How to get rid of loneliness, is it reallyforever and ever? Tips for yearning girls who urgently needget rid of loneliness

Ср, 13 апр 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Well, of course, not forever!

Everything that happens around us is a reflection of ours.
inner world, our thoughts and feelings.

Главное — не отчаиваться: get rid of loneliness в силах

how get rid of loneliness: откуда оно берется и что с этим

Reasons for being alone are more than enough. Here and youthful time
when you want so much, and experience so little. And, on the contrary, old age,
not clarified by understanding relatives. And divorce from her husband,
which are given the best years. And death, which always takes the most
loved ones. And an unsuccessful search for a loved one, or at least a partner, with
which can lead the way not happy, but certainly not boring

There is an opinion (thanks to the cinema) that loneliness is a scourge
megacities. One could agree if in the same way not
suffered from melancholy and hopelessness women and men in small
cities and villages. It seems, go out into the street – and here they are, people. Can
communicate, laugh, love. In general, enjoy life. But no:
constant stress, tension, panic, sadness with or without,
depression, mistrust, lack of basic communication
skills can ruin any life. Note: loneliness
and negative are closely interrelated.

But самая разрушительная эмоция — this страх. Here is
what you need to get rid of immediately. The fear of someone paralyzing
forcing someone to commit insane and meaningless actions. AND
then, and the other will not bring anything good, because the original
the promise is negative.

At heart, every single person is afraid of something, from
something runs. Therefore, loneliness, like ruin, is not in the closet
or “force majeure circumstances”, but in the heads. how
get rid of loneliness? Replace minus by plus. It is difficult, but
not impossible. Find the cause of fear and eradicate it – this is the main
the task of a lonely person. ANDногда без помощи психолога не

Someone does not like their own appearance, inability
to interest the interlocutor, and he is afraid to seem ridiculous,
absurd, that is, afraid of ridicule and humiliation. Often unnecessary
very young women and young men, deprived
self confidence.

Someone got a cruel emotional lesson (husband left or died
threw a guy, betrayed a girlfriend) and now subconsciously seek
avoid pain by subconsciously cutting off all attempts at intimacy with another
by man. Someone, on the contrary, devalues ​​relationships, rushing into
hugs a stranger with ease and indifference. This is actually all
the same fear of a serious relationship and as a result – loneliness

how get rid of loneliness: мнение мужчин по поводу одиноких
of girls

how часто девушки мечтают get rid of loneliness! Crying in
pillow and give birth to virtual novels, putting on the face on the street
grieving Our Lady or showing extreme misanthropy.
Do you think that this image looks mysterious and attracts men
hearts? By no means. The mask only repels others.

What annoys men in single girls? If a
honestly, that much.

• Stressed suffering on the face (feel sorry for me, feel sorry for me
lonely!). Men instinctively avoid participating in strangers.
problems – its enough. Yes, and just unpleasant, because too
complicated. Therefore, a suffering beauty has a chance to get rid of
loneliness in personal life is less than that of an optimist with an ordinary

• ANDзлишняя требовательность. �”Fussy Brides” on the first
a date is spent almost interviewing, carefully figuring out
financial situation and demonstratively evaluating external data
possible boyfriend. Alas. Will there be a desire to invest in
the heavenly beauty of the near young lady at the independent and
an attractive man? That’s it.

• Explicit desire for marriage. Yes, the union of hearts and all that. But
man meets not for the sake of creating a family, but for the sake of relationships and
(sorry for being frank) sex. AND заботят его не общие карапузы
and utility payments, and the relationship with an attractive girl (not in
slippers, and heels!), the opportunity to feel
Man, not social function.

