How to get rid of the hips: the best exercises +video

kak-izbavitsya-ot-bederBig hips have bad
potential that can lead to the same “big” problems
when it comes to your level of self-esteem.

Of course, you can stop wearing short shorts, bathing
costumes or any other clothes that do not cover your legs, but
such an output is definitely not the right solution.

And just to get rid of big hips, you need to regularly
do certain exercises that burn calories well, and
able to tidy up your leg muscles.

And, thanks to daily physical exertion, you will achieve
reduce overall body weight, and your legs will become visually longer and


How to get rid of the hips with the help of sports?

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise increases heart rate and
make you sweat well. It not only helps
improve the body’s physical capabilities, but also burns well

Do any kind of aerobic exercise that you like,
such as walking, running, working on stepper, elliptical
simulator, roller skating. All these exercises include movements.
feet. Your job is to get at least 45 minutes of aerobic
load 3-4 times a week.

Squatting near the wall

Such squats are best performed using training
ball, also known as fitball. For this exercise, become
one step back to the wall, back straight, feet on
shoulder width. Then behind the back, place the fitball at the middle level.
backs. Keeping your back straight, bend down, bend your legs in
lap. At the moment the thighline becomes parallel to the floor,
the effort of the muscles of the legs returns to its original position. Repeat 10 –
12 times.

This exercise works well on the front of the thigh,
hamstrings and your buttocks helping to get rid of the volume


Pie squat

The goal of doing plye squats is to effectively work out
inner thighs and buttocks.

To do this, stand straight, legs wide apart, feet
rotated 45 degrees, arms stretched out in front of him. Slow
опускайтесь вниз, сгибая ноги в lap. At the moment when the line
hips will be parallel to the floor, we rise up. Repeat 10 –
12 times. If you are not able to drop so low, crouch
as you can.

Alternate attacks

Alternate attacks хорошо включают в работу основные мышцы бедер
(quadriceps and biceps) and buttocks.

Take a quick step forward with your right foot, go down,
bending the leg at the knee, until the line of your right thigh
will not be parallel to the floor. At the lowest point is your right knee.
should be bent 90 degrees, and the left knee should be steamed
centimeters above the floor behind you. Slow поднимитесь, вернувшись
to the starting position, and repeat the exercise with your left foot.
Take 10 to 12 alternate lunges with each foot.

Leg flexion

Leg flexion exercise develops popliteal
tendons and performed using a simulator. Lie on your face
down on the soft surface of the simulator, putting the legs under the rollers,
hands hold the handle to fix the position of the body. Then
muscle effort start the exercise, bending the legs in
lap. As soon as the heels get as close as possible to the buttocks,
slowly lower your legs. Repeat 10 – 12 times.


Exercise simultaneously aimed at working popliteal
tendons, quadriceps and buttocks, and is performed at a fast pace.
Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Slow
Sit down and jump up so high
as much as possible. After landing, go straight ahead
in a squat. Repeat 10 – 12 times.

This simple, but quite effective set of exercises for
women, helping to get rid of the hips, can be performed even in
home conditions. Good luck in achieving your goals!

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