the researchers –
This is the most optimal indicator that allows you to count
to save the result for many years.

Every step you take during the day burns
calories. But if you are committed to serious work on yourself, then
следование постулатам программы правильной walk, в том числе
including work on rough terrain with numerous
descents and ascents, the involvement in the process of the muscles of the upper belt and
other features will allow your muscles to get more
diverse load, which means showing much more

What you need for training:

  • a pair of comfortable sneakers
  • foot weights (optional)
  • adjustable sticks or unregulated, matched for growth
    engaged (optional)

Особенности представленной программы walk

Calorie consumption

If today, according to the program’s plan, you are walking
flat surface at the same pace, strive to maintain
maximum speed at which you can still talk
simple sentences. This, roughly, level 6 – 7 from 10.

Further in the text we will adhere to this gradation, where 1 –
you stand still, and 10 – go with the maximum possible
by speed. In terms of speed, level 6-7 corresponds approximately to
5 – 7 km / h.

Поддержание данного темпа walk на протяжении всей тренировки –
great not only for the overall calorie consumption rate, but also
will allow the heart to work in the optimal zone of the pulse, improving it
physiological condition.

Calories burned (workout duration – 45 minutes):
from 185 (at 5 km / h) to 305 (at 7 km / h). Calculated for women
weighing 70 kg.

Tilt angle

Walking over rough terrain with lots of descents and
rises significantly increases the load on your legs and buttocks,
most increasing the intensity of burning calories up to 60% at
maintaining high speed movement.

  • Начинайте с 15-ти минутной разминочной walk по горизонтальной
    surface (road with zero incline). Intensity level 6 –
  • Next, find the lift (you can use the stairs in
    Park or house entrance) or set the incline of the treadmill
    about 5% and quickly move “uphill” for 2 minutes.
  • This is followed by a recovery phase of 2 minutes.
    Maintain starting speed, start down the slope
    (steps). For the treadmill, set the angle of the blade in
    0 degrees.
  • To increase the intensity of your workout, you can increase
    интенсивность walk до уровня 8 – когда вы за один цикл вдох-выдох
    you can literally say just a couple of words. Phase duration
    rise-descent can be increased each time by 2 minutes, that is, up to
    4 + 4, after 6 + 6, etc.
  • Continue to alternate ups and downs until you reach
    set duration of training. For newbies
    The optimal number is 5 ascents, 5 descents.

Calorie consumption (45 минут): от 230 (при 5 км/ч) до 385 (при 7
km / h)

Interval principle

Your body will consume more calories for less
amount of time if you start using interval approaches
in his workout. The increase is also about 60%
compared to walking on a “flat” surface in a constant

  • Начинайте тренировку с walk со скоростью 5 км/ч в течение 6
  • Accelerate your pace to level 8 (recall that at a given pace
    a person can say just a couple of words in one breath in and out cycle,
    its speed is about 8–9 km / h) for 1 minute.
    Then we return to the initial pace, the recovery phase lasts –
    2 minutes.
  • Alternate the acceleration and recovery phases throughout
    the duration of the workout.

Calories consumed (45 minutes): from 225 (at 5 km / h) to 370
(при 7 km / h) Here is the flow rate and speed for the phase.

Программа walk или как похудеть на 4 кг за месяц?

Time to use the above developments in real
weight loss program. Here is a 4 week marathon that just
melt excess fat stores and fit your shape.

Week # 1

P. Strength training at home using
elastic bands, dumbbells and other equipment (hereinafter –
power training). Without strict duration. Examples can
look at the following links (exercises with elastic tape,
circuit training).

C. 40-minute walk on a horizontal surface (hereinafter referred to as
text is a simple walk).

C. Aerobic activity to choose from – swimming, biking. Only 30

H. 30 minute interval walk

P. Strength training.

WITH. Day of rest.

B. Walking on rough terrain or stairs. 45 minutes

Week 2

P. Strength training. Other examples (exercises with dumbbells,
functional training).

В. Простая ходьба продолжительностью 45 minutes

C. Aerobic activity to choose from – swimming, biking. Only 30

H. Interval walking. 30 minutes

P. Strength training.

WITH. Day of rest.

B. Walking on an incline. 45 minutes Week 3

P. Strength training. Third examples (training the whole body in
home conditions, training in the gym).

B. 45-minute walk on an incline.

WITH. 30-минутная аэробная активность на выбор – плавание,

H. Interval walking. 40 minutes

P. Strength training.

WITH. Простая ходьба продолжительностью 45 minutes

B. Walking on an incline. 45 minutes

Week 4

P. Strength training.

B. 45-minute interval walk.

WITH. 30-минутная аэробная активность на выбор – плавание,

CH 45-minute interval walk.

P. Strength training.

WITH. Простая ходьба продолжительностью 45 minutes

B. Walking on an incline. 45 minutes

As for weighting and special sticks, specified in
section “What you need for training”, they are used by
wish. With their help, you can greatly increase the load, thereby
increasing the effectiveness of training.

Заменить использование палок во время walk можно простыми
pendulum-like arm movements, bent at the elbows at an angle of 90
degrees The greater the involvement of different muscle groups in obtaining
load, the greater the total calorie consumption.

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