How to give Linex children – instructionon application

Linex for children – a drug that doctors prescribed for the prevention of various intestinal disorders and treatment of dysbiosis. Children’s version of Linex is very much in demand, as newborn babies from the first days of life suffer from constipation, colic, loose stools or intestinal infections. Kids, adapting to a new power system often has problems digestion. Sometimes deviations pass on their own, but more often Probiotic helps to cope with the problem.


The composition of the drug

The use of Linex solves the problems of dysbiosis in children. Pediatricians recommend moms use of the drug in preventive purposes because it is safe and effective for kids medicine. It contains lactic acid bacteria, which in the human body are the main part of the microflora intestine. When we take a probiotic, then bacteria, multiplying, begin to fight pathogenic microflora. They amplify the vital activity of digestive enzymes, which, in their очередь, нормализуют работу intestine.

Milk bacteria that are in the composition of the drug, after reception synthesize in the body vitamins K, B and ascorbic acid that help withstand many infections. A drug protects against stress, boosts the immune system. In addition to the main powder of bifidobacteria with the number of microorganisms Bifidobacterium 1 · 108 CFU / g, the medicine has an auxiliary the substance maltodextrin is a fast carbohydrate with a sweetish taste, which acts as a sweetener.

Indications for use Linex

В инструкции on application Линекса сказано, что детский препарат reduces the risk of allergic reactions, infectious diseases, atopic dermatitis. Drug intake maintains the state of microflora in newborns suffering colic, diarrhea, vomiting, normalizes the work of the intestines in children after taking antibiotics. Reception Linex doctors recommend nursing children as a dietary supplement as a source of beneficial microorganisms. To drink the drug is prescribed to children who have the following factors:

  1. Early transition to artificial nutrition.
  2. The beginning of the teething process.
  3. Not enough balanced diet.
  4. Introduction of complementary foods.
  5. Long stay in the hospital.
  6. Birth through cesarean section.
  7. Late chest attachment.
  8. Termination of breastfeeding.


Dosage for children of different ages

Как давать Линекс детям указали в инструкции on application medication. It provides that the probiotic is allowed to give babies from the first days of life. Due to intestinal immaturity newborns quickly develop mucositis any treatment for children includes probiotic. But the number of tricks drug at each age is different.

Children up to 3 years

To take Linex for children from 1 to 3 years old, doctors prescribe one at a time. capsule medication 3 times a day. If the child is 1 year old or less and the capsule cannot be swallowed by itself, then it needs to be opened, and then dilute Linex with 1 tsp. sweetened tea, milk, juice or water temperature not more than 35 degrees. According to the instructions powder should be taken 5 minutes before meals or after meals immediately. To give capsules for children 1 year or less for prophylaxis should be in the same dosage.

From 3 to 12 years

Children from three to twelve years old are allowed to take Linex by 2 capsules 3 times a day. To avoid adverse effects on lactic acid bacteria of gastric juice, medicine should be given 5 minutes before meals or during meals. Wash down Capsule preferably with plenty of liquid. According to instructions, if the child is 3 years old or more, then powder is allowed with different medicines, but must be given at the dosage indicated pediatrician.

How to take Linex children?

Adolescents over 12 years old have the same dosage as children up to 12 – 2 ampoules 3 times a day. According to the instructions powder intake lasts until the state of health becomes better. Reception drug time depends on the cause of the disease and features organism. Usually taking the medicine is one month. To To achieve the maximum effect from taking Linex The specific case of a medical consultation.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

It is contraindicated to take the drug for the treatment of dysbacteriosis babies with various intestinal pathologies. An enteric infection may cause increased diarrhea while taking probiotic powder. In case of its occurrence, immediately consult a doctor, it is possible that he will cancel the medication by prescribing saline solutions.

If the intake of powder is accompanied by fever, weight loss or prolonged diarrhea, its use should be discontinued. Не рекомендуется применять для лечения Линекс при следующих показаниях: аллергические реакции, непереносимость лактозы или молочных продуктов, гиперчувствительность к компонентам medication.

Drug prices in pharmacies < / h2>

The price of capsules Linex depends on two factors: the form of release and location of the pharmacy. The manufacturer of this probiotic is the pharmaceutical company Lek from Slovenia. After analyzing the prices in the Russian pharmacological market, we give you the average cost of the drug:

  • Linex sachet (powder) for children 10 pieces of 1.5 grams – 350-450 rubles. < / li>
  • Sachet powder for children 20 pieces of 1.5 grams each – 600-700 rubles. < / li>
  • Linex forte capsules 14 pieces – 500-550 rubles. < / li>
  • 48 capsules – 600-650 rubles. < / li> < / ul>

    Analogs < / h2>

    Probiotics – Linex analogs today on sale a lot. Medications that normalize the work of the intestines are divided by the type of bacteria that make up and vary by generations. Almost all probiotics are produced in Russia, with the exception of only three foreign drugs: Linex, Bifiform, Enterol. Russian counterparts are Beefilis, Acipol, Acilact, Florin Forte, Probiore and many others. The latter is used even for severe manifestations of intestinal infection, for diseases of the colon, and for dysbacteriosis.

    Reviews < / h2>

    Irina, 34 years old < / strong> : The probiotic Linex was assigned to us by a doctor together with an antibiotic. My baby does not even feel it – in every meal I mix powder with sweet water and give it a drink to him, which he does with pleasure. We did not have problems with the intestines and an imbalance of bacteria. The only negative is the high price of the medicine.

    Sophia, 57 years old < / strong> : She gave her daughter Linex according to the instructions after taking the antibiotic no later than 3 hours. We clearly observed this rule and the normal dose, but diarrhea started anyway. Next time I would prefer another drug to restore the microflora to the baby’s gut.

    Natalia, 41 years old < / strong> : My doctor, Linex, was prescribed by a doctor to deal with Staphylococcus aureus in parallel with other drugs. While the probiotic with live bacteria was taken – the son slept peacefully, diarrhea and flatulence retreated, the stomach did not hurt. But as soon as they stopped drinking it, the next day the problems returned. Gastroenterologist explained that the good bacteria in his son did not linger, and prescribed other drugs for staphylococcus, which helped us. < P

    Angelica, 39 years old < / strong> : Linex was assigned to her teenage son during antibiotic therapy. The treatment is not cheap – for 1 course you need 3 packs (10 bags each), but they do not save on health. Since the probiotic contains beneficial bacteria, the son managed to avoid side effects from taking antibiotics. < P> |

    Dr. Komarovsky’s videos about the treatment of dysbiosis in children < / h2>

    Dysbacteriosis in children deserves special attention, because there is no such diagnosis in official medicine, and the serious consequences of a child can overtake. Watch the video in which the pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky will tell you how to treat children’s dysbiosis. < P>