How to get rid of damage yourself and with someone elseusing Methods of getting rid of spoilage: chicken egg, prayer,biofield

Чт, 28 апр 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

When everything falls out of hand, they pursue diseases and troubles,
the marriage is falling apart, and at work the problem behind the problem is often
They say: someone has damaged damage.

There are ways to find out if this is the case.

If the energy body has suffered, you need to act


How to get rid of damage: varieties and signs

Damage popularly called external negative effects on
energy-informational body of a person. Before deciding how
get rid of damage, you need to define its purpose. Unlike the evil eye,
which may be accidental, damage is induced specifically in the process
special magic rite. The most common cause is envy,
insult, malice. Depending on the purpose, the damage may be specific or

На неудачу. The most frequent type of damage
which arises from the envy of a lucky man.
It extends not only to financial success, but also to personal
a life.

На болезнь или бесплодие. Purposeful
effects on human health caused by anger and

На смерть. The worst kind of damage that
it is very difficult to remove even an experienced healer or specialist in
bioenergy. Causes his fierce hatred.

For magical (energy) effects on humans
his personal belongings, photographs, biological tissues are used (more often
total hair). For targeting damage, certain
rituals after which all kinds of sacrifices come into life
troubles, diseases and troubles.

Signs of damage can be:

• sudden depression, feeling of doom, loss, fear,
general depressed state;

• obsessive thoughts, previously alien to man;

• severe irritability, insomnia, or, conversely,
abnormal drowsiness and lethargy;

• headaches, exacerbation or the appearance of various

• nightmares, phobias.

It is very important to determine in time the reason for the change in behavior,
well-being. The more time passes, the harder it is to cope with
the consequences of an energy strike. Through the “holes” in the mental field
energy leaves, a person weakens, loses control of his life.
The stronger the initial impact, the faster it develops.
the response, the harder the consequences may be.

There are also “material” external signs by which
suspect damage:

• darkening of the cross, desire to remove it, feeling
chain choking;

• an increase in the size of one pupil compared to another;

• appearance of skin growths and formations;

• hand shake, sweating;

• indisposition, weakness without apparent causes of illness,
impossibility to make a diagnosis (doctors shrug, and man
all worse);

• Pets begin to avoid contact with “spoiled”
man, demonstrate fear.

How to get rid of damage? The easiest and surest way –
contact a specialist in the field or a priest.
Self-reliance on extraneous exposure, especially if
damage done to death and health is unlikely to succeed. Better not
risk: it can be very, very dangerous

How to get rid of damage and find out what it is

To make sure that damage has been imposed on you, you can spend
�”Diagnostics”. It is quite possible to do it yourself, without
help. Here is what you need to do.


The easiest and most ancient way to check. Options for
ritual set. Experts are rolling the whole body with an egg
Slandering the egg. You can do it easier. Pour in
glass container (glass or jar) of pure water, break into it
egg so that the yolk does not spread, and put on the head. Through
Five minutes to check whether the appearance of the egg has changed. About damage
evidenced by long white threads of a squirrel rising to the surface
water, spreading yolk or formation on its surface
light, black or blood streaks.

Church candles

Light the three church candles and read the prayer “Father
our”. If, while reading a prayer, the flame fluctuates, a candle
smoking, bursting or completely extinct, damage induced.


In the morning you need to pin a pin on the chest, in the region of the heart, down
head, hiding under the clothes. In the evening, check the status
�”Tool”. If the pin is gone – it is a sign of damage, if
undid – the evil eye.

Wedding ring

You can take any gold ring and hold it on cleared from
cosmetics cheek. Dark trail speaks of induced damage.


Dried or fresh grass oregano need to brew and drink the broth.
Enough small cups. If after the “tea party” head
ached, damage imposed.

How to get rid of damage yourself

Joking with negative energy is very dangerous. Self
getting rid of damage is possible only if it induced
the person is inexperienced or weak. It is extremely dangerous to try to act.
conspiracies, prayers, study rituals, if you are nothing in this
You see, and never faced with negative energy.

You can try only the easiest ways however if they are not
helped, it does not make sense to hesitate: you need to urgently turn to
a specialist.

The first option is all connected with the same egg that can
diagnose damage. If its signs appeared (changed
yolk and white), should be shove the contents of the jar in the toilet and
drain the water. Sometimes it is advised to wish the one who did the black deed,
all good, but it is better to say: where it came from, it went there.
If relief comes, repeat the procedure every other day and
do so until the egg stops changing.

Orthodox Christians can order forty minutes for their
. This is a very effective method. For forty
days in the church prayers will be read for your health, after which
negative energy can completely disappear.

Rhinestone is considered an excellent “trap” for negative
energy. To get rid of the damage, you need to wear it on the body in
during the entire lunar cycle (for example, in the form of a pendant or a ring), and
then dig in the ground for the same period. First, the stone will pull
all evil, and then give it to the land. After you can wear crystal like
protective amulet.

If in your house there were strangers, then began
problems, you need to carefully look around and throw away all other people’s things and
strange subjects. Often you can find hairpins from pins, needles
(villains can hide from even inside soft toys, so
Be carefull). Do not forget to inspect the thresholds and doorways on
the subject of needles. You cannot take them with your bare hands: only through
napkin, which and throw away with someone else’s subject. Woven or
wooden objects better burned. Getting rid of “spoiled” things
say: “From whence it came, went there, whoever sent evil, it is
will return. “

To improve the condition, just pray. They
have tremendous cleansing power, beneficially affect
energy, improve mental and physical condition.

You can use it yourself to get rid of the damage.
rituals with salt, spring water or church water, a coin, bread.
They all require reading certain slander.

How to get rid of damage with someone else’s help

It’s best to ask for help those people who
able to work with negative energy. Newbies self-taught often
make fatal mistakes without knowing how to get rid of evil correctly and

Избавиться от порчи помогут целители, ведуньи
(People say: they reduced the woman to the grandmother). They работают молитвой и
ritual with candles and church wax, “pouring out” the patient. Slice
wax cracks on fire and then pours over your head
spoiled man in the water. According to the form, which takes freezing
wax, judge who caused the damage. Some healers speak
water to the patient drank it throughout the treatment.

Другой вариант — обратиться к батюшке.
Be sure to take confession and communion. Before confession you need not
less than three days to observe the church post. The priest will tell you that
do to restore health and get rid of sorrows and
misfortunes. Although the word “damage” is better not to use: ministers
churches have a negative attitude to popular superstition.

Третий вариант — найти хорошего специалиста по
. The main thing – do not get to the amateur or
to a charlatan (they are easy to identify by the established dacha of reception and
guarantee a quick result). To restore mental
shell, this specialist will need at least three to five

Whatever the chosen method, you need to believe in success and
act fast. This will help restore health, get rid
from problems in life, return calm and optimism.

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