How to lose weight at sea?

Everyone envies you, because you are going to the sea! However,
in addition to rest, you pursue another goal – to lose weight.
Indeed, a very good and correct goal, because at sea for
all conditions are created for it. How to use these
conditions and lose weight – read on.

Девушка на море So, before you go to sea and decide
lose weight – you need to adjust yourself to it. The fact is that if you
want to really lose weight, you will need to cut a little rest in
your pleasure and take time to lose weight. If you are ready for it
– we act, if not – it is better to start losing weight on arrival.

Slimming complex

Immediately it should be said that slimming at sea consists of
set of measures. What is the complex of measures for losing weight? And he
consists of physical exertion, proper diet and moral
mood This will all help in one week to lose weight.

Physical exercise

Of course, to lose more weight in 7 days at sea
thanks to enhanced physical activity, swimming in water. Exactly
physical activity we lack at home when we are on a diet
After all, exercise once or too lazy. On the sea itself
The setting gives us such a wonderful gift. But you need to swim
correct, and not just hang out in the water.

Generally, if you start every day with a small run
by the sea, good results you will achieve significantly
faster. Running will help not only lose weight, but also keep fit

Now for marine procedures. Before starting the exercises
need to warm up the muscles – move in the water. If you can do well
swim, then try to swim for long distances, exactly
Swimming promotes weight loss. Swim need intensely better
just brace or crawl. Swim need at least 15-20 minutes. When
you get tired a little, find yourself a comfortable place and do
several exercises.

Slimming на море

Exercise 1

Find a place where the water you will be on the chest. Then striding widely
walk about 5 minutes at the bottom. You can go first in one direction, but
then another. Exercise helps to lose weight in the legs and
pump up their muscles.

Exercise 2

Stay at the same depth. The following exercise is the same
format, only you will need to stand still and just high
raise your knee. Exercise can be complicated, for example, clapping at
clap your hands under your raised leg or try to touch your elbow
hands of the opposite knee. If there is strength, then exercise can
make it harder to jump. This will all help you get in shape.
your hips.

Exercise 3

Stay upright in the water. Then
keeping your legs together, bending their knees, point upwards and in
hand, omit and so on. This exercise is directed to
abdominal muscles.

Стройные девушки на море

Proper diet

If you think that you can limit your swimming to one, then
you are very much mistaken. This component of the complex is more complicated than
sports load when swimming because the sea is very strong
I want to eat, especially after swimming, and here it is very important to keep
yourself in your arms.

Choose one of the diets, and also generally go to fractional
food, eating only light food. You need to eat small
in portions, 5-6 times a day, and only so as to eliminate the feeling
hunger. If you eat in a restaurant, then there certainly
there will be a diet menu, so you are lucky in this regard.

Moral attitude

To frame the whole process of losing weight should be correct and vigorous
mood Rest, get the most out of rest and believe in your
losing weight! No need to dwell on it, otherwise the rest will go
down the drain. Do exercises in water at ease, getting from it
pleasure splashing in water.

It is very important to leave all the problems at home and think only about
good, and then the rest will be just wonderful and useful for
figures! This is what we wish for you!

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