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Пт, 22 апр 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Obsessive thoughts can, if not drive you crazy, then wear out
mentally and physically.

A constant, not for a second thought goes away (as a rule,
negative) can poison life and bring to depression.

A suffering person rapidly loses energy, turning into
a tailed creature with a hunted look.

From such a disorder in the soul you need to get rid of immediately.


How to get rid of obsessive thoughts: where do they come from?

Strange, but science still can not exactly answer the question
where these very thoughts come from. Someone nods to overload
brain, someone – on the mysterious processes of the subconscious, and
someone blames an unstable psyche. Can find
confirmation of all these hypotheses, although getting rid of obsessive
thoughts this is unlikely to help.

Indeed, in modern society, the human brain is so
loaded with all sorts of information, I have to constantly solve this
abundance of multidirectional tasks, which can be assumed and
overload, and permanent stress. Night rest can not help, but
sometimes it aggravates the problem with overstated imagination.
So it turns out that the same negative statement is spinning
in my head for days, weeks, months.

To calm down the pidding unconscious mind, which is not in tune with
logical reasoning is unlikely to succeed. To get on
such a deep level and remove the negative program is required either
help of a professional psychologist, either targeted and
competent work on yourself. In any case, the depths are involved
psyche, which is dangerous to joke.

However, to find the answer to the question of how to get rid of obsessive
thoughts have to take a chance. Hand on heart: which of us runs
to an appointment with a certified psychologist to complain about
headache and depression? Especially if it is
it is about some intimate, personal, “shameful” experiences, about feeling
guilt, shame, hate, pain? That’s it. However, something (and
quite effectively) you can still do it yourself.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts with relaxation and
respiratory techniques

Happy people who know how to dump the negative, relax
body, let go of all evil thoughts. Someone this ability is given
from nature, someone studies oriental practices purposefully. Everybody
the rest can be offered a set of fairly simple exercises,
which really contribute to getting rid of obsessive thoughts.

• Lie down, completely relax. In fact, that relaxation, to
which we are used to in everyday life is not enough. Should
to achieve such a condition that every muscle ceases

• Take a deep breath with your nose, hold your breath for a while,
slowly exhale air through the mouth.

• Concentrating on each muscle, starting with the facial, we inhale and
exhale the air as described. For example, imagine
eyebrow muscles, inhaled, exhaled, felt how weak
tension in forehead, dropping lower.

• We consistently work out the muscles of the eyes, mouth, chin,
neck, shoulder girdle, arms, fingers, etc.

• Having completely relaxed, we start working with negative
experience: thought, image, fear. Introducing the experience in
form a bright visual image and get rid of it, applying
known laws of the physical world. Roughly speaking, we destroy so
as the imagination suggests (you can drown in the sea, throw off
rocks, breaking into small pieces, eraser to erase, at the end

• When a negative image is defeated, imagine something
good, that is, visually replacing the negative picture on
positive. We admire the result, memorize it and return to

Some psychologists recommend doing the procedure.
destruction of negative thought forms and images not in imagination, but in
real life. For example, you can write an obsessive phrase or
draw a painfully repetitive image on a piece of paper and then
destroy this record: burn and dispel, tear and throw at
wind, flush (pardon) in the toilet, etc.

It is necessary to realize that obsessive thoughts have a simple dual, then
there is a dual nature: unconsciousness (or irrationality)
and emotionality. If they pursue you, then the reason lies
in the field of spiritual experiences. It could be fear, complex,
trauma. It is very difficult to get rid of emotions, especially
if it is a negative experience. Logic, reason will not help.

If fear has any real basis,
for example, associated with a concern for their health, solve a problem
quite simple. Go to the doctor, get tested, make sure that
Everything is normal, and I am pleased to note that the obsessive hodgepodge
as never happened.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts with the help of physical
activity, indifference and positive thought forms

From painful thoughts quite well saves the physical
fatigue. Especially if they are associated with dissatisfaction with themselves, his
appearance, deeds. Such “punishment” fatigue allows
to switch. An organism that is physically difficult is simply not
able to continue to waste energy on meaningless

Work around the house, in the country, enhanced training in the gym or
swimming pool, dancing, figure skating, as well as parkour,
rock climbing, etc. – that is what can help. Women can master
any culinary wisdom, for men – to do craft,

Another option is to set yourself up for complete indifference to
negative thoughts. They do not need to drive, fight them too
meaningless. But to accept, indifferently consider and put in
side – you can. surely obsessive thoughts go right back and
will do it regularly, but the good news is that visits
uninvited guests will happen less and less. The main thing is that
you had the patience and willpower to maintain complete indifference,

For the period of treatment, the brain should be occupied with something pleasant,
inspiring. This will help switch and reduce the degree
tensions. Make yourself dream, and so that the object
dreams could be attainable. Say, imagine the long-awaited
vacation by the sea: its constant, life-filled noise, the cries of birds,
rustling sand or pebbles, the smell of salt water. In general, to
get rid of obsessive thoughts, take your brain some pleasant
by deed.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts with analysis and

Meditation and prayer are another great way to work.
negative program and get rid of it. Suffering is pernicious,
destructive and already therefore should be as soon as possible
rejected. Even if you have reason to be angry with yourself or
someone else, try to abstract from the concrete
problems, look at it from a different angle, remove the indictment

There are many techniques to gradually replace
negatinous affirmation is positive. One of them is technology
affirmations. The bottom line is that all negative thoughts, formulations,
Replace positive with positive. Completely remove from your
of consciousness, the negative particle is “not” and the word “no” itself,
rephrase a thought so that it becomes positive,
утвердительный context. For example: “I am young, beautiful, happy”
�“With every minute I gain confidence and happiness,” “My life
beautiful and calm “,” I love and loved “, etc.

Work constantly with affirmations, and they will gradually become
part of the subconscious. So you can get rid of obsessive

Believers and even those who have a desire to work with
священными книгами, могут использовать целительную силу prayers.
It’s not even a matter of reading and living each line.
prayer to God or the saints. Scientists have found that when
произнесении prayers создаются особые звуковые колебания,
harmonizing space. Reading prayers regularly or
individual chapters of the Holy Scripture is able to return the spiritual
calm, save from obsessive thoughts, emotional distress,

What else to do

• Analyze what is happening to you. Try to understand
where did negative experiences come from, and if the reasons are obvious,
change your attitude towards them. For example, it makes no sense to eat yourself
eat for what has already been done or grieve for what has happened. Accept
the past is a part of your life. It’s time to go ahead in
Otherwise, the perspective is one — death, first spiritual, and
then physical.

• Learn to shift your attention from internal dialogue to
external level, using relaxation or mindfulness, physical
activity or creativity. As soon as it starts to sound unpleasant
voice, immediately grab a rag, a mat for meditation,
a bicycle or a culinary book.

• Refuse negative formulations. Enclose with home
wager, come up with some prize and during the week (or month,
for example), completely rearrange the consciousness, just fixing the attention
on the use of negative formulations and replacing them with positive ones

• Never fight obsessive thoughts: it is useless.
Neutralize them with indifference or switching to active
activity. Fill your mind with positive emotions
fill the brain with positive, drive depressive states, apathy,

In the end, you did not come to this world in order to
leave him with a sour expression on his face and exhausted obsessive
thoughts. The world is amazing and beautiful, and you deserve to
enjoy it every minute.

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