How to increase the ass: Secrets from J. Lo

kak-uvelichit-popuCelebrities Jennifer Lopez and Kim
Kardashian known for its fairly uniform buttocks and
are a source of inspiration for many women who wish
know how to increase the ass.

Of course, this is largely due to genetic
heredity, but still it is quite possible to easily increase the buttocks and
influence its shape with the help of special physical exercises.

A healthy ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body, and
also training aimed at developing, strengthening and gaining
the tone of the gluteal muscles will help you get a stunning soon


How to increase the ass: exercises that work


Squats являются одними из самых основных упражнений в вашей
training program. Increase the number of repetitions and
additional burden is very effective at
development and strengthening of the gluteal muscles. Besides, squats are also
bear a positive load on the muscles of the legs.

Performance. Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, feet slightly
turned outwards. Holding your free weight in your arms, bend your legs in
lap and move your hips back as if you were going to sit down
in the chair. Keep your back straight while your body is moving.
perpendicular to the floor.

Go down until your hips line up.
parallel to the floor surface, or even lower, depending on
your flexibility. Then, tighten your gluteal muscles and effort
return to the starting position. Do so many repetitions.
Exercise, as much as you can, keeping your body in the correct position,
consisting of 1 – 3 sets.



Lunges являются еще одним прекрасным упражнением, способным
increase the volume of your fifth point. They are different from squats.
the fact that during movement in the front leg is more emphasized
load on the buttocks, and in the back leg – on the quadriceps muscle
front of the thigh. Depending on the original
physical training you can do alternate attacks like without
weight, and with dumbbells in their hands.

Performance. Take a left foot back to a distance of about
100 cm. Hold the torso straight, bend the front leg at the knee
until a right angle forms in it, and the left knee
practically will not touch the floor. By strengthening the gluteus muscles of the right
legs return to the starting position.

Do as many repetitions with your right foot as you master,
and then do the exercise with your left foot in front. 2 to 3 total

kak-uvelichit-popu Bridge

The isometric “bridge” position is a great exercise.
which you can do almost anywhere. It tones
and tightens the buttocks and can be performed both statically and
in dynamics. Holding a position for a long period
time will help strengthen the stamina of your legs.
More advanced options include using
additional burdens attached to the hips.

Performance. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet stand on the floor.
Arms are located along the body, palms down. Tear off the ass from
surface of the floor and lift it up as much as possible until the body is
take a straight line. Squeeze at the highest point
gluteal muscles and stay in this position as long as possible.
Take a 10 – 30 second break and repeat the climb another 2 – 4

To perform the exercise dynamically, raise and lower
hips without stopping as many times as you can, while keeping
This is the correct execution technique. Всего 2 – 3 approach. Stanovaya

Конечно, у многих людей становая traction в первую очередь
associated with powerlifting. Yes, this exercise is often in its own
training use bodybuilders and weightlifters, but it also
are very effective in order to increase the ass.

Choose your initial weight wisely, because you only
start to strengthen the lower back and possible injuries you are not to
what Therefore, to protect your back as much as possible, start with
a light weight that you can increase as your
physical training.

Performance. Put the barbell in front of you on the floor, feet wide
shoulders, toes, feet right below the fingerboard. Straighten your shoulders and chest
the cage. Always keep your gaze straight ahead. Bend your legs
in your knees and sit down, palms fixing the neck bar slightly
more than shoulder width. Clasping your palms and directing your weight
on the heels, squeeze the buttocks and begin to straighten the legs. Hold
back muscles tense.

Having fully straightened, dilute your shoulders, and then,
bend your knees and move your hips back to lower
barbell back to the floor. Perform as many repetitions as you can,
adhering to the technique of the exercise, in 2 – 3 approaches.

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