How to get rid of swelling under the eyes at homeconditions? Causes of swelling under the eyes, homemade ways of dealing withswelling

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Even the most famous public people having personal
beauticians, constantly appear in public with bags under

So it’s not about money, craftsmen, but something else.

To remove the problem, you should find the reason for its appearance.

We study the causes of edema under the eyes, how to get rid of
they prompt the findings.

Swelling under the eyes: causes

Only in 2008, the world’s leading cosmetologists managed to establish
настоящую причину появления постоянных мешков под eyes. All business
turned into periorbital fiber, which, increasing in
volume, protruding adipose tissue beyond the permissible limits. Bags under
eyes obtained in this way can be reduced by getting rid of
causes of edema.

– Many actresses who did not dare to go under the surgeon’s knife, and
показываются на публике с мешками под eyes. This type of edema
can be attributed to genetic entities and with them is not worth even

Very often, getting up in the morning, we see swelling under the eyes, like
get rid of them, decide by analyzing yesterday.

– Our eyes will look swollen after a stormy
nights during which there was a lot of tobacco smoke, alcohol,
variety of carbonated drinks.

– The desire to eat on the night of herring or pickles in the morning
«отплатит» мешками под eyes.

– Recently appeared swelling under the eyes can signal
the beginning of the disease in the form of:

• inflammation of the maxillary sinuses;

• allergies;

• kidney disease;

• viral infection.

– During the period of PMS and menopause, women often suffer from edema under
with your eyes, how to get rid of this problem, you can consult with

– Owners of edema under the eyes can be tanning fans.
Ultraviolet rays contribute to fluid retention throughout
body, under the eyes, including.

– Age-related changes in skin elasticity often lead to
появлению мешков под eyes.

– Hours of sitting in front of the computer, calling the TV
tired eyes, a rush of lymph and as a result morning

– Stressful situations sometimes cause tears, which sometimes
out of stress, but does not decorate the face, especially if
cry before night rest.

Swelling under the eyes, how to get rid of: changing the way of life

Whatever methods and methods we have come up with, to remove the swelling
under the eyes, nothing will help if you do not change your image
of life.

1. With a tendency to the formation of bags under the eyes full
sleep is a prerequisite to combat edema, does not have
values, you lie down before midnight or after, most importantly, you need not sleep
less than 7 hours a day.

2. You can believe and prove a lot, how much liquid we
must be taken in one day but for good kidney function
and full removal of fluid from the body need a clean, and only
pure water at the rate of 35 – 40 ml per 1 kg of weight. Performance
drinking mode can be put at number 1 in the list of ways
избавления от отеков под eyes.

3. With the appearance and persistence of bags under the eyes should
pass specialists to rule out the disease.

4. It is a rule to sleep well ventilated.
indoors, limiting the reception of alcohol, coffee, tea at night.

5. Regular massage of the eyes, which can be learned
do it yourself, the use of lotions, eye masks in
Soon will signal the decrease and disappearance of edema under
eyes, how to get rid of which recently we did not know how.

6. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers also were not alien to taking care of their
eyes, and digging in their records, you can find unique
recipes that help in a short time to get rid of
отеков под eyes.

7. Cosmetics during the day will not cause swelling under the eyes, but on
the night should be washed off with special makeup remover,
so that the skin around the eyes rested.

Swelling under the eyes, how to get rid of: drugs and devices

Recently, the media has been flooded with information about the use of stars
catwalks as a decongestant antihemorrhoids
cream, as a result, many followers of this innovation, not
having figured out this way, we got new edemas after
allergies and getting the cream in the eyes.

Trying to remove fluid from the body, strenuously taking
diuretic drugs, you can harm not only the kidneys, but also
cardio – vascular system due to the output of potassium, calcium and
other essential components. Arranging yourself, fasting days are not
be lazy to consult your doctor

Beauticians – surgeons are very advanced in operations
to remove fat under the eyes, but it does not
no guarantee that fat will not begin to accumulate again, if not
поменять образ of life.

In special cabinets offer several methods on

– Skilled cosmetologists offer to fight like
wrinkles, and with bags under the eyes with beauty injections,
which includes pinoxide, contributing to the resorption swelling.

