How to lose weight by 15 kg: 5 simple steps

kak-pohudet-na-15-kgIn order to successfully lose weight by 15 kg
and save your new result in the long run,
you need to competently coordinate such well-known components
any weight loss program like exercise and
balanced diet.

Of course, the desire to lose weight by 15 kg can be quite
a radical aspiration, but exactly as long as you have not given
preference gradual, uniform, and most importantly safe
weight loss rate. Which will certainly allow you more measured
include your healthy preferences and eating habits in the new


How to lose weight by 15 kg: 5 simple steps

Count the calories

Any change in body weight is subject to simple mathematical
principles – if you eat more calories than you burn during
day, you gain weight and vice versa. As soon as you firmly
decided to lose 15 kg, strive to reduce the daily
the number of calories by 500 – 1000 units, which is equivalent to reducing
weight at a rate of 1 kg every week.

In order to properly control your calorie intake,
for a few days write down what you eat and then
calculate the total amount of “eaten” calories at the end of each day.
As soon as you receive data for several periods, output
average daily calorie intake and based on
this figure create an energy deficiency in the body.

Eat more often

Decrease in daily volume of products and increase the gap
between main meals significantly increase the risks
the occurrence of emotional breakdown and further overeating. Your
the goal is to keep your appetite under control throughout
of the day

To do this, eat food in small portions every two or three
hours choosing foods rich in various nutrients
substances, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats,
fish and beans.

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Drink water

To lose 15 kg or more, give up sweet tea,
coffee with cream, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Only
clean water will help remove the accumulated toxins from your
body and maintain the necessary body water balance.

To prevent overeating before every meal
try to drink one big glass of water flavored
a slice of cucumber or lemon to enhance the taste.

Move more

Cardiac exercise significantly increases heart rate.
contractions, forcing you to actively sweat and helping the body
use stored energy more wisely. This type of load
is the most effective and productive for weight loss,
because it burns just a huge amount of calories.

Choose the type of aerobic activity that suits you the most.
like, for example, jogging, cycling, working on
elliptical equipment, climbing stairs, swimming and jumping
with a rope. Get at least 60 minutes of cardio activity 5 – 6
days a week for a more sustainable result.

If you follow this rule and burn about 700 – 800 calories
for each workout, you can lose one more extra
kilogram every week.

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Strength training

Power or anaerobic exercise is another important
link, in order to properly lose weight by 15 kg. When you
lift free weights (burdens), you increase your
muscle mass, which means – you are already starting to burn significantly
more calories, both during exercise and in a state of complete

Focus on such exercises aimed at developing
your main muscle groups like pushups, various types of presses,
flexion / extension of the arms, squats and all sorts of twisting.
The optimal amount of strength training is 3 times a week.

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