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Helminths are infected not only by people who are far from compliance.
the most basic rules of hygiene.

Parasites enter the body along with poorly thermally
processed meat and fish, through contaminated water, land, unwashed
vegetables and fruits.

Often a person does not even suspect the presence of parasites.

А между тем существуют симптомы, ясно
indicative of helminthic invasion.

These include:

• increased appetite

• constipation or diarrhea

• bad breath

• weight loss

• frequent dizziness

• pallor and bruises under the eyes

Typically, parasites infect the internal organs, poisoning
the body is the product of its vital functions and being the cause
the occurrence of serious diseases.

Особенно вредны гельминты для детей.
The result of their negative impact on the children’s body is
developmental lag, memory problems.

In any pharmacy you buy Vermoxes, Pirantel, Dekaris, more
expensive drug – Nemazol. If you carefully read the instructions and
Do not exceed the dose, perhaps a cure at a time. Here are just from
Pyrantel is usually very sick and even tears, Nemazol – categorically
can not be pregnant, and Dekaris often fake.

In addition to traditional medicines that have their own
side effects, you can get rid of worms by applying simple
available methods.

Как избавиться от глистов в домашних conditions при помощи

The most popular means of expelling worms is garlic. it
a product by which people flee from colds and
viral infections, as well as from worms.

The plant has a pronounced bactericidal, anthelmintic
action. The product not only destroys parasites, but also strengthens
body defenses, which is very important.

Interestingly, garlic does not lose its beneficial properties even
after heat treatment.

Существует много различных рецептов, при помощи
которых можно избавиться от паразитов в домашних conditions.

1. Чеснок с молоком. For cooking
medicinal product must first chop the garlic in mush.
Then it is combined with a glass of milk (better than home) in
enamelware. The mixture is put on the stove, brought to a boil,
after which the fire is reduced and boil for a few more minutes

After this, the dishes are covered with a lid and given to the medicine.
Brew until cool. Use the composition on an empty stomach
four times a day in a large spoon. Food is taken in half an hour.
Treatment is carried out throughout the week.

2. Сок garlic с молоком. Из garlic
squeeze the juice. Pre-boil the milk. 10-15 drops of juice
drip into a glass of cooled milk and drink the composition on the hungry
stomach 3 times a day. Therapy is carried out, as in the first case –
a week

3. Чеснок с молоком и хреном – более
advanced recipe. Prepare the medicinal composition of gruel
garlic и корня хрена (по 1 столовой ложке). All is well
mix and place in sour milk. Stir again.

Drug put to insist in a cold place for 6-8 hours,
stirring occasionally. Use antihelminthicide
surely before meals in a large spoon 3 times a day.

4. Чеснок с молоком и молотым перцем. Product
измельчают и выкладывают в кислое молоко (одна головка garlic и 1
a glass of milk). The composition is well mixed and added to it.
a small spoonful of ground black pepper. All mixed up again.
Use anthelmintic agent one time on hungry

5. Клизма (молочно-чесночная). One head
garlic очищают, измельчают, помещают в эмалированную кастрюльку и
pour a glass of boiling water. The composition is boiled over low heat until
мягкости garlic, остужают и процеживают.

Make a regular enema. Adults will need the entire composition, children –
50-100 ml. The procedure is carried out every day throughout the week.

6. Клизма с чесноком и пижмой. Dry flowers
Tansy (1 large spoon) pour milk (2 cups). Part
add crushed garlic (2 cloves). Everything is stirred and boiled.
on very low heat (close the lid).

After that, the mixture is cooled and filtered. Apply for enema,
which is done in the usual way, but trying to solution a little longer
hold up in the intestines.

Of course, garlic is a useful product used for
изгнания паразитов в домашних conditions. However before it
the application must consult a doctor. After all, garlic
has a number of contraindications. So, it is not recommended for gastritis,
ulcer, heart disease, gallstones, nephritis, nephrosis,
hemorrhoids, epilepsy.

