How to get rid of fear: understand its causes,choose the way to act. Is it possible to cope with fears withoutprofessionals?

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How to get rid of fear – a question that worries time from
time of each person.

After all, it is no secret to anyone that everyone has their own phobias, and this
quite natural.

But what to do if fear turns into obsession and does not give
lead a normal existence?

Before you find the answer to the tormenting problem, you should understand
reasons for the emergence of overcoming panic feelings.

Fears: Causes

Among the many causes of panic attacks
there are four main ones:

• attachment to things and people;

• diffidence;

• mental trauma of childhood;

• diseases.

A person experiencing a deep attachment to a loved one
may be subject to fear of losing a loved one
object. Therefore, jealousy is nothing but the fear of loss. AT
in this case, the person is not able to identify himself with the individual,
because it is completely in psychological dependence on
another person.

Often an individual falls under the “power” of material things:
money, expensive car, property. Human begin
pursue obsessive phobias that he can lose all this
in some moment. ATсем людям свойственно иногда испытывать страх по
about the loss of a loved one or a very expensive thing. Sometimes very
it’s hard to tell when the edge of rational fear ends, and
the disease begins. If the individual is constantly pursued obsessive,
panicked thoughts, you may need the help of a psychologist.
The specialist will help you to understand yourself, identify the main source.
phobias and selects individual methods that will help get rid of
out of fear.

Uncertainty, as well as dependence on people and circumstances,
is the worst enemy of man. Lack of faith in yourself, feeling
internal failure, inability to change anything in
his life for the better gives rise to the most destructive phobia.

Fear paralyzes, inhibits, destroys from within. Individual falls
in a vicious circle from which, as it seems to him, is impossible
break free This cause must and can be fought, but only with
there is a desire to get rid of fears.

Self-doubt has roots from childhood. Child deprived
attention of loved ones and love, most often, grows timid, crammed and
unsure of one’s own strength. ATо взрослой жизни такого индивида
Panic attacks are regularly pursued. He is deprived of that inner
energy, which was signed by his peers, surrounded by care and

Childhood trauma has the same etiology as
insecurity, so closely associated with it. Child on whom in
childhood regularly shouted, physically punished, grows up
a malformed personality with many

Another reason that creates fear in a person and not
associated with childhood experiences, is the disease. Often people
people suffering from chronic illnesses are worried about their
a life. They begin to overcome panic attacks over the fact that
any moment they may lose their lives. Such fear can and should be
treat as in most cases it is

How to get rid of fear: what kinds of fear can be overcome
by myself

There is no one universal remedy or specific answer to
вопрос, как избавиться out of fear. ATсё сугубо индивидуально и
depends largely on the person himself: is he ready to face
your phobias and start a fight with them.

Overcoming anxiety is a massive, hard work on yourself.
Если индивид не найдёт в себе сил справляться by myself с
own fears, it will not help any one specialist. Success
depends on 99% on own efforts and only on 1% from the treating
a psychologist who will help you understand and direct your thoughts to the right

Therefore, coping with many kinds of fear can
by myself. It happens that a person does not want to apply for
medical care but is set to get rid of its own
phobias. AT этом ему может помочь наше мини-руководство и множество
videos on this topic, which is replete with the Internet.

How to get rid of fear: what kinds of fear are treated only
the specialists

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a person to cope with panic attacks.
атаками by myself. AT первую очередь это касается тех фобий,
which are associated with deep psychological trauma from

AT этом случае может понадобиться не только психологическая
help, but also hypnotherapy. The result will largely depend on
qualifications of the specialist and his total work experience in this
direction. Only an experienced psychologist is able to “get through” to
patient and give multifaceted answers to the question of how to get rid of
of fear.

Another of the most serious forms of fear is social phobia, with
which is often able to cope only with the help of a psychologist.
Social phobia is easy to identify in a crowd. Since childhood, they
prefer to stay apart. They will not find in the yard
sandboxes playing along with the rest of the kids. Becoming adults
such people prefer to avoid public places and choose
work at home.

Noticing the first symptoms of social phobia in oneself or one’s child,
should immediately solve the problem, as in the future it will lead
to serious consequences: the inability to communicate normally with people
and fully coexist in society.

How to get rid of fear: step by step instructions

1. ATизуализация. Before you start fighting
an invisible enemy, you need to recognize him in person. Honestly answer yourself
questions: what are you most afraid of? “Knowledge is power” –
undeniable paradigm. Once you have decided on your
major phobias stay alone with them and imagine the most
worst thing to happen.

Continue to imagine until you begin to feel that
цепенеете от собственных воображаемых phobias. Often visualization –
лучший способ избавиться out of fear.

2. Ариффмации. A good method of getting rid of
Fear can become mental attitudes. Man throughout the day
weeks, months repeats to himself ariffmations aimed at
cleansing from internal alarms. A simple example of internal
Installations may be phrases like: “I accept my fears and learn
manage them “;” I let go of my fear “, etc. Our subconscious
can work wonders. Even if the mind initially resist
believe your words, with time the subconscious takes your
statement for granted and starts the process of “recovery”. Highly
it is important to take this very seriously, since ariffmatsii
endowed with tremendous power. It is also important to make them right. ATаши
installations must not contain phrases with the particle “NOT”. For example,
regularly repeating to yourself such a combination as “I am NOT afraid,” you
thereby attracting even greater panic and anxiety to yourself. The thing is
that our subconscious is not able to recognize this particle.
Thus, your inner voice hears the opposite: “I am afraid!”.
Therefore, incorrectly composed ariffma instead of positive
results may harm.

3. Действие. You can talk for a long time about how
get rid of fear and not move a step towards his
overcome. Brave people are not those who fear nothing. it
individuals who were able to face their fear and were able to
overcome it. Remember, only action conquers fear. Do
what is most afraid of. People who adequately perceive their
fear and managed with him rationally coexist, become
most successful.

How to get rid of the fear of a child

Sometimes parents don’t want to admit to themselves that they
are the main cause in the development of phobias in the child.

Children who have lost the parental heat, hear eternal reproaches
about the wrong behavior, get a bunch of complexes that
reborn in fears.

But often the cause of the fear of a child can be and
excessive custody by loved ones. Toddlers are born
лишённые каких-либо видов phobias. And only over time, adults
“impose” their fears on the child. ATместо того, чтобы разрешить
his child to explore the world around, parents warn him
at every step.

The child grows up, and the deep-seated words: “do not go there,”
“don’t touch it”, “cannot” take root in the individual’s subconscious.
A person becomes indecisive and incapable of great
accomplishments. How to get rid of your own fears is difficult for him

To prevent this in the upbringing of the child must necessarily
attend the golden mean.

Hug your baby often and say you love him. Do not superfluous it
will be in adolescence. Love and care of others,
helps children cope with internal fears better than
any words.

Parents who do not want their child to grow deep
notorious, should not put a lot of restrictions and hard
punish for wrongdoing.

Эффективным способом в избавлении от страхов у детей the specialists
call the game method. With the help of games the child is provided
the opportunity to survive the frightening situation in a fictional reality.
This approach helps the child to emotionally cleanse his

Highly важно, чтобы игры, направленные на преодоление страхов,
They contained both real and fictional models with a bias in
the positive side.

Such games should inspire and stimulate action.
Hanging out with the child in the game and fun,
a relaxed form of communication will definitely give its positive

In addition to love, caring and hanging out, child
very badly needs approval from adults. Exactly
so do not forget to praise the child as often as possible. it
will help him grow a full-fledged person.

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