How to lose weight after the holidays

Those who want to lose weight after the holidays do not have to sit on
skimmed yogurt. On the contrary, too strict diets immediately after
vacation gluttony can slow down the metabolism, and
then you will eat little, and the weight will stand.

Properly lose weight will help a small correction of power and image
of life. Which one? I’ll tell you now.


Lose weight after vacation

Standard Vacation “1-2 weeks at the All Inclusive Hotel” –
too short term to gain a lot of fat. But here
Food in the resort area contains too much sugar, salt and fat.
So – retains excess fluid in the body. Imbalance
�”Water” is promoted also by the use of alcohol, and also dehydration,
coming in many people after a long flight. The result
such nutrition can be “plus 5 kg” for 2 weeks.

First aid to the body after the holidays

  1. Take care of your digestion. It’s hard to lose weight after a vacation like
    times due to digestive disorders. Eat oatmeal for breakfast, add
    to your snacks fresh apples, and drink a glass of yogurt at night.
    Kefir should be the easiest, without sugar and fruit.
  2. Return to normal mode and diet. Sure to
    have breakfast in the morning. To lose weight, you need the right breakfast, not
    �”A cup of coffee and a run.” Snack after an hour or two after breakfast
    fruit or yogurt, eat a rich meal in the middle of the day
    fiber and protein, such as brown rice with seafood, and
    vegetable salad.

    A sandwich on whole wheat bread with chicken breast will do, and
    vegetables, provided that you do not use mayonnaise and fatty sauces
    for refueling. Dinner with something light – white fish with vegetables, cottage cheese
    with a small amount of berries, but before dinner
    have a bite of apple, pear and a small handful of nuts. Usually
    food relieves cravings for sweet and salty for 3-4 days, but if thrust
    still eat, and you eat chocolate and cookies, replace the harmful
    sweet snacks are dried fruit, and chips are cut into strips and
    slightly salted vegetables.

  3. Add 20-30 minutes of physical activity in the morning before breakfast, and
    30-40 minutes of movement immediately after dinner. In the morning you can do
    самую обычную зарядку, как вас учили в школе, а вечером гулять
    at a fast pace, ride a bike or rollerblades, swim.If
    you are seriously engaged in fitness before the holidays, go back to training
    in its usual mode, but pick yourself a 10-15 minute complex
    exercises to charge. Morning movement accelerates metabolism, and
    subject to the rules of healthy eating are the best
    fat burner.
  4. Ограничьте употребление соли до 5 г в день. Stop it
    there is smoked meat, salted fish and salted nuts. It will save you from
  5. Drink no more than 2 cups of coffee per day. Instead of Coca-Cola, forfeits,
    cold tea Neste and other sweet drinks drink clean water,
    natural homemade lemonade or natural cold tea (brew
    tea as usual, let cool, add ice). This will help burn fat
    faster and in a couple of weeks you can forget about a few
    extra pounds and feel much better.

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