• The habit of complicating things. Self-digging is not the feeling that
close to men. It’s not about the depth of the soul, but about the petty
captiousness, the propensity to analyze what the analysis does not
needs, the ability to roll a scandal out of the blue and
for weeks sulk for nothing, mysteriously (or reproachfully) to be silent
and spoil the mood of yourself and others. From such a woman run away
any man

• Inability to love. Having read the popular “psychology for
Dummies “, a woman can believe in any nonsense. For example,
that she came into the world just to take. Such is her
nature! AND вообще, каждая женщина — this волна, а мужчина вектор. AND
he should give joyfully, and she accepts it favorably. Only
In this case, the exchange of energies will be correct, harmonious.
Большей ерунды придумать complicated. Harmonious exchange in a relationship –
this when loving people give themselves away with joy and without any conditions
each other. Its warmth, participation, attention – that is truly
valuable, that is, the soul. If a женщина намерена только брать, он будет
lonely Чтобы get rid of loneliness, нужно научиться отдавать
and sincerely take care of the other.

how get rid of loneliness: вопросы к размышлению

To understand what is wrong with you, why you are alone, ask
yourself a few simple questions. Only постарайтесь ответить на
them honest

• Do I really want to communicate with people – men,
neighbors, girlfriends, colleagues? ANDспытываю ли потребность делиться с
them with your thoughts, emotions, is you ready to listen to them and help
– advice or action?

• Do I like to feel in society? howие эмоции
arise from me, should I be among familiar people? Where
more comfortable: with strangers or those I know?

• Can I change my bad mood and how? What gives me
loneliness – maybe protection? Confidence? Security?

• Do I like virtual communication more alive, real
and why?

• Do I really want another one to live with me?
person? Am I ready to share one space with him?

Clear and honest answers to these questions will help to understand about yourself.
much. В том числе подскажут, как get rid of loneliness, ведь
hints will become apparent. Can сколько угодно убеждать себя в
living alone is better, easier and simpler, but in fact
lonely hiding helplessness

To prevent the creation of a love and friendship union can many
internal complexes, parental attitudes and prejudices.

If a девочке с детства навязать установку, что первый шаг в
отношениях должен сdo мужчина, что только скоромность украшает,
and inaccessibility is commendable, you can spoil the child
a life. Of course, this is not about swagger, but about readiness for
диалогу, открытости, умению do первый шаг навстречу другому
man, and most importantly – to feel confident.

If a не научить ребенка в детстве принимать решения, он вырастет
infantile and will wait for someone to come and dilute the silence
loneliness. If a вы до сих пор верите в this — пора меняться!
Only вы сами вольны сdo шаг вперед или навсегда остаться на

If a женщина верит, что мужчины — сволочи, женщины –
traitors, children are small monsters, and neighbors are completely
alcoholics and gossips, she is doomed to meet old age in society
a cat (maximum – canaries). Change!

If a вам кажется, что причина вашего одиночества нулевой размер
bra, height 155 cm, full hips and yellow (sorry) teeth –
change! Take a figure, devoting a few hours a week
trainer in the gym and not fruitless discussions with walls or
spitefulness in online forums. Stand up in heels, visit
Dentist, update wardrobe. Do anything and fear
will leave, replaced by confidence, freedom and so attractive
for others smile.

how get rid of loneliness: советы психологов

Only изменившись внутренне, можно изменить свою реальность,
сdo материальный мир таким, каким хочется. This is the main answer to
вопрос, как get rid of loneliness.

Here is что советуют психологи:

• work on self-esteem, raise it to adequate

• перестаньте жалеть себя — this глупо и непродуктивно;

• do not try to hide behind someone else’s image, be yourself
by yourself;

• learn to communicate: advanced communication skills will expand
social circle, and loneliness simply will not have a chance;

• remove unnecessary demands and get rid of others
attitudes, imposed opinions, silly prejudices;

• constantly evolve: read more, learn, learn more
craft. Остановка — this смерть, в том числе в отношениях.

Одиночество не нужно путать с любовью к уединению.

If a вам уютно в компании с собой — может, this не беда, а

Anyway, the respite in communicating with the world is perfect.
normal and even desirable.

Too fast, informative and
energy-consuming, our wonderful world.

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