How to lose weight at home?

Как похудеть в ногах? Что делать, чтобы похудели ноги?First,
what men notice is … Chest? No, the first thing they pay
man’s attention … Ass? No, calm down! These are legs! They and
only they invariably attract the very first glance
representatives of the stronger sex. They and только они ответственны за
admired the whistle and hooting of the yard punks. Exclusively to them
Devotes profuse salivation and furious carding of the hands
men. And do not believe, if you say that it is not. What is the first
exclamation of a man at the sight of an unfamiliar attractive girl?
Hint: “Oh, what legs !!!”

However, often the legs swear (sometimes unreasonably) most
the mistress She can always ask one goal – how to lose weight
in the legs, even if there is no reason for it. So much
female nature: always looking for a way to achieve perfection, even if
there is no trace of him. Well, if the problem of losing weight is
all that you care, then take a few simple tips.

What you need to do to lose weight legs?

So, the most important thing for losing weight is physical exercise.
In no case should they be too intense. You’re not
strive for the forms that women “flaunt”
bodybuilding? That’s right, we need beautifully outlined legs with
perfect skin. Therefore, muscles should be strengthened, and not
ramp up.

“American rest” for legs should become obligatory:
just need at least a couple of times a day to put his feet on some
elevation, like a table, so that blood does not stand in the veins.
It is advisable to lie with it, but if there is no possibility, then simply
falling apart in a chair, legs stretched out in front of you on the desktop,
quite useful.

The most effective in making the legs slim
jumping rope. By the way, they are also able to remove unnecessary
�”Deposits” at the waist, so that you can kill two birds with one stone and even
need to. In addition to jumping, use squats, especially ballet
Plié, and plus to that, and also relave, kick your feet, swim, run, ride
cycling or stationary, aerobic exercise. All this in
aggregate helps to achieve the beauty of the feet. However, it is still far away
Not all.

When you start thinking about what to do to
lost legs, remember about proper nutrition and care

The first is to be sure to inject into your
ration those products that will contribute to a better
blood circulation and maintenance in excellent condition of the vessels. This is a fish
fat and low-fat varieties, beef (beef liver), vegetables and
fruits filled with vitamins (the most suitable here are vitamins
A, E, C), olive oil (which can be used as an inside,
and outside, to maintain the beauty of the skin), cereals, grain bread,
soybean and wheat germ.

Be sure to use drinking water to prevent
dehydration, especially while doing physical
Exercise At least 30 ml per kilogram of your weight).

In addition to all the above, remember the elementary measures
�”Ensure” the beauty of the legs. This, as was said, skin care
feet. While you are taking a hot relaxing bath, make
foot massage from the tips of the fingers to the base of the hips. Scrubs, creams,
baths and foot masks – this whole arsenal of tools will have the most
favorable action.

That is why do not be lazy and give your legs enough
attention, and then they will long please you with health, and men
– attractive beauty. Be healthy and beautiful!

Effective set of exercises for the legs:

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How to lose weight at home

Many of our readers ask: how to lose weight at home, if not
courage to go to a nutritionist if there is no money for a fitness club, and in
the refrigerator rarely products from which you can prepare
delicious low-calorie dishes from our heading?

How to lose weight at home

I read these questions and understand that women are postponing
losing weight because they think that you need to be careful
get ready. But this is not true. After all, in fact, you
just do not need anything but your own body and the most ordinary
products – vegetables, fruits, eggs, kefir, chicken breast, buckwheat and
oatmeal Those of you who think that this is not enough are mistaken.
In this article I will tell you how to live to be slim without
subscription to fitness and without special tools.

I offer you a simple plan for losing weight at home:

Exclude four products

If you read the descriptions of different diets, but only confused, here
elementary advice that always works: stop eating bread,
potatoes, white rice and mayonnaise. Get used to identifying these products and
abandon them, and when you learn, move on.

Exclude all flour, that is, all that is made from the dough is bread,
cakes, cookies, pancakes, pies, pasta.

Then eliminate the sweet. Reduce the amount of sugar in the tea and
coffee, stop eating sweets, sweet bars.

In addition to potatoes, you need to give up on chips. With mayonnaise
stop eating any fatty sauces.

Replace white rice with brown. He is now freely sold in
stores, different from white rice beige. In japanese
restaurants do not take dishes that include white rice, nothing
there is no dietary in it.

What remains if all this is ruled out? Yes, everything else –
vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, fish, seafood, buckwheat, legumes,
kefir, cottage cheese.

Train yourself to eat diet food. Take with you to work
foods for a diet snack, and when colleagues pull you to drink
tea with cookies, agree, communicate with colleagues, but eat
just what they brought with them. Feeling shy? And with excess weight
do not hesitate to walk? Rebuild your diet. Instead
McDonalds go to Subway. Order chicken salad there without
refueling. For those who misread the last sentence,
повторяю еще раз: не сэндвич в Сабвее, а салат без refueling.

Choose your power system

Do not take the express diet, they can not lose weight
for real, weight, anyway come back. Better choose your system
food that you can stick to for a long time. For example, buy
book Mirimanova “System minus 60 ″, or the book” Technique of the doctor
Kovalkova. Believe me, half a year of life on the book is much better
will affect the appearance than 2 days on apples with water, and with
subsequent breakdown of a month.

Complicated? Look for a weight loss system for creative people, like
same lissy moussa. Or use the universal formula of healthy
food: only vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fish and poultry, dairy
products and a handful of dried fruit, if you want sweet. there is
маленькими порциями  4-6 раз в день. A small portion is
the volume of your two cams stacked together. Well, in a pinch,
three, if it’s a vegetable salad.


In order to burn fat, you do not need to go to a fitness club and
sway. Exercises on simulators are performed to build
Muscles, not for weight loss. To lose weight you need not to push the bar, but
dance, ride a bike, and best of all to walk.
Calm, long, at least 30 minutes a day. This is the best load for
fat burning, which, moreover, is completely free. Not necessary
run, swing, just walk. At least 30 minutes a day, or 1-1,
5 h three times a week.

Nothing new? And in order to lose weight do not need to do
nothing supernatural. You can start losing weight right now,
at home, replacing all the flour with vegetables, and then go for a walk
on foot. After the walk – vegetable salad with proteins. Protein is meat,
fish, eggs, kefir and cottage cheese. Two hours to sleep and eat in the morning
correct breakfast.

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