How to improve the immunity of folk remedies?Recipes decoctions, tinctures and natural food additives forimprove immunity

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It is possible to increase immunity without resorting to pharmaceutical

Directly acting on the activation of immune protection, natural
products in this situation are more effective than synthetically
created vitamins and artificial immunomodulators. Timely
Prevention with the help of popular methods will help to avoid many
seasonal diseases, including influenza, acute respiratory infections and ARVI, as well as
will prevent possible complications.

How to improve the immunity of folk remedies for adults?

When choosing ingredients to make a healing drink,
enhancing immunity, preference is given to those that contain
It contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins and other
beneficial trace elements. Leading positions in such indicators
занимают плоды шиповника, лимон, сок алоэ, мед и

• Infusion of wild rose. 2 tablespoons chopped berries
need to pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting decoction should
stand for about an hour, for saturation. Better brew it in
thermos Take a day twice in a small circle in front
breakfast and dinner. Course – 4 weeks.

• “Vitaminka”. This decoction is particularly popular, so
how easy it is to prepare but contains a large amount
vitamins that can improve immunity. 100 grams required
rose hips, 2 lemons, raspberry leaves or dried berries (100
gr.) and 2 tbsp. honey Lemon mince (along with
peel), put the mass in a thermos. There also add honey and berries
raspberries. Rosehip pour water (1 liter) and cook for 15 minutes.
This broth is passed through a sieve and poured into a thermos.
The resulting drink is taken twice a day for two.
months, preferably in the fall and spring.

• Curative balm with aloe juice. It will take 150 grams. aloe juice
300 gr. walnuts, 200 gr. Honey, 2 lemons and 1 tbsp.
vodka. Chop nuts, lemon mince and mix
with the rest of the ingredients. Take daily 2 tbsp. before
lunch time The course is 10 days. Attention! Due to the presence of alcohol in the composition,
Balm is strictly forbidden to use for children, pregnant women and
people suffering from alcohol addiction!

• Infusion of celandine. Popular Immune Drink
back to normal. Leaves of celandine (100 gr.) Pour boiled water (1 tbsp.).
After infusion, divided into three parts and take
in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

• A mixture of flax seeds. A very effective method that can
help even in case of neglected. 200 grams of seeds to fry on
pan, grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder to take
1 tbsp. l twice a day (mixed in advance with boiled chilled
water) for one month.

• “Herbal Honey”. Mix in a shredded dry dish
yarrow grass, hypericum flowers and ground rosehips
(all 100 grams). Add 300 grams of softened cream
масла и 700 грамм honey Mix the wood thoroughly.
with a spoon. Take 2 tablespoons every day in winter and spring, and
the period of the flu epidemic – 4 tablespoons. Mix of honey with herbs
Keep refrigerated.

• Herbal. Need to prepare nettle leaves
(spring), lemongrass shoots – in 3 parts, sage – 1 part. Herbs
Pour boiling water and let it brew for 3 hours. Take after
Breakfast 2 teaspoons in autumn and winter.

• “Vitamin cocktail”. It will take 500 grams of honey, tincture
hawthorn and valerian (buy at the pharmacy) – 50 g each, ginger
порошок – 1 ст.l, прокрученный через мясорубку лимон – 5 шт.,
Almonds (istolchenny) – 15 pcs., homemade geranium leaves
(crushed) – 20 pcs. Stir, let it draw about 3
hours Принимать 1 tbsp.l once a day. Course – 1 month
mostly in winter.

• Recipe specifically for people with greatly weakened immunity!
Mix in equal proportions such ingredients: bitter rind
orange, calamus root, ginger and angelica. Add white wine and
clean in a dark place, regularly shaking. Take tincture by
70 grams 2 times a day. Use with caution for children,
pregnant women and people with alcohol dependence.

It fights colds very effectively and also contributes to
поднятию иммунитета чеснок. Phytoncides secreted
from slices cut in half, able to inhibit viruses and harmful
microflora, pathogens of various diseases. During the epidemic
flu spread crushed garlic in the corners of the bedroom, children’s and
living room. A clove of garlic can be hung around the neck – only necessary
clean it up in advance and make cuts.

Закалить организм поможет контрастный душ.
Warm water alternately combine with cold. From such exposure
metabolic processes are accelerated, the body gets used to drops
temperatures and less react to the cold.

Регулярно совершайте прогулки. Despite
weather, go out for 10-15 minutes to fresh air. It will help
rest from dusty and closed home the atmosphere
in addition, so you can get rid of depression, the main
causes of immunity.

How to improve the immunity of folk remedies child?

In order to protect a child from infections, it is necessary
Responsibly approach the issue of choice of means. Folk remedies,
tested by millions of people will help activate the natural
protection is inexpensive, but as efficiently as possible.

Травяной чай. Mix in equal proportions
chamomile flowers, limes, coltsfoot. Pour boiling water and give
infuse for 20 minutes. Give the child during the day by
one glass, you can with honey.

Отвар хвоща. Залить 1 ст.l crushed
horsetail glass of boiling water. Infuse for 30 minutes.
Give the child 3 times a day, 30 grams. Note! Such
decoction is contraindicated in children with kidney disease.

Клюква с лимоном. 1 kg of cranberries and 3 lemons
mince and pour honey (1 cup). This kind of jam
can be a wonderful children’s dessert, which is also very
is useful.

Закаливание — самый лучший метод, который
helps boost immunity. However, procedures can only be performed.
if your child is completely healthy. Start the morning
grinding from 23-24 ° C, gradually reducing the temperature to 18 ° C. After
rub your baby in warm, dry clothes.

Речные камни помогут вашему ребенку справиться
with diseases. Pour round stones with boiled salt water,
add a drop of vinegar and ask your baby to run barefoot
�”Sea beach”. During these procedures, a pinpoint occurs.
foot massage, which has a beneficial effect on the state of everything

How to improve the immunity of folk remedies to schoolchildren and
to students?

Students are most affected by mental exertion, therefore
immunity often suffers. To help restore the tone and
The following folk remedies will help protect the body:

• Nut milk. 100 grams of peeled hazelnut needed
fry in a griddle, grind in a coffee grinder. In the resulting
powder add a pinch of vanilla and pour it all over with warm milk
(0,5 l). Mix with 2 tbsp. l honey and drink throughout the day. Such
drink can be drunk at any time of the year, the main thing is to comply

• “Vitamin jam”. Mince dried apricots, raisins,
prunes, walnuts (all by kilogram). Add 500 grams
honey and mix well. Jam to store in the refrigerator and
употреблять каждое утро before тем, как идти на учебу.

• “Oily Mix”. Mix in equal proportions olive oil,
fish and badger fat. Drink 1 teaspoon during lunch.
Готовую смесь Keep refrigerated.

All submitted recipes contain only natural
ingredients, so they are so easy to make at home,
and simple procedures will help restore immunity and save from

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