How to learn to see lucid dreams

How to learn to see lucid dreams

Dreams have always been and remain the most mysterious,
mysterious phenomenon that causes curiosity to all without
exceptions. A man, asleep, plunges into a completely different world, where
there are no boundaries where the laws of nature and physics have no power and
influence. Every person would like to create his own dreams,
to be a creator in the world of dreams. Meanwhile, this desire is quite
feasible, you only need to master the special technique
allows you to see lucid dreams. Then the dream world will be
much richer, brighter and more accessible to human


Secrets of mastering the technique of lucid dreams

What is the essence of such dreams?

First, the sleeping person realizes that at the moment he

Secondly, through such awareness, he constructs
own dream, creating your own unique world in sleep mode.

The beginning of lucid dreaming lies with the unexpected
понимания того факта, что человек asleep

Lucid dreams are usually much brighter and more emotional than
ordinary. Without self-control skills, it is impossible to learn to see
similar dreams. First of all, you must first
prepare for the expansion of your consciousness. For this you need to know
as much as possible about the features of your dreams and learn them
to memorize.

It should be a special diary, where every morning immediately
after waking up it is important to record dreams in the smallest detail, and
also the emotions that a person experienced at one time or another.
Notebook with a pen should be at hand, because it is important
record dreams without getting out of bed.

It is proved that already 15 minutes after waking up
a person forgets 70% of his dreams, and only short ones are remembered
the fragments that caused the most
of emotions.

Dreams are directly related to our emotions. Instead of a notebook, you can
use a voice recorder. Waking up should be within 2-3 minutes
lie down without moving, concentrating on the dream, and only then
proceed to his description.

Keep in touch with reality

A person must be able to highlight reality and recognize the world.
imaginations, called dreams. The following exercise will help
achieve this goal.

You should focus all your attention on a certain
subject and not to reduce his gaze for 10

Then you need to turn your back to the selected item and wait
a minute to look at it again later. If given
exercise is repeated regularly, it can be carried out and in
a dream.

A person will feel the difference between clear, clear figures, on
who looks after turned again and between
расплывчатыми, туманными предметами во a dream.

Use of the senses

To achieve success you need to use the sense of touch, smell,
sight, hearing – in short, everything that a person gets
information from the outside world. At the very beginning you should not put
in front of a multi-level tasks and complex goals. Start better with
the simplest. For example, with cherry pie. How to do so
to have a cherry pie dream?

  1. After a person goes to bed, he needs to give himself
    installation. �“I will see cherry pie this night. I will
    control this dream. ”
  2. It should be out loud as accurately as possible to describe this cake and emotions,
    which he calls. �“The cake is magnificent, ruddy, round, fried.
    Reminds me of childhood. It smells like cherry. Spread across the room
    the smell of the pie. “
  3. Next you need to connect the imagination and imagine how
    a person performs a particular action in relation to the pie. Everything
    actions should be loudly described and presented at the time of the description.
    �“I take a knife, cut a piece of cake and bring it to my lips. Pie
    hot. I take a bite and feel his cherry taste in my mouth … ”
  4. Then you need to visually capture the cake. In the early stages,
    when a person only learns the basics of a lucid dream, he
    you must look at the image of the pie for at least 20 minutes, not
    taking his eyes off him and mentally repeating the steps described

The following technique is simple, but with regular training.
very effective.

You need to lie on the bed or sit comfortably in another place.
so that extraneous sounds are not distracting. Then follows
imagine any subject and try for 15 minutes
to keep his image in consciousness, like a picture.

At first, the person will be disturbed by both extraneous sounds, and
thoughts, but each time his ability to hold an image will be

After 15 minutes, you should get up and be distracted: perform
completely unrelated action
half an hour to return to the same place as time passes and
repeat the same.

Use alarm clock

Before you go to bed, it is important to program the alarm,
so that he woke the man exactly after 5 hours.

Waking up, it is worth drinking a strong coffee drink and go to bed
back to bed. Once again in bed, you must to repeat
шаги с 1 по 4, описанные above.

It is recommended to get as comfortable as possible and relax.

Coffee, if desired, can be replaced by chocolate, which will
tone up and promote proper sleep.

Pay attention to the diet

A person’s sleep is largely influenced by the fact that
he uses in the evening.

So, some products can provoke nightmares, and
others are pleasant dreams that are easier to control. Not
should be consumed before falling asleep heavy food (fatty, smoked
products). It is also better to avoid alcohol.

It has a negative effect on the nervous system,
becoming the main obstacle to comprehending the technique

It is recommended to use dishes with a variety of spices,
added in moderation.

Light spices stimulate the imagination and improve the functioning of organs.
senses also stimulate brain activity.

Not так сложно овладеть техникой осознанных dreams Notобходимо лишь
train regularly and use knowledge and skills on

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