How to learn how to run: tips

People who have passed on to a healthy lifestyle are interested in how to run correctly. Running training gives a person the opportunity put the body in order and do away with physical inactivity. But before start running, you need to know about their reasonable dosage, recommended running time, proper technique and technique running. If you do not arm yourself with the knowledge of how to it’s easy to hurt your own health.

How to start training

Begin to engage in jogging should be in advance compiled by the route and with unhurried walks. To improve the tone cardiovascular system, just walk 15 minutes in day. Only after 4-6 walking workouts are allowed. an unprepared person go on the run, alternating it with dynamic gait. Increase the route and intensity jogging should be no earlier than 2 months after the start of training.

How to learn how to run: tips

Start running from 15 minutes, then gradually bring classes up to 50 minutes a day, then the health benefits will be palpable. Runner’s route and pace of training also increases gradually. You choose the frequency of jogging for yourself, but for efficiency need to run at least 3 times a week. It is not important what time it is better to run and which terrain is chosen for daily runs Running along the paths that have descents and climbs is the most effective as physical activity occurs on all muscle groups, but it is suitable only for experienced athletes. The best place to run for beginners will be dirt tracks forest park area.

If you have to run on asphalt, then choose high-quality running shoes with depreciation, because the health is not save. Pick up shoes of your size and its size. Lace up to secure heels. Time to run choose according to your schedule. The main thing is to run in pleasure and did not bring inconvenience.


How to run correctly – running technique

Начинающему бегуну надо знать о правильной технике running. If a jogging happens anyhow, then sooner or later be treated for airway inflammation or joint injuries. If a you have never been running, you have undeveloped calves, slowing down the running process, as well as weak hips, press, buttocks and lower back. In this scenario, you will run, bulging pelvis and arching his back. Stoop is also the enemy of beginner runners – they are easy learn by dented chest, twisted shoulders.

How to learn how to run: tips

The solution of the above problems during classes run – correct pre-run warm-up that includes breathing gymnastics, pull-ups, push-ups. To develop stability knee and thigh mobility, do gymnastic stretch marks after running from Pilates movements or yoga poses, which You can learn from the video on the Internet. The correct technique of running on long distances:

  • breath in two steps, breath out in two steps;
  • the look is forward;
  • furnaces lowered and straightened;
  • press tight;
  • arms bent at elbows at 90 degrees;
  • the foot lands without unnecessary movements strictly below the center body gravity;
  • the heel in the last split second touches the ground, then immediately comes off;
  • should be repelled only with a toe;
  • a blow to the surface of the earth is softened by a bent leg;
  • relaxation is desirable during lowering the legs;
  • learn how to adjust the running speed is not the frequency of the step, but body slope.

Is it helpful to run in the morning

Those who are interested in how to run correctly in the morning should to know that running on an empty stomach is strictly prohibited. Although running in the morning is making you feel good all day but such a load will bring benefit for those who go to bed early, that is, the “larks”. If a вы ложитесь спать не ранее 2 часов ночи, then jogging in the morning is unlikely to bring pleasure and will not bring benefits.

Start your morning run with a short snack, which is not overload the stomach and give the body more energy. Just before the race, eat a couple of apples for breakfast or one banana – such light food will give the necessary for jogging nutrients. Running people, regardless of the time of day, you need to take a bottle of still water with you to replenish water reserves that are wasted during intensive running.

About the expediency of evening runs < / h2>

How to run in the evenings, are interested in “owls”, that is, those who do not wake up early due to their biological rhythm. Evening jogging will relieve the stress accumulated during the day, will provide a strong and healthy sleep, if you run an hour before dinner. Increase the frequency and time of evening races gradually, depending on your physical condition. Используйте дополнительные устройства, просчитывающие пульс, уведомляющие о перенагрузках во время running. Они помогут приобрести дополнительную мотивацию и правильно рассчитать длительность runs

Effective running for weight loss < / h2>

Overweight people are interested in how to run to lose weight. Before carry out long runs for weight loss, consult your doctor, because fitness has contraindications. Among them are varicose and peptic ulcer diseases, coronary pathology and heart defects, vertebral deformities and diseases in the acute stage.

If a медицина даст добро, то не важно, когда лучше бегать, чтобы похудеть – утром или вечером, зимой или летом. It is important that the training took more than half an hour. It is at this time that the maximum burning of fatty layers occurs. If a интенсивно бегать начинающим слишком тяжело, то начинайте тренировку с быстрой ходьбы, затем чередуйте с обычными непродолжительными пробежками. In due course run for weight loss bring up to 60 minutes.