How to get rid of the former (husband or boyfriend)forever and ever. The most effective methods of getting rid of the “former”:insidious we are women

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How to get rid of the former (husband, boyfriend) if he is not going
under no circumstances let go of your object of adoration?

Understand the main reasons why a man to you
“stuck”, and then, on the basis of them, act.

Our guide will help you in this.

How to get rid of a former boyfriend or husband: Why a man does not
wants to leave you

It is always very difficult to leave, and to break off relations with
loved ones harder doubly. Far from all decide on this step.
men, even if the feelings for his companion is gone. Then
What keeps a partner next to you? Why is he not in a hurry to leave,
when they openly say that everything is finished?

The main reasons why the former does not want to leave:

1. Задетое самолюбие. Every man consoles himself
hope in the soul that he is the best and unique. And here is a husband or boyfriend
suddenly finds out that his darling wants to break up with him
relations. This is a huge blow to male ego. Nobody wants
feel thrown. The former asks you to give him another chance,
to prove how good he is.

Совет: Если вы решили расстаться с
partner, do not fall for his tricks, and forget about sympathy.
The person will not change, and the feeling of pity will deprive the opportunity for personal

2. Чувство собственности. It is based on
all too pride. Spouse or boyfriend thinks he has
certain rights to the former. The man is convinced that the ex-passion can
belong only to him and to no one else, even if
he has no feelings for her.

3. Проснувшиеся чувства. After husband
or the guy hears that they are leaving him, suddenly to him
suddenly comes the “epiphany”. A man begins to understand that
lost the love of his life and hurries to reanimate

4. Страх остаться одному. Despite the fact that
men are considered strong sex, they are also characterized by ordinary
human weakness. You have been together for a single year, and maybe not even
one dozen years. In the head of the partner during this time is formed
defined, well-established model of relationships. Personal relationship
become for him an integral part of his own “I.” To contribute
He does not want any changes in this model, since men
peculiar constancy.

A partner may have several mistresses, but he never decides to
step away from his own wife, in which he sees support. He is afraid of
lose this support, and therefore will try with all its might to keep

5. Желание отомстить. Abandoned husband boy
decides to spoil the life of his passion, taking her pursuit,
threats or even assault. Thus he tries to express
how it hurts him and wants you to experience it for yourself. So
the former depicts the role of the victim. Only capable of this step
men are weak-willed who try to realize themselves through
woman Self-sufficient people do not take revenge and leave with dignity.

6. Проблемы с психикой. Chase the former
some time even self-sufficient men can. But to them quickly
comes the realization that life does not stand still and must
move on. This is not always the case. The former may continue
annoy for several months and even years. This is clearly
says that a person has certain mental

How to get rid of the former in this case? Without the help of a psychologist
it will be difficult to get along. Awareness must come to man
that he is sick and needs help from outside.

How to get rid of the ex-boyfriend, husband: general tips

Break implies a complete cessation of communication. But not infrequently
the former continue to sort out the relationship, which may drag on
for a long time, and it will not lead to anything good.

After you have told your husband or boyfriend that between you
can be nothing more common, cut on the vine all the points of your
of touch.

Помните: Продолжая общение, вы даёте
человеку надежду на дальнейшие relations.

How to get rid of your ex-husband, if there is a common housing or

Если у вас общее нажитое имущество или children, избавиться от
the former will immediately be quite difficult. The husband or mistress will be
an excuse to come again and again, hiding behind the fact that he wants to stay
with baby.

Having common housing, the situation is doubly complicated: a partner can
declare that he does not intend to go anywhere at all. How to get rid of
the former in such a case?

Совет: Собирайте вещи и уезжайте жить к
to relatives. If there are no relatives, ask your close friends.
permission to temporarily stay with them until the situation
will clarify.

Do not start a lawsuit over the division of property, if the spouse
refuses to solve the problem peacefully, thereby trying
revenge. It takes some time for a person to realize
what happened, and then you could peacefully parting.

How to get rid of бывшего парня

Get rid of the former lover, with whom you did not have time
creating a family is much easier. For this, it is sometimes enough to
anyone out your acquaintances played the role of your new young

Совет: Если парень всё равно не отстаёт и
continues to plague visits, phone calls and messages,
Do not be fooled by provocation. By responding to these actions, you are
give reason to the annoying suitor to continue to act in the same
the spirit.

How to get rid of бывшего парня, мужа безболезненно

Not every girl or woman dares to tell her directly
companion, that their paths will soon diverge.

Painlessly get rid of the ex-husband, the guy will help
little female tricks.

Совет: Превратите жизнь мужчины в ад, лишив
his personal space.

Begin to annoy regular calls at the moment when the husband or
the guy is at work or busy with important business. Roll up
tantrums if he does not immediately pick up the phone.

After the partner has returned home, do not leave for a minute
from him and take his phone. A man must understand that he
under constant control.

Not everyone is able to endure such antics, as any person
wants to feel somewhat independent and

Совет: Лишите мужчину домашнего уюта и
intimate intimacy.

Linking herself to a woman, the representative of a strong
sex counts on the fact that the chosen one will not only be
to satisfy him in bed, but will also become a kind of nanny,
which he will cook, wash and clean up after him.

Stop caring for your partner, stop doing everything
female duties at home.

Frequently leave the blessed passion without sex. But if this is not
удаётся сделать — откровенно скучайте в момент intimate intimacy.
It is necessary to make it clear to the partner that in bed he does not represent
no interest in you.

Without getting it all, a man can seriously think: a
Does he need such a companion?

Совет: Как можно чаще критикуйте партнёра
about and without him. Belittle his own feeling
dignity. A man will not be comfortable with you, and he will hurry
разорвать relations.

The man should get the impression that he’s leaving
you, not you throw it.

How to get rid of бывшего парня, мужа: кардинальные методы

If none of the methods helps, you should resort to
cardinal solutions to the problem.

Совет: Предупредите бывшего о том, что
will be forced to go to the police if he does not stop his

You can threaten to tell everyone you know about his
indecent behavior or complain to his boss at

On men for whom the reputation and career has a great
meaning, this method acts soberingly.

If verbal explanations did not help, go to the incarnation
said: write a statement to the police, ask for help
friends, explaining the situation. Such actions on your part are clearly not
like a man, and he can stop the persecution.

In the event that the ex-husband is not affected by any of
methods, the ideal option would be to change the place of residence. Yours
the paths should stop intersecting as long as the “fighting” attitude
hero-lover does not subside.

How to get rid of бывшего мужа, парня: подводим итоги

So that the separation is less painful for both parties,
stop making any contact with your ex-husband or boyfriend and
find out past grievances.

If you have a common child, do not forbid your father to communicate with
by him. Allow them to see each other, but without your presence.

Kill the feeling of pity and compassion for the ex-partner.
Continuing communication will lead to the fact that the former boyfriend or husband
will hope for a shared future.

There is no single method how to get rid of the ex-boyfriend. As in
Any other business needs an individual approach. But the slogan
action should be with a French accent “A la guerre comme à la
guerre “(a la herr, com ala herr), which means” in war as

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