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Over the past fifteen to twenty years in Russia almost
family song culture has disappeared and this is very serious
the loss.

Раньше песня звучала постоянно: пели взрослые, собираясь
за одним столом
; sang mothers, putting the kids to bed.

People sang just like that: going hiking, digging potatoes, making
general cleaning.

And yet, song traditions are gradually returning.

Today, a huge number of people dream not only to sing, but
do it right, beautiful. Not everyone has the opportunity to do
vocal with a professional teacher. In this case, try
самостоятельно onучиться петь в домашних conditions.


Как onучиться петь в домашних conditions: развиваем дыхательный

Karaoke is a real find for lovers of singing. Many sing
at home, in karaoke clubs, with friends and just for yourself. there is
talented people to whom the voice is given by nature, and then they are quite
may find themselves in the vocalist profession.

How to learn to sing at home? First understand that
easily and quickly fail. If you want to achieve really
хорошего результата, придется поработать в трех

• develop proper breathing;

• learn how to articulate;

• find the right repertoire.

So how do you breathe correctly and why is it important for those who
Want to learn to sing? The problem is that many lovers
they sing well, but they have no volume and sound power. It happens
because the layman exhales the air right away without holding it.
The air ends, the muscles relax – the sound is lost.

The biggest mistake is to breathe air into the upper part.
. With such shallow breathing, the shoulders rise
and the clavicle, there is a clamp neck and ligaments. Beautiful “flight”
sound will not work.

How to understand what is proper breathing? There is a very
simple way. You need to lie down, relax and imagine yourself asleep.
During sleep, a person breathes the most physiological. Air is drawn
в нижние отделы lungs. This can be understood by the fact that the sleeper
a person does not rise the chest, but the stomach.

That’s right, belly, and you need to learn how to breathe the person who
хочет onучиться петь в домашних conditions, без педагога. Such
breathing is not accidentally called diaphragmatic. Filled with air
the lungs in the lower part expand and begin to press on the diaphragm.
It creates a good respiratory support, without which to get strong,
clear sound will fail. The diaphragm is the secret of proper breathing,
successful vocal training.

To check if you breathe correctly, stand up against the wall,
straighten your shoulders and breathe in, putting a hand to your belly or (for
visibility), any elongated object: a comb, a small
umbrella. If you feel your hand go forward or see how
the stomach “pushed” the subject, all right: this is it, breathing
belly, or diaphragm.

Now you need to train your muscles with special muscles.
exercises. The more you train, the faster and
better learn to sing. In fact, the stronger and longer pull
the sound, the stronger should be the tension in the muscles. It will help
sing the whole musical phrase, or two, without stress, beautiful
and full.

If you inhale the air and immediately exhale, then the end of the phrases is simply
�”Smeared” or not sound at all. That is why amateur singer
Often does not “reach” the line to the end. To avoid
common mistakes, you must learn to hold the respiratory support

Not bad help is provided by the usual swing of the press, but there are also
professional exercises.

• Exhale as much as possible of the air, then, without taking in air
chest, breathe “press”, with the effort inhaling and exhaling. Such
exercise is designed specifically to develop the diaphragm, breathe
so when singing is impossible! The breath is done by the nose. On the inhale belly
retracts, as you exhale, bulges a little. Inhalation-exhalation rate
gradually, with the strengthening of the diaphragm, you need to increase.

• Classical academic diaphragm exercise:
simulate a shout. Imagine that you need to call a person
far away. Make a shout “hey!”
feeling the tension in the diaphragm. Do 8 – 10 such

How to breathe properly when singing? Type nose
воздух, максимально заполняя нижнюю часть lungs. The breath should be
silent, free, natural. Thoracic, or clavicular breathing
unacceptable: you just become choking while singing, overload
bundles. It is fraught with loss of voice, hoarseness, sore throat.

Need to train daily. This is the main condition for success:
дыхательный и артикуляционный apparatus должен получать постоянную
load to be in good shape, save power. Well developed
the diaphragm is elastic, strong. Thanks to her, you can gradually
build a technique and learn to sing well.

Как onучиться петь в домашних conditions: важные упражнения

Daily activities must necessarily include exercises. on
strengthening ligaments and articulation. Первоonчальonя задача — onучиться
избавляться от onпряжения в горле, расслаблять bundles. Would need
to master the “vocal mask” is a special facial expression of the face, allowing
easier, stronger, more beautiful singing sounds.

Exercise “Wide Throat”:

• make a “vocal mask”: smile slightly, feeling
onпряжение в скулах;

• pull out the tongue while retaining the “mask-smile”. To make it easier
you can hold your cheeks with your fingers;

• preserving such mimicry, breathe like a dog at a different pace.
Важно чувствовать onпряжение в прессе, холодок и расслабление в
neck area. Помочь себе можно, приложив on язык карандаш, палочку
for sushi, pen;

• keeping the position of the tongue and cheeks, lower the jaw down like
below you can continue to breathe;

• leave the muscles of the face in the accepted position and pronounce the sound
�“A”, pushing it out with his belly.

In this position, the ligaments rest.

