How to get rid of hunger

People, trying to get rid of extra pounds, often limit themselves in nutrition, reducing the size of the usual portions. A drastic reduction in calories is unusual for the body and causes feeling of physiological hunger. With a strong power limitation you can get sick, because you will not get enough essential trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients. There are several daily dietary rules that make it easy reduce weight and eliminate the feeling of strong hunger.

The reasons for the constant feeling of hunger

How to get rid of hunger, если надо срочно похудеть, а go to the gym no time or opportunity? Although scientists the mechanism of control of the feeling of satiety is studied poorly enough, There are several reasons why the body is constantly hungry.

How to get rid of hunger

ПЕРВАЯ. Excessive consumption of foods containing refined sugar. After all, after taking them, the level of glucose in the blood increases dramatically, causing an increased feeling of hunger. how get rid of hunger in this case? Solution to the problem provides for the rejection of sweet dishes and the introduction of food in the diet with safe sucrose (fruit, honey).

ВТОРАЯ. Another reason for increased appetite – improper nutrition. A feeling of constant hunger occurs when you eat with long breaks. Nutritionists around the world do not cease insist that the best option is to eat at least 4 times a day. day, and, lunch, should be half the daily amount products.

But the average person ignores the needs of the body. in the period of maximum activity in the afternoon, so with the arrival of the evening it is no longer possible for him to fight instincts. And if you beat hunger in the evening fails, the appearance of fat deposits can not be avoided.

ТРЕТЯЯ. Нарушение режима отдыха и сна вызывающие bouts of hunger. The body is a complex physiological system, in where hormones play an important role. Two of them are responsible for feeling of fullness: ghrelin and leptin. The first is responsible for increasing appetite and is made when the stomach is empty. The second is produced in fat cells and helps get rid of the feeling of hunger.

The proper functioning of these hormones is disturbed when a person feels tired or drowsy. Then level leptin decreases, and ghrelin level rises, which leads to rapid increase in appetite, and hunger wakes up almost immediately after eating. To quench the feeling of hunger in this case is simple: it is necessary eliminate the imbalance of hormones, that is, get enough sleep and relax.


Ways to get rid of hunger

To reduce appetite, there are many ways: psychotherapy, acupuncture, hormonal vaccinations, coding, bandage and others. But they all have a long list of contraindications and side effects. A sensible person will not apply body harm, experimenting. But how to deal with elevated an appetite?

Работа с мотивацией и потребностями.

  • Something must distract a person from thinking about food, so it is advisable to take care of yourself.
  • Program yourself that hunger is the key to something desired, for example, to a beautiful figure.
  • The feeling of hunger is the primary stage in the normalization of nutrition. The main thing is to survive it, and then the body will adjust.

Практические способы притупить чувство голода:

  1. Психологический. Acting on emotional condition can kill the appetite. Meditation is suitable for this, aromatherapy, autotrening.
  2. Питательный. Based on a selection of useful products, herbs, spices, and the exclusion of unnecessary.
  3. Стимулирующий. Reduce appetite possible moral pleasure treatments: baths, massages, wraps.


Nuts, sandwiches and chocolates replace some people full meal. However, such food cannot fully provide the body is energized, so the blunting of hunger does not take long, and soon the appetite reappears. But not worth it refuse snacks, because with their help it is easy to get rid of feelings of hunger between meals.

перекусы после еды

Snacksвать лучше после еды еще до наступления чувства голода, otherwise you will definitely eat more than the required amount. Useful snacking options:

  • kefir, ryazhenka (glass);
  • fruit salad;
  • fish sandwich;
  • tea, fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

Preparations for reducing appetite < / h2>

Some people take appetite suppressants for weight loss. But pills appetite batters unsafe for health – they are able to increase blood pressure, which eventually provokes various pathologies of the heart.

Among the side effects of anorexants there is difficulty breathing, dizziness, fatigue, depression. Because of the multiple side effects annually withdraw from production of several items of drugs that reduce appetite, because they poison the internal organs and cause more harm to the body than good.