– Electrostimulation improves the rate of lymphatic outflow, normalizes
cell regeneration process using electrodes and
electric current.

– Pressotherapy is aimed at eliminating stagnant fluid in

In cosmetics stores you can buy helium masks, which
cooled in the refrigerator and, if necessary, applied to the area

Swelling under the eyes, how to get rid of: massage and others

Puffiness of the face is often caused by lymphatic congestion, therefore regularly
applied lymphatic drainage massage will help not only to remove swelling
under the eyes, get rid of skin sagging, but also return the tone and
youth face.

Ложечный массаж в этом случае будет самым
affordable and easy to use.

To work we need:

– специальный крем вокруг eye. In no case can not
use tools for the face or body, because their texture
much rougher than eye cream and not suitable for thin skin around

– a glass of rather warm, but not hot water;

– 2 metal, teaspoons, if desired, silver,
melchiorovye, but fit and steel.

For morning and evening eye care 2 – 3 times a week, and
if necessary, and daily, we do a spoon massage. For this on
apply a sufficient amount of cream around the eyes, while
the absence of which you can use vegetable or creamy
oil, heat the spoons in warm water, wipe them off and start driving
around the eyes, along the eye massage lines. We put warm spoons
on the outer corners of the eyelids, slowly leading to the inner corner of the eye
lower eyelid, go to the upper eyelid, and return to the original

The effect of massage can be enhanced by the use of masks that can
both buy and cook yourself.

Swelling under the eyes, how to get rid of: folk remedies

Bags under глазами, как правило, особо видны утром, когда влага,
accumulated from the night, has not left the face. Our task is to improve
lymphatic drainage, and popular methods will help.

1. Knowing the tendency to the formation of edema under the eyes, should
To prepare herbal extracts in advance, it can be:

• chamomile;

• fennel;

• sage;

• Dill seeds;

• Black tea.

In the morning, cooked infusion divided into 2 cups, liquid in
heat one in the second cool to be able to do
compresses the contrast of heat and cold, increasing blood flow and
lymph drainage.

2. Ice cubes prepared in advance from the same infusions are also
послужат для быстрого снятия swelling. Instead of a contrast compress
take the frozen cube of herbal infusion and drive them along the same
massage lines, like a spoon massage, before feeling
cold, but not frostbite.

3. Do not have time to brew the grass, then mix a few drops
vitamin E with 2 -3 tbsp. cold water. It turned out not only
a means to compress, but also a healing balm for the skin around the eyes,
which gives nutrition, smoothing, softening.

4. In the evening, when we have some free time
more, you can make buckwheat cakes from freshly ground raw
buckwheat and a small amount of water that we impose on
eye surface for 15 minutes.

5. Cotton swabs dipped in cold milk and put on
глаза, также помогут избавиться от мешков под eyes. As
heating the compress should be cooled again and again for
15 minutes.

6. A unique mask of pumpkin and cucumber with the addition of honey creates
чудеса при отеках под eyes. For its preparation, follow the mix
in equal proportions, the pulp of cucumber, pumpkin and slightly warmed honey.
Apply the finished mass to the swollen eyelids for 15 minutes, preferably before
bedtime, wash off with hot water and apply a nourishing cream for

7. The composition of this mask is initially surprising. For her
Preparations should be taken for 1 tsp. following components:

• potatoes grated on a fine grater;

• squeezed sauerkraut juice;

• cosmetic clay.

Oily mixture smear around the eyes for literally 5 minutes,
then rinse with cold water, you can wipe with an ice cube and
apply cream

8. A mixture of honey with egg white underlies another mask.
Take 1 tbsp. melted honey, wheat flour and protein one
eggs, mix thoroughly and apply for a quarter of an hour under the eyes,
wash off with warm water or milk, followed by the skin
вытереть насухо и apply cream

9. Egg masks have an excellent lifting effect.
protein, fresh strawberries and parsley gruel. In this case
captivates the ease of preparation. We put the mask under the eyes on 15 –
20 minutes, rinse with warm water, then be sure to apply
крем, предназначенный только для eye. For particularly sensitive
skin of any of these components can be mixed with sour cream or

Any skin defect can be removed with regular care and
applying a variety of methods, the main thing is to be patient
bring the matter to a successful outcome.

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