How to lose weight by 25 kg: tips lazy

kak-pohudet-na-25-kgMost losers clearly understand that
the only sure way to successfully lose excess weight is less
eat and devote more time to exercise.

But, as often happens, such simple actions happen.
very difficult to put into practice.

The task to lose 25 kg, no doubt, requires a lot of work,
dedication and strong willpower – just those things that
many of us are so hard.

But, making though small, but correct changes in his
daily routine, even the laziest person can achieve
guaranteed weight loss.

So! Although it may be difficult to – make cardinal
adjustments to your usual way of life – but the next row
small steps will help you successfully lose weight by 25 kg and save
your new weight in the long run.


How to lose weight by 25 kg: tips lazy

Full sleep

Night rest is important for weight loss due to hormones that
produced during deep sleep. Growth hormone regulates
muscle development and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin –
factors that are important for successful weight loss,
because they significantly improve metabolism.

The hormones leptin and ghrelin, which are also produced during
sleep well regulate appetite and keep you from overeating in
throughout the day. Try to get about 8 – 9 hours of sleep in
day to keep your hormone levels under control.

Stress reduction

A large number of stressful situations can also have
hormonal effect. During this period, your body begins to actively
production of cortisol – a hormone that causes an acute sense
hunger and increases the reserves of visceral fat (fat deposits in
abdominal cavity).

Therefore, to keep stress levels under control, which means
get one step closer to your goal of “losing weight by 25 kg”
try to get more rest, keep active
(doing stretching exercises, yoga or other types of
physical activity aimed at weight loss) or just
do what you like, for example, reading an interesting book or
listening to your favorite music.

Healthy food

Clear planning of your diet and gradual
making minor corrections to it – are key points
to making lasting changes to your current lifestyle that
guaranteed to allow you to lose 25 kg and save forever
your new weight.

The power diary is a good tool to keep
control over how much food you absorb throughout the day. it
due to the fact that, according to research results, people with
being overweight often underestimate the amount of calories that
they eat up. Using the food magazine, you can weekly
analyze your records and contribute the highest quality and
productive adjustments.

As a fluid, try to use clean spring water.
water, tea and in limited quantities natural coffee. Green tea
– natural source of antioxidants – significantly improves
fat oxidation in the body due to its high content

Coffee has the effect of thermogenesis, helping to increase
your body temperature and causing active calorie consumption as well
may suppress appetite.

Physical activity

Any body movement causes your body to burn calories and
helps you lose weight. American College of Sports Medicine
recommends that all adults receive at least 30 minutes of aerobic
activity of moderate intensity 5 days and strength training
twice a week.

You absolutely do not need to move all 30 minutes at once.
Break your cardio into two 15-minute or three
10 minute session. Determine for yourself the type of aerobic
activities that you like best and use it in
your workouts, which will allow you to successfully lose weight by as much as 25

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