Как избавиться от глистов в домашних conditions при помощи
pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds – a product that has been used for centuries
for expelling worms. Part семян входит компонент –
cucurbitin, which delivers a fatal blow to the parasites.

Its maximum amount is not contained in the nucleolus itself, but in
thin film that separates the core from the shell.

Therefore, to achieve a better therapeutic effect
used raw seeds in crude form.

1. Семечки и касторовое масло. Recipe
making remedies for worms is simple. Helminthiasis is necessary
during the day, eat 100 pieces of raw pumpkin seeds in 4 doses. Kernels
should be chewed very carefully. After an hour you can
take a teaspoon of castorca.

The treatment is carried out for 3 days. 100 pieces – dosage
for an adult.

2. Семена тыквы с медом – еще одно действенное
remedy for worms. An adult will need 300 g of purified kernels,
a teenager – 150 g, and 50 g of pumpkin are enough for a child to treat
sunflower seeds

To begin with, the product is ground (in a coffee grinder or using
blender), diluted with boiled water to the state of sour cream, add
a small spoonful of honey. All is thoroughly mixed and eaten in the morning on
голодный stomach.

Важно!Состав необходимо употреблять очень
slowly stretching the process of chewing.

After 3 hours, drink a laxative and put an enema. Such measures
help expel parasites from the body.

3. Тыквенные семечки и чеснок. Glass of sunflower seeds
(unpurified) fried, then cooled and crushed.
Кашицу из семян соединяют с измельченными зубчиками garlic (6
pieces) and a spoon of honey. All mixed and insist half the day.
Принимают на голодный stomach. Dose for children – 1 tsp, for
adults – 1 dining room. Breakfast starts only after 3-4

Как избавиться от глистов в домашних conditions – доступные

1. Грецкий орех отлично справляется с круглыми
worms and tapeworm. For cooking лечебного facilities
It is necessary to chop a few nuts. Separately boil water with
a pinch of salt, then pour 4 tablespoons of walnut water with this water

The composition is allowed to infuse for half an hour, after which it is filtered and
drink during the day little by little. Между приемами facilities употребляют

2. Цикорий, пижма, тысячелистник. Recipe
preparation of therapeutic mixture is as follows. First, combine crushed
chicory root and medicinal herbs (per teaspoon), then all
mix and pour water (2 cups). The mixture is bathed on water
bath 15 minutes. After straining drink on an empty stomach by
a quarter cup

3. Полынь – горькое лекарственное растение,
which is the most effective tool in the fight against worms.
Wormwood kills parasites, cleans the entire digestive tract, contributes to a better
digesting food, improves appetite, increases vitality.

Wormwood is recommended to be taken raw. This is the way
the most effective. To begin with, the plant is ground through a colander.
Then the thing that crumbled is folded into a clean glass container and
принимают по щепотке, запивая водой каждые 2 hours So do
the first 3 days, after which it will be enough to use a pinch
medicinal powder several times a day. A course of treatment –
a week.

During the period of expelling worms it is recommended to abandon severe
food, and preference to give herbal products.

The grass that remains after grinding can be used to
cooking enemas.

Wormwood is an effective remedy for worms, but it is contraindicated
during pregnancy, breastfeeding, anemia. Besides,
prolonged use of wormwood can lead to convulsions,
hallucinations, neuralgia. Grass is poisonous because it is used
need to be strictly metered.

Prevention of helminthiasis

The task of everyone is to do everything in his power to save
themselves and their relatives from infection with worms. Some tips will help
avoid worm infestation:

1. Wash your hands before eating, after using the toilet and after coming with

2. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with plenty of running water.

3. Meat and fish must be carefully thermally

4. Use boiled water for drinking.

5. Fight the flies – the source of the spread

6. Do not swim in water near pastures.

Worm infection can be anywhere. You should sound the alarm if
you feel the characteristic symptoms of helminthiasis.

In the initial stage, the disease is not difficult to cure at home.
conditions. However, before applying even the most effective
facilities лучше всего проконсультироваться с доктором. After all, what
useful to one, may be harmful to another.

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