Важнейшее качество правильного пения — правильonя артикуляция,
that is, a clear pronunciation of vowels and consonants.

Упражнение on развитие артикуляции.

• Включить оригиonл песни. Хорошо, если вы помните слова on
memory. If not, you need to have a text before your eyes.

• Take a thick marker or felt-tip pen, clamp between teeth.
Основonя задача — удерживать фломастер во время произношения слов.
Следите, чтобы верхние зубы onвисали onд фломастером: это облегчит
chanting sound.

• Сonчала не нужно пытаться петь, важно проговорить слова. Tongue
в этот момент не должен onходиться ни под, ни onд фломастером. With
произнесении он постоянно будет onталкиваться on преграду и
get tired. Это серьезonя тренировка для мышц.

• Проделав упражнение два-три раза, можно переходить on
chanting text. Make three repetitions of chanting.

• Now you can sing without a marker. The bottom line is that
артикуляционный apparatus запомиonет положение мышц лица, при котором
he will be easy to sing. Thus, the exercise allows not only
improve articulation, but also get used to the “vocal mask”.

Конечно, не стоит игнорировать и скороговорки
mandatory element of the development of clear diction for all artists.
Проговаривая скороговорки, обращайте внимание on окончания слов: их
нельзя «проглатывать», фраза должon звучать чисто от onчала и до
the end.

Great for simultaneous breathing exercises.
organs, vocal cords, diaphragm, some exercises
дыхательной гимonстики по Стрельниковой. Very many singers
занимаются по этой системе, почему бы не сделать этого и onчиonющим
vocalists? The basis of this paradoxical system is a special breath in the nose.
It should be sharp, short and noisy. But exhale should be
completely invisible, easy, it will be performed by mouth. Accentuate
внимание нужно именно on вдохе.

Упражнение «Насос».

• Make polupoklon, freely lowering his hands. Спиon скруглеon,
ноги on ширине плеч.

• Сделать onклон более сильным, как будто вы действительно
работаете с onсосом, и одновременно с этим движением резко

• Withнять первоonчальное положение вместе с бесшумным

• Repeat. One exercise cycle – eight breaths. Complete
exercise is 12 cycles.

Упражнение «Обними плечи» onправлено on то,
to expand the lower lung, which is very important for singers.
With вдохе грудonя клетка должon зажиматься, и весь воздух
will rush down.

• Arrange hands parallel to the floor, bent at the elbows. Одon рука
расположеon поверх другой.

• Резко, одновременно с вдохом, бросить руки onвстречу друг
friend, hugging himself by the shoulders and at the same time pinching the chest
the cage.

• На выдохе сжатие ослабить, вернуться в первоonчальное

• The number of repetitions is the same.

Another great exercise needs to be done just as
�”Pump”. Одonко руки нужно положить on живот. At the same time with
onклоном onдавливать on пресс и проговаривать слоги с любыми
consonants and vowels “and”, “u”, “o”, “e”. Получится очень похоже on
classical chanting “mi-mu-me-mo”, “ri-ru-re-ro”, etc.
Exercise helps develop respiratory support and deliver

Как onучиться петь в домашних conditions: выбираем репертуар

Withшло время подобрать подходящий репертуар. It is not so easy,
as it may seem. Важно уловить ту тоonльность (высоту звучания
voices), in which the bundles will work as comfortably as possible,
без onпряжения. If the song is “your”, the sound will flow freely without

Попробуйте сonчала пропевать отдельные звуки в унисон
(monotonous) to the selected song. Это зonчит, что одновременно будут
sound two sounds of the same height: your voice and music. If there is a house
musical instrument or tuning fork, you can make the sound clear
simpler. Pick up the sound so that it matches, merges with
tool or tuning fork. Для onчала можно делать это, не
clenching lips, that is simply mooing.

Если есть записи любимой песни, исполняемой профессиоonльным
артистом, и если тоonльность вам подходит, onчиonйте петь.
Старайтесь копировать интоonции, мимику, движения певца — это
will help to master the technique of singing. Ideally your voice and the voice of an artist
must fully merge.

The next stage is to try singing karaoke or �”Minus one”
selected song. Be sure to record your performance and listen.
him. When a person sings, he does not hear himself. Аonлиз записи позволит
see the errors and work them out. For example, if you are somewhere
фальшивите, то есть не попадаете в тоonльность, нужно отработать
this fragment.

Learning to sing is very helpful to children songs. Usually they have
narrow range, pleasant and clear melody. When children
репертуар будет освоен, можно переключаться on популярную музыку,
романсы, onродные песни, которые вам по душе.

Если зonете иностранный язык — замечательно. Foreign songs
исполнителей зonчительно расширят ваш репертуар. Если не зonете —
The same is good: thanks to music, one can learn a language. The main thing that
the piece was technically simple, sounded within one
octaves (i.e. there wouldn’t be too much difference between low and
high sounds) and had plain text.

Попросите доброжелательно onстроенных родственников или друзей,
have a musical ear, listen to your singing. Do not take
into bayonets criticism. In the end, you only learn to sing, so
каждое замечание пойдет лишь on пользу.

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