How to get rid of a man’s belly: sports, diet,massage or acupuncture. The secret to quickly get rid of the belly -for men!

Пн, 04 апр 2016 Автор: Вероника Булкина

The problem of overweight is the most common among young people
middle-aged men and women, and even people of retirement age.

Extra pounds affect not only health, but also on
appearance, energy state and mood.

Shortness of breath, sweating, inability to do elementary
everyday things.

In modern society, a greater bias of all diets and methods
Slimming is directed to the female half.

However, men suffer from excess weight, not less, or even more

In fact, men experience a lot of complexes about
extra pounds on the body, the inability to undress on the beach because of
rather big “beer” belly. Personal life of obese men
close to zero. The reason is not even the appearance, but the inner
condition of the person himself.

But, alas, pull yourself together and get rid of excess ballast in
abdominal area – not everyone is able. Many men are not so
erudite in this matter and do not even know where to start. At the very
In fact, many doctors are qualified on how to get rid of the abdomen
to the man. Extra pounds for any weight loss methods go with
whole body evenly. The abdomen is removed last, since
is the most problematic area. It is in the waist
the bulk of those extra pounds accumulates.

Get closer to the dream of having a slim fit, and at best
sports belly, with a beautiful press and cubes – it is quite
really. The main problems and solutions are described below – as
избавится от живота to the man.

Man’s Stomach: Causes

There are many theories of scientific and non-scientific nature, why
growing belly of a man. Можно предположить, что при
чрезмерном употреблении алкоголя, а в особенности пива

belly grows. There is some truth. Shivers included
beer, make the male figure feminine, begins to grow belly and
chest. The body of a man is filled with female hormones. Scientists
proved that when drinking too much beer, men become
feminine, sensitive and emotional. In order not to lose
its masculine essence and remove the “beer” belly, should be abandoned
from drinking alcohol. Or limit it to a minimum.

The second cause of obesity in the abdomen in men –
переедание. Lovers should eat tight
to think about. When eating too much food, especially
fat and flour – fat is stored in the “big omentum”, which
located in the fat fold in the abdomen. This is where the growth occurs.
internal and abdominal fat. With a large amount of consumed
food at one time the stomach tends to stretch. In the following
the desire to consume more food and gluttony
is increasing.

Третья причина — гормональные нарушения.
Hormonal disorders are a common problem. In that
If you need expert advice. It is advisable to pass
examinations, pass tests, check blood sugar, heart,
thyroid gland Specialist who deals with diseases,
leading to obesity, tell at a professional level how
избавиться от живота to the man. Often these problems are accompanied by more
and infertility. In some cases, impotence may occur.

Possible tendency to corpulence due to heredity. Same
a sharp increase in weight is due to quitting smoking, but this is by no means
case is no reason not to quit. Excess weight may appear due to
lack of sex life.

Overweight: danger

Excess fat in the waist puts pressure on the diaphragm – this affects
heart location. This is the main cause of heart disease and
heart attacks. The muscle of the heart is poorly supplied with blood.

The stomach in men loads the spine. There are frequent cases of problems with
spine, lower back pain, nerve clamping.

A large accumulation of fat in the abdomen affects the reduction
testosterone levels. As mentioned above, men become
feminine – mammary glands increase, appears
impotence, the voice becomes thinner. When sedentary,
especially drivers may experience hemorrhoids.

Psychological abnormalities arising on the background of obesity, just
Not unusual. Many obese people are forced to attend psychologists and
psychotherapists. Reduced self-esteem, complexes, tightness is not
allows you to live a full life and normally contact with

How to get rid of a man’s belly: food

The first thing to start with is power correction. If weight
very large, you need to contact a nutritionist immediately.
It happens that a man needs surgery. it
happens if the health does not allow to wait another year while
nutritional aid improvements will occur.

If everything is not so neglected, you can start with food.
The first is to reduce calorie intake. In one kilogram
Fat 7000 calories. Need to consume less than spend. If a
a healthy man needs 3000 calories a day, then you need to spend
more. Combustion methods calories are described in the chapter below. Although you can
help yourself with extra fat burners and products
stimulating fat burning processes. If a вы придете с вопросом:
how to get rid of a man’s belly in a sports nutrition store,
surely you will be prompted by effective complexes in the form of powders or

With the introduction of proper nutrition you need to exclude: fried foods,
smoked food, sweet, flour, reduce salt intake. it не
just words! Reducing salt helps to drain fluid faster.
organism. You can take diuretic herbs or just brew
chamomile tea.

Завтрак впредь должен быть плотным, обед
full, dinner diet. For breakfast it is better to eat porridge
with dried fruit, boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese with sour cream
low-calorie. Перекус сделать бананом, чтобы
there was energy for the day. Обед — гречка, рис. Boiled
Meat: chicken or rabbit, turkey. Pork is too fat. Vegetable
Salad: beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage. I’m going to drink
Pure water needs to drink at least 2 liters
in a day. 20 minutes before meals for a glass of water. In the morning 2 cups warm
water fasting. Ужин должен быть легким: рыба,
cottage cheese, apple fruit salad, kiwi, orange, yogurt
skimmed. If a вы совмещаете спортзал с питанием, употребляйте
more protein foods.

It is useful to take vitamins with microelements, fish oil,
omega-3, omega-6. Acid-rich salmon and avocado.

How to get rid of a man’s abdomen: physical activity

Sport is the elixir of a happy, healthy life. In modern times
more people are joining the sport. Smoke and eat
alcohol is no longer fashionable. Now the 21st century is the century of healthy, energetic

The best way to spend calories and burn excess fat is running.
Running should start with a 15 minute warm-up. Best burning time
fat is morning. The evening is good for going to the gym and
lifting iron.

A great way to get rid of the belly is
swimming. During the voyage, the muscles of the whole body are trained and burned.

Men with too much weight shouldn’t overload themselves.
workouts. The first time you can start with jogging, cycling,
walking walks. Later, load yourself with a hall, gradually accustoming
muscle to weight. Well swing press house at special programs,
which are online. Time spent on the press no more than 20 minutes, and
The effect is colossal. True abdominals will not be visible for
a layer of fat, but gradually, when the stomach is gone, cubes
come through.

You need to visit the gym at least three times a week.
an hour and a half.

How to get rid of a man’s abdomen: massage, physiotherapy

Хорошо, если есть возможность пройти курс
. Usually ten sessions every six months

Полезно посещение русской бани, с вениками.
Bath removes excess toxins from their body, tones the skin. For one
visiting the bath can lose up to 2 kilograms of excess fluid.

Иглоукалывание. A lot of human body
points that contribute to weight loss. Chinese medicine for a long time
improved their knowledge in this matter. The main part of
acupuncture is given to the work of the liver, kidneys, stimulates them

it все самые известные способы — как избавится от живота
to the man. If a применять все в совокупности, можно эффективно,
quickly, and most importantly, without harm to health, get rid of excess fat
not only in the abdomen, but throughout the body. Always worth
remember that in a beautiful, healthy body is a healthy mind.

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