How to give Smecta children – instructions forapplication

How to give Smecta children - instructions forapplicationSmecta – this is an effective enterosorbent medicine used in treatment of disorders (diarrhea) of any origin and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug has a natural the origin and quickly cleanses the body of adults and children from toxins and accumulated toxins. List of possible side effects is minimal. Средство Smecta обладает выраженным защитным, adsorbing effect and neutralizes those in gastrointestinal tract viruses and bacteria. Does not affect motor skills. intestine. Today we talk about the effects of Smekta on the body baby

The composition of the drug

The release form Smekta – bags with powder for preparation suspensions. Net weight of 1 portion – 3 grams. Active substance средства Smecta – смектит диоктаэдрический, являющийся двойным magnesium silicate and aluminum. The drug includes excipients: glucose mogogidrat (0.68 grams), saccharin sodium (21 milligrams), vanilla or orange flavors (50 and 10 mg, respectively).

How to give Smecta children - instructions forapplication


Показания к application Смекты

Smekta application is necessary in case of having a child симптомов diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Once in the intestine human, the active component of the drug is actively absorbs pathogenic bacteria, without affecting the digestive tract microflora microorganisms. Taking the drug is safe, therefore Smektu used to treat children from the first months of life. Перечислим основные показания к application препарата:

  • Stomach disorders caused by any reason;
  • Intestinal colic;
  • Infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Frequent acute, allergic or chronic diarrhea character;
  • Food poisoning, vomiting;
  • Treatment of dysbiosis;
  • Mitigation of diseases of the digestive tract organs: flatulence, bloating, изжоги, дискомфортных ощущений в зоне intestine.

Dosage for children of different ages

You can take medicine for the treatment of dysbiosis or diarrhea from the first months of life in the presence of obvious problems with bloating or intestinal colic. In the future, babies can have some difficulty digesting due to improper diet or diet. If the body cannot cope with the disease yourself, the doctor can prescribe this a drug. Remember that giving Smektta children 1 year and younger should only on the recommendations of physicians.

No sooner does a child grow up, like problems with digestive moving on to the next stage. Preschool and Junior Kids schoolchildren often suffer from poisoning, malfunctions in the correct nutrition that often develops into chronic diseases. Such In cases, Smecta may be prescribed as a means included in the complex treatment. The drug is able to withdraw from the intestine over 85% pathogenic rotaviruses.

How to give Smecta children - instructions forapplication

Children up to 3 years

In acute disorders in a child under 1 year old, he can give 1 sachet twice a day, for other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – 1 bag a day. Older kids dosage can be increased. AT instructions noted that taking Smektu children from 1 to 3 years old when acute disorders can be 3 times a day, for other diseases – not more than 2 times.

From 3 to 12 years

Remember that Smektu is not recommended to consume a course longer 1 of the week. As for taking the drug at the same time as other medication should consult with a specialist. Children from three to twelve years old you need to take Smekta sachets by the following instructions:

  • In acute disorders, the number of doses per day should not exceed 4-5 times;
  • For other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the dosage of the drug is 3 sachets per day.

How to take Smecta children? < / h2>

To use for the treatment of painful colic, diarrhea, poisoning Smektu is almost an alternative decision, if you want to use speech, to use speech, speech, speech, speech, referral, painful colic, diarrhea, poisoning Средство облегчает состояние baby После полного курса приема препарата Smecta кишечник полностью очищается от вредных токсинов и болезнетворных бактерий, вследствие чего процесс пищеварения стабилизируется.

Препарат допускается принимать исключительно в виде suspensions. Moreover, the preparation of the mixture should precede its direct use. Store the prepared solution for more than 30 minutes or reuse is not recommended. The fact is that when exposed to air, the components of the drug lose their effectiveness. In addition, the consumption of the previously prepared solution can cause an unpleasant burning sensation.

Smektu desirable to give for half an hour before meals. Another option is allowed: take 1 hour before or after a meal. Препарат нужно давать в дозировке, подобранной с учетом возраста baby If 2-3 days of treatment with Smecta did not improve the general condition of the baby, contact the nearest medical facility: consultation of the doctor in this case is necessary.

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The drug should be taken after its dilution in a liquid. Powder need to pour gradually, stirring carefully until dissolved. Инструкции по application Смекты разнятся, в зависимости от возраста ребенка:

  • For children under 1 year < / strong> – 1 sachet should be diluted in 50-100 milliliters of warm liquid (boiled water, compote, milk, milk formula or juice). If the baby cannot drink the entire mixture at once, divide the medication into several stages, but do not forget that it is necessary to prepare the mixture immediately before use. < / Li>
  • A child aged 1 to 2 years < / strong> – you can dilute the sachet sachet in half cup of warm water (125 milliliters). Meal should be no earlier than 30 minutes after consuming the solution. < / Li>
  • Children under 12 years old < / strong> – the drug must be diluted in 125 milliliters of warm water. Only the permissible dosage increases: you can take up to 4-5 bags per day. < / Li> < / ul>

    Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

    Список противопоказаний к application Смекты is minimal. It is contraindicated to take in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, fructose intolerance and sucrose-isomalt insufficiency. To drink the drug for the treatment is undesirable in case of intestinal obstruction and severe chronic constipation.

    Side effects, as indicated in the instructions, are rare. Smecta переносится организмом ребенка очень хорошо. ATпрочем, перечислим их: запоры (при них прием лекарства можно продолжать, только в меньших дозах), незначительное повышение температуры тела, рвота.

    Drug prices in pharmacies < / h2>

    • Smecta суспензия со вкусом апельсина, 3 г, 10 шт. Manufacturer: Beafour Ipsen (France) – 142-181 rubles. < / Li>
    • Smecta суспензия со вкусом ванили, 3 г, 10 шт. Manufacturer: Beafour Ipsen (France) – 145-184 rubles. < / Li>

    ATидео доктора Комаровского о лечении дисбактериза< / h2>

    The use of the drug allows you to quickly get rid of dysbiosis, diarrhea and other unpleasant conditions. Reception of a means also provides replenishment of deficiency of substances, important for normal work of a gastrointestinal tract, for example, potassium and sodium cations. You can find out more information about the treatment of dysbacteriosis by viewing the following video: