How to get rid of the burrs – exercise andexpert advice

Speech defect brings a lot of discomfort. Burr – common disorder in children and adults. Especially worried women. When a girl burrs, she blushes, stutters, confused. Many people ask the question: why do some people lather? The reasons there are different nature. In order to accurately establish the diagnosis and choose a correction method, connect the speech therapist, dentist, ENT. They will advise how to get rid of the burrs effectively and in home conditions.


What is burr (dyslalia)?

Burr (rotacism) – is the wrong formation of sound “P” speech apparatus. The phenomenon provoke various reasons. Normal language rises to the upper sky, to the region of the front teeth, and by vibration in the correct position forms a sound.

The speech defect brings discomfort, nervous tension. When a person cannot pronounce the sound correctly, then he becomes embarrassed and even stutter. Correction of burry is a long process. AND To get rid of the speech defect, you need to be patient.

How to get rid of the burrs - exercise andexpert advice

Types of rotazism

Burr there are several types:

  • Uvulyarnaya form of burr. Speech dyslalia occurs due to irregular vibration of the small tongue of the sky;
  • Velor Impaired speech provokes the entire upper sky;
  • Lateral. Language or part of it is shifted to the side;
  • Double-lipped. Improper lip position disrupts the formation sound;
  • Protornaya. The tongue and soft palate interact incorrectly when build sound.

The diagnosis of incandescence puts a speech therapist for an adult or child. For This determines the causes and diagnoses.


Why do people lisp: reasons

The reasons дефекта картавости:

How to get rid of the burrs - exercise andexpert advice

  1. Impaired hearing aid functionality (congenital abnormalities or inflammatory processes, reduced hearing);
  2. Language injuries;
  3. Abnormal bite, missing front upper or lower tooth shortened or elongated jaw;
  4. Pathology of the speech apparatus. The wrong bridle is the most common cause of burr;
  5. Genetic predisposition. The disease is transmitted by inheritance;
  6. Paralysis or atony of the tongue, part of it.

Doctors will teach how to stop lisp.


Diagnostics картавости – комплексный процесс. Connect to it speech therapist, dentist and ENT. Speech therapist assesses the situation with speech stage not pronouncing the sound and determines the type of disease. Determine the anatomical abnormalities of the vocal or auditory apparatus Mechanism may be a dentist and ENT. They help to remove the burr different methods.

Treatment of burry < / h2>

Medicine offers effective methods for correcting burry at any age. ANDсправление дефекта речи – дело длительное. Speech therapist performs therapeutic massage for the language to an adult and a child, selects special exercises for speech clarity, teaches special techniques of healing vibration of the speech apparatus, says tongue twisters and training phrases.

For violations in the hearing aid connect the ENT. With the help of pharmacological agents or surgery, it restores the functionality of the organ.

The mouth is the main part of the speech apparatus. The dentist, if necessary, operates the frenulum, carries out prosthetics and other manipulations in the oral cavity. Straightening teeth, bite gives excellent results for clarity of speech, a solid letter “p”. Correct bite, full dentition restores speech clarity.

How to get rid of lumps: exercise < / h2>

ANDзбавиться от картавости помогают специальные упражнения. They strengthen the muscles of the tongue and ligament of the mouth, the soft letter “p” becomes hard. To eliminate the defect, you must:

  1. Healing smile < / strong>. Open wide mouth. Without closing it, tongue to stroke the sky. Exercises are repeated 10 times; < / li>
  2. Stroking < / strong>. Open your mouth as wide as possible. Put a tongue on the bottom lip. Make them stroke strokes up and down. In addition, add the sound “p” to the movement; < / li>
  3. Brushing your teeth < / strong>. Stretch the lips in a wide smile. In this position, hold the tip of the tongue along the inside of the upper dentition. The tip moves smoothly left and right; < / li>
  4. Groove < / strong>. Open your mouth, tongue shape the groove. In this position, pronounce the letter “f”. Try to release a narrow stream of air when pronouncing. Ideally, it passes in the middle of the tongue groove. The vibration that is created, has a positive effect on the speech apparatus, guarantees the correction of speech. < / Li> < / ol>

    Age will not be a hindrance for those who want to remove burr. The main thing is to do several approaches in 1 day. In this case, the regular complex will bring quick results.

    How to fix burry in an adult? < / h2>

    ANDсправить картавость можно самостоятельно, в home conditions. An adult and child will cope with the task:

    • Slow pronunciation syllables “TE”, “LE” and “DE”. First, speak with burr each syllable separately, slowly and clearly 10 times. After, say 3 syllables together, one word; < / li>
    • Repeat the same syllables slowly. We remove the tongue up, touching the tip of the gums of the upper dentition. Execution – slow, pronounce sounds – loud; < / li>
    • Gradually, start speaking words with one letter “p” in this mode. Slowly and usually touching the gums over the upper teeth. After training with syllables, the muscle will get stronger, the speech will disappear with time. < / Li> < / ul>

      Some patients say they did not get rid of the defect on their own. But with daily 3-time approaches, burr will not have a chance.

      Video: how to remove burr from a teenager at the age of 13-16

      Remove burling in 13-14-15-16 years is really using a special video. It shows a simple ancient technique that will restore speech, quickly remove the defect. For этого не понадобиться специальные дорогие тренажеры или приспособления. By means of improvised means, with the help of video, it is really possible to remove the lisp of speech, to achieve amazing results in children and adults.