How to find acupuncture points forlosing weight?

uchimsya-iskat-akupunkturnye-tochki-dlya-pohudeniyaTo which
only our dear ladies do not resort to tricks to make their
body more graceful and beautiful. In this article we will talk
about one of these amazing methods of losing weight – the effects on
acupuncture points of the body.

The term acupuncture comes from two Latin words “acus” – needle
and “punctura” – prick and imply an impact on certain
points of the human body with the help of special needles.

This technique was borrowed from the ancient Chinese
medicine, which to this day is famous for its effective
treatment methods.

The great Chinese sages believed that the human body
is a 12-sided crystal. It has 365 points,
located on special 12 meridians that circulate
vital energy “Qi”. Each meridian is responsible for that or
another body, and in case of failures in its work, the situation can be
correct with the help of the effect on the appropriate acupuncture
the point.

However, there is an alternative view that acupuncture has
not Chinese roots at all. The basis for it was found in 1963
year stone with pointed contours still Neolithic times, which,
according to experts, could be used instead of needles.

But be that as it may, the method of correct exposure to
Acupuncture points have safely reached our time, and we
we can gladly use it for weight loss.

Features of the use of acupuncture

To affect the biologically active points of the body can
several ways: by introducing special healing needles
(acupuncture) or by pressing fingers on them
(acupressure or pressopuncture). Working with certain
points, we can normalize the work of our entire body.

In total, about 700 such points are known on the human body (although
practice is used no more than 150). And about 100 of them
located on the ear and about the same on the foot.

As a result of numerous studies, scientists have concluded
that in 80% of cases, acupuncture points and the adjacent area
the bodies are in close proximity to the saphenous nerves, veins
and arteries, through which, apparently, is transmitted
impact. Also, the principles of acupuncture are actively used in
cosmetology that helps women successfully get rid of
unwanted wrinkles. This makes this a great alternative.
surgical intervention.

There is also laser acupuncture, with which
specialists with the thinnest laser beam “burn” skin. This excludes
any possibility of infection with various infections, therefore
Used to treat children, the elderly, or the debilitated


Acupuncture points and weight loss

In the method of correction of excess weight with the help of acupuncture doctors
use two main approaches: it is a constant wearing in the field
ear specially installed needles (gives a good result when
constant contact) or around all specific points
acupuncture (the duration of procedures depends on the desired amount of
lost kilograms).

For example, installing special needles in certain active
points will help you guaranteed to reduce your appetite. It happens
thanks to the hormone of happiness (endorphin), which at this moment
begins to actively develop, forcing us to forget about
food needs.

But the most effective will still be a combination of both
the above options. Besides, do not forget about such
important conditions like adherence to the principles of proper nutrition and
regular exercise.

In order to independently discover the acupuncture points
yourself on the body, you can use a special method
measurements. To do this, you need to present your body in the form
geographical map of the country where the city – this is your point.

To find out the distance between them, use this.
called the “cun” unit. She is for every person
is individual and is defined as follows: phalanx width
your thumb is one inch, and four closed fingers
hands are three cun.


The main acupuncture points on the human body

So, let’s proceed directly to the search for points that have
strong relationship with the problem of overweight.

The most effective of these is the Kuan-Yuan point, which
located three inches below the navel. It is necessary to massage
smooth movements, but only on an empty stomach and only
prone position. She is directly responsible for the feeling of hunger.

In the center of the palm there is a point that is responsible for the activity
stomach and intestines, and is called Lau-Gong. Impact on her
strictly clockwise to the center of the palm will reduce

Next, find the point of Zu-San-Li, which is hidden in
knee area. For this you need to put your hands in such a way
so the patella is in your palm. From this position
with your ring finger you can feel the point that is in
recess under the pad. Massage it is necessary daily in
for 20 minutes (preferably not at bedtime).

Point Shao-Shang is located near the thumbnail on the hand.
Massage it for a few minutes to achieve the desired effect.
day. Point Gian-Jing is on the back, more precisely in place.
connections of shoulders and neck, it is also necessary to work with it on a pair
minutes daily. But on the point Tian-Shu, which lies just below
navel, press more than one minute is not recommended.

Point Low-Gu is located at the rear edge of the outer part of the thigh (on
tibia), you can find it, rising up from
inner edge of the ankle by 6 cun. Point Yu-Pe is responsible for
the nerve endings of the food saturation department and is one of the most
effective. It is located in the center between the shoulder and elbow.
joints on the outside of the arm. Massaging it is necessary for 30
seconds, constantly changing hands.

Remember the main rule – acupressure or acupuncture massage
for weight loss it is necessary to do only pads
fingers or massager. To the result was noticeable, do
practice at least one month, every day giving classes
a little time. But do not overdo it with diligence: if you
suddenly dizzy or start to feel sick immediately
stop here

Study yourself and your body – not only interesting, but also
very useful!

Acupuncture points for weight loss – the word of Chinese medicine

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