Folk remedies < / h2>

Some men and women, in order to deceive hunger, resort to popular medicine. Herbs, salted water, green and ginger tea, sesame seeds are used to blunt hunger. Do not give up on plain water. Means to help get rid of hunger, reduce appetite: < p>

  • A glass of cold water, < / strong>, according to nutritionists, helps suppress hunger and appetite. Therefore, during weight loss, drink at least 2 liters between meals, 15 minutes before meals and 20 minutes after meals. < / Li>
  • Infusion of Kombucha < / strong> will help suppress the feeling of hunger, get rid of increased appetite, eliminates putrefactive bacteria, restores the natural microflora in the intestine. < / li>
  • Liquid oatmeal < / strong>. Brew in the morning in a thermos 2 tbsp. oatmeal with three glasses of boiling water. When hunger does not endure it – take 2 tbsp. l together with honey. < / li>
  • Bran < / strong>. Притупить ощущение голода поможет стакан домашнего йогурта с 1 ст.l bran, eaten between meals. This snack will help overcome hunger and cope with constipation. < / Li>
  • Ginger tea < / strong>. В термос поместите 2 ст.l grated ginger, 2 peeled garlic cloves, brew 2 cups of boiling water, leave for at least 2 hours. After strain, take a glass of drink between meals. This tool will give permanent relief from the feeling of hunger. < / Li> < / ul>

    Foods that satisfy hunger < / h2>

    Elimination of hunger is a responsible process. The main thing is to eat the right food and remove dishes from the diet that stimulate the appetite. < P>

    Stop eating fried foods, meat sauces, pickled foods. Remove sour food, alcoholic beverages, juices with pulp and all kinds of smoothies that stimulate the production of digestive juices. Fighting hunger begins with proper nutrition. Eat: < p>

    1. Apples < / strong>. They help to overcome hunger, because they contain a high content of dietary fiber, which is digested in the stomach for a long time. < / Li>
    2. Flaxseed oil < / strong>. One tablespoon before meals will allow you to drown out the feeling of hunger and appease the appetite. Flaxseed oil contains a storehouse of unsaturated fats, which slow down the rate of increase in glucose, controlling appetite. < / Li>
    3. Pine Nuts < / strong>. These are nutritional sources of vitamins, stimulating hormones that are responsible for appetite. A handful of nuts between meals will restrain the desire to overeat. < / Li>
    4. Legumes < / strong>. These include beans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas. These products contain complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein that can appease appetite without a diet. Eat boiled beans for breakfast and the digestion process will slow down for a long time due to the ability of these products for long digestibility. In addition, some legumes (green beans, lentils) have few calories, so they are included in many diet programs for weight loss. < / Li>
    5. Grained curd < / strong>. The product contains casein protein, slowly absorbed by the body, therefore, gives a rapid saturation. In the process of losing weight to overcome the feeling of hunger, eat 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese instead of dinner and drink a glass of kefir. < / Li> < / ol> |

      Exercises to get rid of hunger < / h2>

      • “Wave”. < / strong> Regular exercise will help to eliminate the feeling of hunger without reducing the size of portions. For better performance, make the “Wave” on an empty stomach to remove the unpleasant sensations in the stomach. When hunger occurs, do it up to 40 times.

        < / li> < / ul>

        Lie on your back, bend your knees, press your feet to the floor. Put one hand on your stomach, the other on your chest and start breathing. On the inhale – suck the stomach, straighten your chest. On the exhale – on the contrary, so that the movements resemble the waves.

        The exercise is contraindicated after surgery, pregnant and lactating, people with pathologies of the heart or blood vessels.

        • “air swallowing” < / strong>. To remove the acute feeling of hunger, you must activate intestinal motility. Remember how in childhood you swallowed air during a burp. Do the same with each mouthful, increasing the volume of air. If you want to eat, do the exercise 20-25 times.

          < / li> < / ul>


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