How to get rid of hemorrhoids

Fri, Feb 20, 2015 According to one of the versions, Napoleon lost
the battle of Waterloo due to the raging hemorrhoids. And in Russia
Kings Boris Godunov and Peter III suffered from this disease. At that
time there were no reliable methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids.
Another thing is our day.

Hemorrhoids are the reckoning of a person for a straight walk None
an animal that walks on four legs is not observed
stagnation of blood in the hind paws and end sections of the intestine. BUT
a person engaged in sedentary or standing work, over time, easily
can become the owner of painful hemorrhoids and
a regular patient of the proctologist.

If during the working day you are sitting at the computer for 8 or more
hours, in the evening – a sit-in ride home, at home – view
television programs or night monitor vigils, hemorrhoids are not
keep you waiting. The same situation happens with those who
works standing and thereby increases the load on the vessels

In order to prevent the development of complications of hemorrhoids, when
the slightest discomfort in the anus is necessary as
You can quickly contact an experienced coloproctologist! For example, in
International Medical Center HE CLINIC, where they work
professionals in the field of proctology, ready to help the wise and
advice and selection of the most modern and effective treatment methods.
Reception here lead proctologists men and proctologists women.

Treat hemorrhoids is not painful

The stereotype that treating hemorrhoids is incredible pain and
terrible discomfort, long gone. In cases where
It’s time to move from conservative treatment to surgery,
it’s best to opt for the minimally invasive method that
does not require a long recovery period. Today proctologists
offer the most effective method of dealing with hemorrhoids –
disarterization of hemorrhoids (HAL-RAR) under control
ultrasonic doplerometry in combination with a lifting – lifting

HAL-RAR Method (Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation – Recto Anal Repair)
in Russia was introduced in 2003 by an outstanding coloproctology doctor,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Zagryadsky Eugene
BUTлексеевичем, заведующим отделением проктологии ММЦ ОН КЛИНИК. WITH
Since then, thousands of successful interventions have been carried out at the clinic.
HAL-RAR method, after which our patients forgot about the symptoms
hemorrhoids and regained their health.

HAL-RAR Operation Technique

The procedure for the disarterization of hemorrhoids is performed in
outpatient conditions using a disposable anoscope with
ultrasonic sensor. After the onset of anesthesia, the device
is inserted into the anal canal where artery ligation occurs,
feeding the hemorrhoid.

Large and small arteries are securely stitched with self-absorbing
thread, which causes the “squeezing” of nodes and their gradual disappearance,
and with them – pain, bleeding and discomfort. In the process
disarter nodes themselves also stitch and pull up to the wall
rectum, which releases its lumen and facilitates the process

Disarterization lasts only 15-30 minutes, after it to the patient
offer a day hospital for several hours. At thatт же день можно
go home

After HAL-RAR, you will forget that once you
bothered hemorrhoids!

What to do and what not to do after HAL-RAR

It is recommended to take food 3-4 times during the postoperative period.
a day, preferring protein-vegetable dishes, rich
fiber. Spicy foods should be discarded, as well as
of alcohol. Fitness, weightlifting, heat treatments (sauna,
hot baths) and sex life, the doctor also prohibits several
weeks. The rest can lead a normal life.

Pros of hemorrhoidal disarterization

WITHреди главных преимуществ метода HAL-RAR:

  • This intervention removes the root cause.
    hemorrhoids and reduced pathological blood flow to the nodes.
  • The intervention can be performed under any kind of anesthesia.
  • There are no postoperative wounds.
  • The risk of complications and bleeding is almost reduced to
    to zero.
  • Disarter can be combined with other treatments.
    pathologies of the anal canal (fissures, anal fistulas).
  • Work can begin in two or three days.
  • The postoperative period is painless, in
    unlike other methods of treatment, including when hiking in

If your choice is health

As the legend goes, one of the ancient hermits suffering
hemorrhoids, healed by prayer, sitting on a burning hot stone.
After that, hemorrhoids supposedly fell off and imprinted on
stone, and the hermit has never come across this painful

WITHовременные колопроктологи для лечения геморроя вряд ли
will offer you a wonderful stone, but they can offer
an effective method for disarterization of HAL-RAR hemorrhoids,
which is suitable for the treatment of all stages of hemorrhoids. No need to endure
pain and wait for the disease to “go away by itself”! Give yourself a little
time and make an appointment with a doctor!

Remember – proctology does not require Haste in choosing a treatment method
but also does not forgive late!

Contact us! HE CLINIC is the most accurate diagnosis and
effective and painless therapy for hemorrhoids!

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