How to increase the bust: tips and tricks

kak-uvelichit-bustYou do not have to go under
plastic surgeon’s knife to improve the look of your

There are a wide variety of exercises that
you can use in order to make your chest elastic and
taut and relatively easy to carry.

Regular classes combined with healthy and balanced
diet will help you not only increase the bust, but also improve
health condition and prevent the development of cancer
Breast neoplasm.

Anatomically, the bust does not contain any muscle tissue, which
could keep it in perfect shape. Therefore, the whole main
load on the muscles of the chest, as well as fibers
connective tissue, better known as Cooper’s ligaments, which are
help maintain chest weight.

In addition, not the last role in the spatial arrangement
Your bust is played by developed muscles in your back and shoulder girdle. So
Thus, the load aimed at stretching and strengthening data
muscle groups will eventually also contribute
improve the appearance of the breast in terms of both its size and
degree of elasticity.


So, how to increase the bust?

Squeeze the palms

Sit in a relaxed position and squeeze your hands in front of you on
chest level. Make sure your elbows are bent about 90
degrees, and the forearms are horizontal horizontally. Squeeze
palm for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat the 15-18

This exercise superbly strengthens the pectoral muscles, allowing
successfully increase the bust, and can be performed in almost any
a place where you feel comfortable.



This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle. Lie down
breast down on a high bench, holding 1 – 2 in each hand
pound dumbbells. Hands wide apart, lift
dumbbells on different sides of the chest. At the highest point take
short pause and slowly lower your arms to the starting position.
Perform 2 – 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

You can also do this exercise without a bench, for
you need to kneel down and bend the body forward,
so that it is almost parallel to the floor.

Push-ups against the wall

This is another good exercise that can increase your bust.
To do this, stand 1 meter from the wall and rest on it.
ладонями на chest level. Bending hands, slowly go down to the wall
until you practically touch it with your nose. Then
force of the pectoral muscles push back, returning to the original
position. Повторите 15 – 20 time.

This breast enlargement exercise, like squeezing the palms, can
be performed almost anywhere.

A warning

Based on the fact that the female bust does not contain any muscular
tissue, exercise will help you make it bigger on
view, but the chest itself does not increase in size.

Moreover, in addition to the exercises, it is imperative to wear
a properly selected bra that will create the appropriate
supporting your breasts – especially during workouts – because
constant bust bouncing can weaken your Cooper ligaments,
leading to possible sagging.

Although you can train at home and without
assistance, but at first still ask for help
to a qualified instructor because the wrong technique
performing exercises that can increase the bust, can lead to
the occurrence of various injuries and, as a result, forced

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