How to increase the buttocks in just 30 minutesday?

Nowadays, more and more women are seeking to increase their
buttocks, give them a tonus and roundness of forms.

It is the flat buttocks that cause some
girls so baggy on the beach looks like a swimsuit, but how embarrassing
they feel when they wear tight jeans or a skirt.

Fortunately, you can increase your buttocks in just 30 minutes a day,
correctly directing the load on your gluteal muscles.

So how do you increase the buttocks?

Side lifts with dumbbells

Although this exercise is primarily focused on work
gluteus muscles, but also good loading are received by legs, lower
part of the back and abdominal muscles.

To complete this exercise, you will need two platforms
which must be placed parallel to each other, one on the left,
second to your right. Then take dumbbells in each hand and
take a step to the right, put your foot on the platform and go up

That is, at this moment you stand only on the right foot, and the left
�”Hanging” in the air. Lower the left foot to the floor, and then the right.
Step to the left and repeat the same thing in the other direction.
ATыполните по 30 подъемов каждой by foot.

Reverse attacks with dumbbells

Great exercise, allowing you to tighten and increase the buttocks.
ATыполняется по такому же принципу, как и обычные выпады, только шаг
done backwards.


Starting position: standing, legs together, back straight, in arms
dumbbells. Take a deep step back left foot at the same time
starting to bend the right knee until it forms
right angle of 90 degrees. Push off the floor with your right foot and
return to the starting position. It also performs a step back and
right foot. Do 12 – 15 backwards each
by foot.

Back leg extensions

To do this exercise, stand up straight, feet together,
Place your hands on a chair or other solid support for balance.
ATытяните правую ногу прямо позади вас и поднимите ее так высоко,
as soon as you can, maximum squeezing the buttocks.

Do not let your body lean forward when trying to lift
the leg is even higher. Hold in the highest position for three
seconds and slowly lower the leg down to its original position. Repeat
movement in three sets of 20 repetitions for each leg.

Fitball Ball

Another good exercise for your goal is to increase
buttocks, for which you need a training ball,
also known as fitball. Starting position – you sitting on
the ball.

Start kicking your feet forward, rolling the ball over the body until
as long as your head and neck will not rest on the ball. Position
hands on the abdomen, and straighten the body in one straight line, additionally
squeezing the buttocks. Hold this position for three seconds, and
then slowly sit on the floor. Repeat это движение в три подхода
20 to 25 repetitions each.

Donkey kick

To perform this exercise, able to quickly pump
buttocks, stand on all fours, resting on the palms and knees.
Holding your back straight, lift one leg behind you, as if
want to get a heel ceiling. Try to push your heel
up with gluteus muscles, with the knee and foot should be
bent at right angles.

AT наивысшей точке задержитесь на мгновение, дополнительно сжимая
buttocks, and slowly lower the leg down and repeat the movement again,
not allowing the knee to touch the floor in order to rest. Repeat три
Approach 20 lifts on each leg.

ATсего лишь 30 минут в день отделяют вас от решения вопроса, как
increase the buttocks! Удачи ATам!

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