How to get rid of alcoholism? We are looking for the mostan effective way to get rid of alcoholism yourself

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If you do not know how to get rid of alcoholism – not

Read, evaluate soberly the situation, and you
Be sure to find “your” way of getting rid of

About the harmfulness of alcohol, many famous scientists and
philosophers, from the most ancient times. For example, Plutarch
argued that “wine can damage any, even the strongest
the body, ”and Abu-l-Faraj said that“ drunkenness is the mother of all
vices. “

Centuries have passed, but the problem never went away. Exists
Is there a sure way to help get rid of once and for all
alcoholism? Let’s find out.

Alcoholism: causes

Alcoholism is a serious disease that, like others
pathology, has its own causes. Improve mood,
diversify sluggish life, get rid of shocks,
lack of self-confidence, feelings of loneliness, or just
boredom: you can find a lot of motives that guide people
attaching to the glass.

Conventionally, all reasons can be divided into three large groups:
physiological, psychological, social adaptive. Will consider
each of them in more detail.

Физиологические. Alcoholism, above all,
a disease that can be caused by a number of physiological
reasons: transferred diseases, metabolic features,
psychiatric disorders, diseases of the brain and

Of course, alcoholism can have more “deep”
root causes. In particular, genetic predisposition.
According to statistics, addiction in children of alcoholic parents
occurs five times higher than non-drinkers. However, it is worth
understand that physiological causes are only a background for
development of alcohol dependence. To know for sure how
get rid of alcoholism, you need to uncover all the factors affecting
human condition.

Психологические. This group of causes depends on
person’s upbringing, self-esteem, character, and ability
adapt to the modern world.

Loneliness, the impossibility of self-realization, a large number
complexes, obsessive fears, shyness: all this can become
serious argument to start abusing alcohol.
Drinking often acts as a psychotropic, with
through which a person can relax, enhance

Alcohol is always available, unlike pills, and therefore many
prefer a similar “proven method”, completely neglecting
visits to the specialist.

Социально-адаптивные. It is social
causes of alcoholism are most common in modern society.
Looking into history, we notice a huge layer of traditions, one way or another.
otherwise related to alcohol use.

Drink in honor of the birthday, tilt a glass “for health”,
remember the dead relative … No feast is complete without
a good portion of alcohol. In addition, a person often begins to drink
because an irresistible desire arises, but because the influence
surrounding is too large. It’s hard to resist when colleagues
friends, classmates or relatives offer a drink, not so

Types of alcoholism

Before you get rid of alcoholism, should be detailed
to study not only the causes of its occurrence, but also to understand with what
the kind of disease you are dealing with. Only after this is possible
find the optimal solution to the problem. Exists 3 основных типа:
chronic, drunken, secret.

Хронический. During his alcoholic drinks
consumed regularly. Often they can be integral
part of a ritual: the end of the working day or
meeting with a friend. On the one hand, such actions seem to be quite
harmless, but in chronic alcoholism the body already appears
major changes:

• loss of self-control;

• the presence of hangover syndrome and alcoholic psychosis;

• general body vulnerability.

Getting rid of such alcoholism should begin with destruction.
familiar “rituals”, and only then prescribe medication,
or another treatment.

Запойный. This type of alcoholism is characteristic of
people who for some reason cannot regularly
drink alcohol. However, at the slightest psychological
destabilization they go into hard drinking for a few days, and often
months. After the release and the rehabilitation period, everything repeats

This alcoholism is the most dangerous for the human body:
too much vulnerability to liquor. Before treatment
experts recommend finding a “button” that provokes
person to take alcohol.

Тайный. Get rid of the secret type of alcoholism
extremely difficult. It can be both chronic and drunken.
However, its distinguishing feature is the fact that the shelter is sick
your disease.

Most often, the victims of secret alcoholism are women and
wealthy people who consider their dependency to be shameful, and
trying to hide it in every possible way. But all the secret quickly manifested:
alcohol leaves its mark on appearance, behavior, and
also the general condition of the body.

How to get rid of alcoholism: medication and treatment in

Exists масса лекарственных средств, которые без проблем
can relieve the patient of alcoholism for a relatively long
time interval. But not forever. Modern pills taken
subdivided into several groups:

• causing dislike for alcohol (“Teturam” and “Torpedo”);

• reduce the desire to drink (“Metadoxyl”);

• relieving withdrawal symptoms;

• treating mental disorders caused by alcohol;

• reducing the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

Self-prescribing drugs is strictly prohibited. AT
Otherwise, additional trouble can not be avoided.

Alas, but today there is no single means
которое бы помогло раз и навсегда избавиться от alcoholism. Need
complex technique, which consists of several stages.

1. Relief of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. This is done
with the help of special drugs that have
detoxifying effect on the body, normalizing work
internal organs.

2. На втором этапе главная цель лечения в hospital —
elimination of thirst for alcohol. Specialists apply a number
psychotherapeutic techniques aimed at enhancing motivation
patient to a complete rejection of alcohol.

3. The next step is enshrining the result. As a rule, the doctor
selects long-acting drugs,
warning breakdowns. The patient has some time left under
specialist supervision.

4. Finally, the most important step is resocialization. Extreme
it is important that a person free from addiction can
adapt to new life. Extreme важно наладить правильное
interaction with society. Without the support of relatives and relatives
there is hardly enough.

How to get rid of alcoholism: folk remedies

There are folk remedies that can temporarily cure
addiction: cause aversion to alcohol. ATсе манипуляции с
herbal decoctions and other treatments should be carried out
only after prior consultation with a specialist.

Will consider несколько самых популярных народных методов
избавления от alcoholism.

Лавровый лист. Familiar to all “Lavrushka” can
in a few days to fight off cravings for alcoholic beverages. It is worth only
put a root and a couple of laurel leaves in a glass of vodka, insist in
within two weeks, and the patient will no longer desire

Яблоки. Extreme популярно лечение алкоголизма
with the help of apples. Pick a sour variety, stick in every apple
6-7 nails, and leave for a day. AT день больной должен съедать
3 such apples.

Тыквенные семечки. A glass of sunflower seeds is necessary
grind in a blender or coffee grinder, then pour vodka.
Insist the day and give the patient a drink in several approaches. Traction
alcohol disappears for a while.

How to get rid of alcoholism: magic will help?

Many are not limited to traditional medicine, trying to get rid of
from alcoholism through magic. Turns, plots, rituals: yet
our grandmothers actively used such specific ones, and it is worth
say quite radical methods.

It is believed that as a result of the cuffs and rituals in the body
the patient is undergoing dramatic changes for the better. Really,
positive results are available in practice. But does it work
magic, or just self-suggestion? It only remains

If you decide to solve the problem by such methods,
Be extremely careful: in today’s world there is a huge
number of charlatans. Healers with some
supernatural forces do not advertise their services, and even more
– Do not take huge money for healing.

Official or traditional medicine, magic or help of healers:
whatever method of recovery from alcoholism you choose, remember
that at stake is health. And this is the most precious thing everyone has
person ATзвесьте все «за» и «против», прежде чем приступать к
combat disease.

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