How to go to a restaurant

Going to a restaurant is not only a delicious dinner in good company,
but also a possible danger to the figure. An abundance of food awakens
brutal appetite, and in the supposedly “light” foods often hides not
one hundred extra calories.

How to enjoy dinner in a restaurant and at the same time protect the figure from
extra pounds, nutritionist Lydia Ionova told us.

Rule number 1: beware of sauces!

The worst enemies losing weight – mayonnaise-based sauces. �”They are very
calories and absolutely not useful, as they contain “bad”,
saturated fats, ”warns Lydia Ionova. – “Based sauces
vegetable oil, although more useful, but not inferior to
calorie mayonnaise. So be careful. ” Beware
need and sauces with the addition of nuts. But herbs and seasonings are not
will bring the figure no harm.

Rule number 2: not all “light” dishes are harmless to

�“Vegetables and seafood fried in oil are very harmful to the figure. BUT
In general, any dish can be made “heavy” by preparing it in
deep-fried, ”says the nutritionist. Extra calories are often hidden and in
cocktails: both in alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Too much
a lot of sugar is added there. Dietary vegetable salad can be for
a few seconds to turn into a high-calorie meal … just
seasoning it with fatty sauce.

Rule number 3: order dishes in the right

Lydia Ionova advises to start dinner with vegetables: fresh, boiled,
baked on the grill, steamed. �”They do not contain
extra calories, but give a feeling of satiety. Just remember about
insidious sauces! Ask to file them separately and use very
moderately, ”the specialist recommends. As a hot fit
fish, lean meat, poultry. But – cooked without butter: only
such dishes do not harm the figure. Also to those who follow
figure, it is better not to order starchy food at dinner: spaghetti,
cereal dishes, muffins and cakes. Мучные и  сладкие десерты
nutritionist advises to replace fruit.

And, of course, it is important to choose the right kitchen. For those who care about
figure, Lydia Ionova advises to stay non-Mediterranean.
This kitchen is one of the most healthy in the world and certainly not greasy. AT
there are many fish and seafood dishes, vegetables, and most
sauces are prepared on the basis of fermented milk products. Feel free to go
in an Italian restaurant, and order fish, grilled seafood with
vegetable salads, most importantly, without pasta.

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